Leer Locker Price, Dimensions, Capacity, Review (Guide)

Everyone needs more storage. One of the biggest problems when it comes to the RV lifestyle is finding enough storage. It has been a problem for about 100 years now. But there is only so much room you have to use for storage unless you opt for using wasted space like a truck ceiling.

One of the advantages of the Leer Locker is that it makes use of the wasted space in a truck canopy or similar design. What it does is provide a little bit more storage space for smaller items that may be too odd-shaped to fit anywhere else.

To learn more about this topic and how you can add more storage space to your camping experience, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about the Leer Locker and if it is a good idea for your camping needs or not.

What is a Leer Locker?


The best way to describe this storage option is that it is a cabinet drawer designed to attach to the roof of your truck or truck’s canopy. It adds a little extra storage space so you have more room for other needed supplies.

The locker is made from aluminum and is covered in marine-grade carpet. Then it attaches to a heavy-duty steel frame for security. On top of that, it comes with ball bearings to make the drawer design roll easily in and out.

Plus, it has dual locks securing the rotary-style latches. It is a unique concept that makes use of the space directly underneath the truck’s canopy or ceiling. Part of the design is a folding clothes hanger. You can hang up any clothes you do not want to be creased if they were to be folded into a suitcase.

Leer Locker Price

The company does not seem to have a checkout or store option on its website. They do not list any price that we could find. This means that you would have to go to the retailer that is selling this storage option and see what their price is.

One store, Mobile Living, has you contacting them to get a quote for the cost of the Leer Locker. That is what we are getting with different retailers. They are not advertising the price as it may be very expensive to buy and install.

Even the owners on one RV discussion forum are not talking about the price. The best thing we can suggest is that you contact your local dealers and see at what price they are selling this unique product.

This must be as valuable as gold to keep the price a secret like this. We did see a used price and it was almost $3000.

Leer Locker Dimensions

This seems to be another mystery as the information is not found even on the company’s website. There may be a reason for this and that is these lockers are designed to fit different trucks and their dimensions.

We checked the product list and the Tonneau option comes in 10 variations. Those variations are made to fit different truck models and brands. The best we could do for the drawer Leer Locker was to estimate from a picture.

This device looks to be about 5 feet long and about 3 feet wide with a 5 to 6-inch height. It is designed to fit inside toppers with about 6 inches to spare on each side.

The dividers make it a versatile locker storage allowing you to customize the spaces to fit what you want to store inside. Just be careful as some owners have complained about leaking.

Leer Locker Depth


The pull out drawer design seems to have about 5 to 6 inches on the sides and the ends. Then the dividers look to be about half that size or just a tad bit higher than half.

While you can adjust the size of the individual compartments, you cannot adjust the depth size. The lack of depth adjustability is understandable as you do not have much room to work with once the topper is placed on the back of your truck.

It is a handy little device that seems to be available through dealers only. You can find those dealers through the Leer website at the bottom of their landing page.

They also recommend that you do not install this system yourself but have professionals install it for you. Leer only authorizes that installment option. If you do it yourself, you may void the 1-year warranty.

Leer Locker Weight Capacity

The weight capacity for this product is said to be 100 pounds only. That should be enough to hold what you want to put in that small space. This is an accessory that tries to help you organize your truck bed and keep sensitive and fragile equipment safe.

It is not made to hold a lot of weight so be careful of what you decide to put in its storage area. You would want to balance that weight out as well to make sure everything is held securely.

You do have to pull the drawer out and not storing things correctly could result in having something fall on you as you pull it out for access. If you like to buy American, this is a top American-made product that is well made and comes in handy if you can afford it.


About the only thing we can say about the dividers is that they are made from the same material as the locker. They are also covered in marine-grade carpet to make sure your equipment does not get damaged if you brake sharply or boost your speed suddenly.

There are only 2 storage dividers and they can be placed in several different positions to make sure your equipment fits snugly and safely. The dual handle design makes it easier to pull the drawer out and they give you something to hang on to as you lower the front end.

The push button locks on those handles provide a bit of security and should help deter any thieves who happen to break into the back of your truck. Then the ball bearings are sealed and maintenance-free. This makes sure the drawer always performs up to expectations.



We have not found any accessories for this drawer as of yet. The company does list some accessories but they are not for this specific product. We checked their product page and nothing listed under Leer Gear has anything to do with this locker.

You will find a rooftop tent, a storage back, a cargo caddy, cleaners and protectants, a flashlight, a cooler, running boards, and more. But you will not see anything associated with this locker

We checked at least one dealer and they did not list any accessories for this locker either. The Leer Locker is considered to be an accessory by one dealer. That dealer is Topper King We searched their website and this locker was listed under topper interior accessories.

No other parts to upgrade the versatility, etc., were included in this list. It is a handy little storage area if you can fit it into your budget. It hides away valuable items so thieves can’t be tempted to break in.

Leer Locker Review

The only really bad review we found about this storage system was that it could leak. One owner was not happy with the design and found that water got inside even though it shouldn’t have.

They may be talking about the topper and the back window but regardless, they felt they had a serious problem and were not happy.

Everyone else we read that gave their thoughts on this product was happy with it. One owner solved the leaking problem by adding a little weatherstripping. That is all that it should take to keep the water out.

Another concern was about the headroom loss but that is a minor worry. This is a storage system that uses up about 6 inches of headroom but it may be worth it when you can store items in a more organized fashion.

Overall, the people that paid for this system, said it cost about $1000 at one dealer and were very happy with their purchase. It beats cargo nets by a mile and since it locks it can be made very secure.

Leer Locker vs Cap-Pack

To be frank, we do not see any difference between these two brands. Both hold about 100 pounds, they both attach to the roof of your topper and they both have adjustable dividers.

They also have marine-grade carpet inside, dual handles and locks, maintenance-free bearings, and so on. In fact, one website called them the same thing.

According to Cap-Packs FAQs, they are the same thing and made by the same company. Here is what the company had to say about this question:

The Leer Locker is manufactured by Cap-Pack Truck Products. It is the same item, just branded as a Leer Locker by Leer, and is a registered trademark of Truck Accessories Group.”

That explains why we had problems finding out any good information on this locker system. The Cap-Pak company has suspended online ordering at this time but you can find their storage system at their dealers. They have a dealer finder web page like other companies have.

You can find it at this link. If you want a few accessories, go to that link and click on products. The drop-down menu will take you to three accessories you can get for this storage system.

As for price and other details we could not locate them, they are not listed on that website either. You still need to talk to the dealers to get a price.

Finding a Leer Locker For Sale


This is not going to be hard if you know where to look. To get a new Leer Locker, you have to go to the approved dealers. The Leer website has a better dealer locator web page and you can access it at this link.

Or you can check the classifieds or any RV or truck discussion forum and use their classified threads. We have found only local dealers in our searches and if you want more details than what is on their web pages, then you need to contact them.

How To Install a Leer Locker

Here is what Leer said about this question. It is the answer to the only FAQ question on their FAQ web page:

LEER only authorizes and warrants installations done by Authorized LEER Dealers. Proper installation, wiring, and adjustments are best done by trained, experienced personnel. Professional installation by a LEER Dealer is a wise investment in the performance, appearance, and safety of your LEER product.”

One owner had a broken Leer Locker and could not find any information on this question so he created his own video:

Here is another video showing you how to install it yourself:

How To Remove a Leer Locker

To remove the locker from your truck, just reverse the process found in the second video. It is not going to be that hard to remove it as all you are doing is securing the locker.

Then you are removing the nuts and bolts holding it in place and once that is done, pull the assembly out of your truck. Removal is always easier than installation as you are not worried about being straight, square, or in line with your door.

Some Final Words

The Leer Locker is a unique storage system that will help many people out when they have too much stuff. It utilizes some wasted space and if you are not sleeping in the bed of your truck, the loss of headroom won’t matter.

The drawbacks will be installation and cost. It seems to be a very expensive system to buy and then install. But once you do these two actions, you have a spot for an extra 100 pounds of items that are secured by keyed locks

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