Forest River RV Replacement Windows: How To Measure & Replace

Window replacement may not be cheap. That is because RV companies may have strict policies on what happens in these situations. If you are not still under warranty,k the cost can get extremely high. Check with local companies first to see what they can do.

There is a trick to measuring the broken window in your RV. You do not measure the old one but measure the rough opening to get the right size. Don’t forget to have your VIN or model number handy when ordering a replacement.

To learn more about this situation, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about so you can get the right window for your RV or trailer. Take a few minutes to see how this information can help you.

Is RV Glass Tempered?


Yes, they are. You should double-check before you buy as sometimes on used RVs, people forgo the tempering option and either put acrylic or single pane regular glass inside the window frame.

When the RV is new, all the windows are to be tempered. This is done for safety reasons and is meant to protect you and your family from being cut from sharp pieces of glass.

To make tempered glass, the manufacturer heats the pane to 1100 degrees F and then rapidly cools the glass. This process makes the glass quite stronger than a regular pane of glass and can withstand harder blows.

This process does not make this type of glass perfect. It will still suffer from common problems that will make it vulnerable to different issues eventually. While made to last for years, you will still have to do some maintenance on the frame, etc., to help this type of window last a long time.

The biggest drawback to these types of windows is their expense. They can get costly especially when they are specialty windows or an odd size.

What Type Of Glass is Used in RV Windows?

As you just read, tempered glass is used for safety reasons. If the RV makers did not use this type of glass, they could get sued by RV owners or their passengers. That is when they are injured by flying sharp regular glass shards.

There is an exception to this construction though. The RV’s windshield is made from laminated glass not tempered glass. Laminated glass has a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two sheets of glass.

The purpose of that special middle layer is to help keep you inside your vehicle when you have an accident. Also, the glass is strong enough to keep flying objects out of your cab.

Then, the polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer does not break like tempered glass. Instead, it supports those glass sheets when they break and holds the glass in place.

It also chips and cracks but stays in place so you may not have to replace the windshield after an accident. This type of glass is just another layer of protection for you and your family. It may also be easier to find than tempered glass.

How do You Cover a Broken Window On An RV?


When it comes to covering the broken window, the type of material you can use depends on the situation. If it is only going to be a temporary one-day or afternoon covering,m you may be able to get away with using some cardboard and some duct tape.

That is only for the very short term though. Plywood can be used for a little longer interval but the material used to replace the glass will depend on which window was broken.

The same goes for plastic and duct tape. Those temporary fixes are only meant when you are going for repairs very quickly. When waiting for a replacement window, which can take a few weeks to arrive, it is best to go with professionally designed acrylic.

This material is very clear and easy to see through. Plus, it can be tinted so your interior stays cooler and your furniture remains protected from the sun’s rays. This option has worked well for at least one owner and they paid less than $25 for the piece they used

Fiberglass may work also, but it won’t be clear and your wife may not be too happy with that.

Why do RV Windows Shatter?

There are a number of reasons why RV windows shatter. In some cases, a rock thrown from a truck tire, lawn mower, or some other power-operated vehicle or power tool, etc., can do the trick

Next, heat is a source some of the time. It is hard to believe but it has happened to at least one owner. They had double pane windows at the time. This is called spontaneous glass shattering and has happened on microwaves and ovens. It is heat related.

Or, you may have had the bad luck of parking where vandals came along and for fun, they took out the window with a rock. Or a thief tried to break in with a hammer or a crowbar.

The consensus that we saw that was a prime suspect was the heat. Many RV owners have seen car windows explode during a hot streak in their area. If it is just the outside pane that exploded, you can go on your trip like normal. The interior glass should be safe while you drive and camp out.

How do You Replace a Broken Window In An RV?


The first step will be to remove any of the old windows that are still left in the frame. Now you may have to replace the frame as Forest River is known to sell the complete window unit not just the glass.

That means you will have to remove the frame as well. Forest River’s policy has you replacing window glass that is not broken at times. Once the frame is out, measure the rough opening like you would for any repair or replacement task.

There may be markings at one of the corners of the window that provide any replacement parts number. You will need that to the VIN or serial numbers for your RV or trailer. This will get you the right window replacement.

When that arrives, you just install the window in the reverse order you removed the frame. Make sure to use good caulking to seal up the window and cut off any possible leaks.

Sometimes window replacements take a while to arrive. In that case, just cut some plexiglass or acrylic to fit the frame. Leave the frame in place and just clean out the old glass.

Place the plexiglass, etc., in the frame and you can seal it up with tape or putty. Professional glass shops can do the latter quite quickly for you

How do You Measure An RV Window?

There are different ways to measure the window opening. These methods depend on the design of your window. If you have a simple rectangle design, you only need to measure twice. The height and length of the window.

There is a third measurement you need to do and that is the wall thickness. You need to go from the outside edge of the exterior wall to the inside edge of the interior wall. Do not measure the frame. It is the wall thickness only that you need.

Make sure your measurements are to the nearest 1/16th of an inch and measure twice to make sure. When your windows are Parallelogram/Trapezoid designs, then you need to take 6 measurements.

You will need to measure all four sides and do not stop at the first curve you come to. Go right to the edge where the other side is located. Then you need to make 2 cross measurements from corner to corner.

That should get you the dimensions you will need. Never measure the old window but the frame opening only. The glass company will make approximations to make sure the new window fits.

This link takes you to a measuring guide and it has a print out version for measuring the radius of a window.

How do You Frame An RV Window?


This may not be a big issue as Forest River generally sells the new frame with the new window. However, there are steps to taking the frame out and it usually brings the window with it.

Depending on the size of the window and its design, you will have to remove between 12 to 20 screws approx. Most of these will be on the inside. Then, you will have to remove the rubber seal or gasket that secures everything in place and prevents leaks.

This will take more than two hands to do so have a helper standing by. Once the rubber seal, window, and frame are removed, you can install the new frame, seal, and window.

Just reverse what you did. If you are looking to seal up that window and never use it again, that may be difficult to do due to the lack of thickness in the RV or trailer’s walls.

Generally, the frame will still be in good shape if the window does shatter but since RV makers sell their windows as a complete unit, you may have to replace the good frame regardless.

Finding Forest River RV Replacement Windows

If you are under warranty, about the only place you can go to find a new window will be at the Forest River dealer. They will contact the company and order a new one for you. Then they will go about installing it.

If you are not under warranty, you can still go to the dealer but if there is some trouble finding serial numbers, etc., you can contact Forest River directly to sort things out.

The next best place to try would be Lippert. That company seems to have a large supply of ready-made RV windows and windshields. That supply extends beyond Forest River models.

In our quick search, we found different RV Parts & Accessory outlets that handle Forest River window replacement. Whether they are near you or not is another story. Factory RV Surplus and RV Parts Direct are two such companies.

Then Alfa Auto Glass is a regular glass company that handles RV windshields and windows. You can contact them or similar companies near your location to get an estimate, and other information pertinent to your repair task.

Finding Jayco RV Replacement Windows


Worldwide RV is a Jayco factory direct approved parts dealer. You can go to their website, click on the order now button, and fill out the form you are taken to. Or you can use the phone number or download their catalog to find the part you need.

Or you can call Lippert. Their stock includes windows for Jayco RVs and trailers. There should be no problem as the company’s customer service has been given high marks by some owners.

The same parts companies and auto glass shop is also advertising to help you replace your Jayco’s broken window or windows. Or you can go to our article on finding Jayco Parts and use the links listed in that article to help you find the part you are looking for.

Jayco is a popular brand so you should be able to find local glass outfits that handle the replacement of your broken windows.

Some Final Words

Shattered RV windows seem to be a fact of life for RV owners. No matter how they get shattered, you are still left with the chore of replacing the broken window. If you have to, using temporary coverings will work till you get close to a repair shop or dealer.

In some cases, plexiglass and acrylic work just as good as the real thing and you can delay replacing that broken window until you save up for a new one. Those materials do not seem to affect trade in value either.

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