Washing Machine Fire Pit Danger: Is It Safe To Use?

It is a logical move to make. It turns out that many RV owners have improvised and used a washing machine drum as a nice fire pit. Why not? It is made of stainless steel and won’t burn and it is a nice size for a good roaring fire.

There are good reasons why RV owners and other campers use a washing machine drum as their fire pit. One is that the holes provide excellent airflow, and the drum looks great against the night sky as the fire burns. It also holds up against the heat.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can see if this idea is perfect for your camping situation. Not all DIY ideas are bad and this may be a great one.

Can I Use a Dryer Drum For a Fire Pit?


Yes, there is no reason not to do this unless you live in a no-fire zone. But before you run out and buy an old broken dryer, make sure the drum is made from stainless steel.

That is the best material to have as a fire pit. What makes it better is that the dryer or the washing machine drum is the perfect size for a good fire. The usual safety protocols would be in effect when you use this item for your fires.

Just watch the sparks and make sure your fire does not get too high. Make sure you do not use any gas to start the fire. Also, the dryer drum makes sure you can have a fire in smaller spaces like campsites, backyards, and so on.

There are plenty of old, broken dryers to use, and recycling the drum will eventually help the environment. When you pull the drum out of your dryer, make sure to recycle the remaining parts so you protect the environment and do not create an eyesore in the neighborhood.

Are Washing Machine Drum Fire Pits Safe?


Yes, they are and the reason for this is that they can contain your fire to a smaller area while giving off plenty of heat and light. They are also good at holding the embers in one place and shouldn’t let the wind carry them away.

You can roast your marshmallows, and hot dogs or even set up a grill to cook over the open flame. This mechanical part is better than rocks as you can get plenty of airflow without worrying about picking up a hot rock and moving it.

If you are wondering, buying an old washing machine drum is far cheaper than going to the store and paying between hundreds and thousands of dollars for a commercially made fire pit.

For about $20 to $50 you can buy the drum, set it up, and have more than enough money left over for food and proper roasting sticks. However, there is a little work to be done before you start your first fire.

You will need to remove any plastic around the rim and base of the drum. Plus, you need to cut off the agitator and then shape the remaining part of the drum to the design you want.

A good thing to do is to use a wire brush and a drill to scrape off any old soap residue from the inside of the drum. Once all that is done, you can make the drum look good by spraying it with high-heat spray paint and welding on some stable legs.

It is not hard to convert an old washing machine or dryer drum into a nice, good-looking, functional fire pit. You have a lot of room to be creative and innovative once you get started on this project.

As we said, you can fashion a grill to cook hamburgers and other meat items or warm up some coffee. Hot over the open fire coffee always tastes good on a chilly night. So does hot chocolate.

Washing Machine Fire Pit Danger


One danger is if you forget to clean up that old drum. There have been some warnings about left over lint which can catch fire or explode if too much is left behind.

This is easily remedied by making sure to thoroughly clean the drum and spray paint it so everything is protected. Most people will not run into this problem but it is good to be aware of this issue.

Any of the other dangers we will report here are normal dangers whenever a fire is started. The first one is that the metal will get hot. But if you are careful you will not brush up against it and make sure any small kids do not try to touch the metal drum while it is hot.

This is more of a concern when the fire is out and the drum is cooling down. The second danger would be if the manufacturer sprayed any chemicals on the metal during manufacturing. These can be released into the air and are often toxic to just about everything.

Make sure you clean the drum completely to get rid of any possible chemical that has been added to the drum. Then a third danger would be the embers. Since they fall to the ground, it is possible for them to start a grass fire or some other kind of fire.

Just make sure to surround your fire pit with drain gravel to prevent those embers from touching anything that can be burnt. Other than that, make sure to watch those sparks as well.

Some Final Words

This is a great idea for people who like camping and do not want to spend a lot of money on a commercially made fire pit or a top-of-the-line grill. These are easy to set up and easy to use and you can adapt them to make whatever food you are in the mood for.

Over the open flame, pancakes are the best breakfast.

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