Class C Over Cab Storage Ideas and How To Guide

When you do not have a family, the cab-over bunk makes for an excellent storage area. If no one is using it for sleeping, then use it to keep a variety of items out of your way and from clogging your other storage cabinets. It is just common sense to do this.

One good idea would be to put a cargo net across the front of the cab over bunk. The cargo net will keep everything you store in that area nice and safe as well as keep those items from falling out. The cargo nest many SUV owners use will work well here.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make better use of that extra space. The key is not to go beyond your weight capacity when it comes to adding cargo.

Class C RV Cab Over Storage


For many RV owners, the cab-over area is just wasted space. They do not have young children or grandchildren along with them so that area goes to waste. It is simply common sense to use it for storage, especially if you have larger, lighter items that normally would take up a lot of room in normal storage closets.

Some people do not have a problem with items falling out as their Class C does not accelerate fast enough to push things back. Sudden stops may push items forward, keeping them nice and safe but never have they had the time where items fell on acceleration.

If you organize it well, the cab-over area is a great spot to store those unneeded items that you may or may not need on your vacation. The word of caution is to watch the weight.

While you are getting an extra storage area, you still have to be mindful of how much those items will weigh. You still cannot go over your weight capacities even when you get extra storage room.

Weigh everything first before putting them away and then subtract the total from your weight capacities. Then you should be on the safe side weight-wise.

Class C Over Cab Storage Ideas


There are lots of good ideas you can consider when you are thinking of converting this area into a storage spot. Some RV owners leave the mattress in place while others do not. It will be up to your preference, and any leaks if you do leave the mattress there.

Here are some good ideas to think about:

1. Bookcase- if you are a reader, this area would be ideal to place some shelving. Then put your books on the shelving, leaving room to get up there and find a good book when you are in the mood to read.

2. Just plain storage- you do not have to be fancy or elaborate when it comes to converting this spot. You can place pillows, sleeping bags, bedding, or other large but light objects up there.

Then to secure it all in place, you can build small fencing, use ropes, a cargo net, or even bungee cords to hold everything in place. The small fencing lets your interior space be more creative and attractive.

3. Cabinets- nothing wrong with removing the mattress and other padding and putting good cabinets in their place. The cabinet doors will add a decorative touch and you can place adjustable shelves inside to make it all work for you.

4. Television set- we have seen photos of some Class C RVs with a nice TV in that space. The company used decorative cabinet doors on each side of the TV and placed the television set in the middle

This will free up some wall space for some other needed items

5. Cubbyholes- this is where you make different-sized shelving spots that can hold small items that do not have any other spot. Cubbyholes look nice and they are a great tool to get and stay organized.

Just add a lip to the front of each cubbyhole to hold items inside. This is more of a time-consuming project but once you are done, it is a great accessory.

6. Entertainment center- instead of just putting the TV up in that bunk, turn the area into a state-of-the-art entertainment center. There is room for a stereo, DVD player, and other electronic devices.

This area will help you organize all the wires and keep them out of the way. Plus, you can make sure you build a large enough access point to do repairs, etc. when needed.

7. Just a junk storage area- place a curtain rod and small curtains across the front to hide everything you do not want people to see. You do not have to be elaborate in design or spend a lot of money to store those items you do not want anyone to see.

8. Pet center- if you travel with your cats, this is a good spot for their litter boxes. This will keep those items out of sight and you may have room for a bed or feeding area as well.

9. Tool storage- this is a great place to store an adjustable ladder or other longer tools that won’t fit anywhere else. It is also a great spot for materials, for example, duct tape, screws, nails, glue, and much more.

Plus, this area is perfect for hand tools and a toolbox. A little innovative thinking and you can have a small decorative but strong fence to hold those items so they won’t fall down.

Some Additional Words

When it is just the two of you, the cab over bunk on a Class C RV makes for an ideal storage area. The sky is the limit when it comes to ideas and these few should just get you started.

That area is also a great place to store your hobby items as well. It is a very useful area to use.

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