What Is the ACTIVE Network Credit Card Charge? (Refund)

It may be deceptive marketing. The different retail and credit card companies have many tricks they can use to make money off of you. That is if you do not notice or read the fine print when you sign up for their services. It is a sneaky way to do business.

Over the years, the price has gone up. In 2017 the cost was only $69.00 approx. Today, and from the Active Network website, the charge is up to $89.95. That is a hefty price to pay for the supposed savings you are to get.

To learn more about this charge, just continue to read our article. It delves into the subject to make sure you have the best information possible. You may not notice the cost until you receive your next year’s bill.

What Are The ACTIVE Network Charges on a Credit Card?


According to the company’s website, this charge is for ‘exclusive discounts on the activities and goods that you love and use in your everyday life.’ Throughout the year you are sent discount offers for movies, hotels, races, and many other activities you may like.

The company has a website that seems to list all the products you can receive better prices on instead of shopping retail. These discounts are for members only so you get an edge over your friends who do not sign up for this service.

In other words, you are paying someone money to save you money but it is not a great deal if you do not use or want the products they are giving you a discount on.

How Did I Get Signed Up For Active Advantage?


This is where it gets a little tricky. When you sign up for an activity, for example, a new credit card, through the Active Network system, you are given the opportunity to sign up for this service.

First, the service is promoted as a 30-day free trial and you may have to uncheck a box to make sure you do not sign up for it. If you don’t then you get those discounts sent to you for free for 30 days.

Then if you do not take any action at the end of those 30 days, you will be billed for the service for the rest of the year. You are supposed to fill out a registration form and verify your email address. But that may not be clear when you are signing up for the other activity.

How do I Cancel My Active Advantage Membership?


Here is what their cancel membership page has to say:

Visit ACTIVE.com and click Sign In in the upper right-hand corner

Note: Sign in using your ACTIVE.com or ACTIVE Advantage email and password. These credentials are one and the same

Once signed in, hover over your name that now appears in the upper right-hand corner and click View Profile from the menu that appears

Once your profile page loads, click Active Advantage under the list of destinations on the left-hand side

Note: This page gives you quick and easy details about your Advantage membership

Scroll to the bottom of the table and find the words Your membership is active and will renew automatically. Click the link Cancel my membership”

You can read it at this link. This is supposed to be a full money-back guarantee program.

Act Active Network Refund


The company has a web page for this process as well. It is not hard to get a refund but you must contact the company directly. You can reach this information and their contact page through this link.

On that web page is information about how you can stop the automatic renewal this company likes to do. There is a link you need to click on at the end of that web page to get to the screen that allows you to stop this process from charging you again next year.

There is also an easy-access menu of links to specific actions you can take when you find out that you got a membership without your knowledge.

How do I Cancel My Act ACTIVE Network?


It may be difficult to cancel the actual network. You may have to see which activities are associated with this system and avoid them. There are no instructions that we found that let you opt out of the network.

You may have to contact your credit card company or some other business to see if this can be done. If you want to cancel your membership, those instructions are given above.

You may have to watch which campground you get reservations at. They may be a part of this Active Network and you could be signed up without your knowledge. Watch the fine print and make sure you understand the instructions.

Act Active Network Phone Number


There does not seem to be a posted phone number you can call. We clicked on their contact page and they have 2 options available to talk to them. The first is through e-mail.

The second seems to be through a chat messenger service which we did not click on to find out more details. On their home page, the company does provide an address for their offices- ACTIVE Network, LLC, 717 North Harwood Street, Suite 2500, Dallas, TX 75201.

If you check the local phone book or yellow pages, you may find a phone number for the company.

Some Final Words

Active Network advertises itself as a way to get great discounts on products you use every day or special events. It may be a great deal but the almost $90 price tag seems to be a little high for offers you may never take advantage of.

All the information you will need about this company is found in the links we provided. Just click on the home page link when you get to those web pages to get more navigational tools.

Their registration does seem to be a bit shady so watch the fine print when you sign up for other activities.

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