Cherokee Total Control Panel App and Manual (Helpful Guide)

Since 2019 Forest River Cherokee Group has adopted the LCI OneControl technology. It is being marketed and installed as the Cherokee Total Control App and will have a brand new interface for 2020. However, that brand-new interface didn’t last past the 2021 models as there is a new one in place for 2022 models.

You may find this version of the OneControl in the following RV models- Cherokee, Grey Wolf, Wolf Pup, Arctic Wolf, Alpha Wolf, Wolf Pack, Vengeance, and Sabre. The question is if they work right or not and it is a question many people have negative responses to.

To learn more about this App and how it works in different RVS just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you can have the best information possible. Plus, this information should help you decide if you want this in your RV or not.

The Cherokee Total Control Panel


This control panel is basically the same as the LCI OneControl control panel. The reason the Cherokee Group has for installing this version of the LCI control panel is that they say the RV owners are getting younger and want smart technology inside their RVs.

They also say that the company can connect with its app users in better and faster ways. Those methods were not available under the older systems Cherokee RVs used.

If you know all about the LCI OneControl system, then you know how this version works. The only difference between these two systems is the brand name. That means that if you have trouble with the Cherokee system, you should be able to contact LCI and get some troubleshooting help.

One owner who bought a 2021 RV model could not believe the changes to the control board that came about in one year. The control board for the 2021 models was all rocker switches. The 2022 version has more of a touch button system that may not be as reliable as the older rocker-style system.

The newer system seems to break down without notice after working fine previously. This weakness may cause owners to have fits as nothing will work when the system fails so rapidly.

Download The Cherokee Total Control App


There is a YouTube video that explains how to do this. The instructions are quite simple and if you were expecting the app store to label the app Cherokee, that will not be the case.

You have to start by going to the app store and downloading the LCI OneControl app. The next step would be to log into your mobile app and you can use Facebook, Google or Apple ID to log in.

The third step is to touch the connect to the RV option. There are 3 ways to do this and the first way is to scan a QR code that is inside your RV. Another method would be to use the push to pair option on your RV’s monitor. You will pair it with your smartphone.

The third method would be to do a search for devices if the first two options are not available. After the connection is done, you will have to enter in your RV details, including year, etc.

As you successfully complete each step press continue and eventually you will be asked to create a PIN. When you have created the PIN, the setup and connection are complete.

How to use the app is explained in the other 2 and 1/2 minutes of the video which you can find at this link. Everything is straight forward when using this app. The key is to remember that it may not be listed as the Cherokee Total Control App when you go shopping for it.

It may be listed as the LCI OneControl App so be wary when you are looking for this app.

Finding The Cherokee Total Control Manual


Here is one link to the Forest River Cherokee Total Control manual that may be helpful. Unfortunately, it did not load up correctly for us when we landed on its website. We cannot add too much concerning this manual operation.

We did check Lipperts or LCI’s website and they do have an extensive Support Documentation web page system. However, they do not list any manuals under the Forest River Cherokee brand name.

All manuals are under the OneControl name and that makes sense since the two systems are exactly the same. You can peruse the OneControl manuals web page as there are over 20 manuals listed on it. Just click here to get to that web page.

You will have to investigate the different manual options to find the correct one for your system. For Grand Design owners, your OneControl booklets are labeled as Grand Design.

We checked several of the product categories on their manuals' main web page. There was nothing that referred to Forest River’s Cherokee Total Control system. If you have more questions about this, contact your Forest River dealer or LCI directly.

Their support services should be able to help you further.

The Cherokee Total Control Panel Not Working


Even though this control panel uses wifi or Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone, it is still an electrical system. That means that when your control panel is not working you need to check the usual suspects that hinder all electrical devices.

Start with the fuses, the breakers, and the battery. Make sure they are all powered up and working like they should. Then check the wiring underneath the control panel to see if road vibrations or bumps loosened or damaged any wires.

Continue your wire search back to the fuses, battery, and breaker. If nothing is wrong, take out your multimeter and start checking for power issues. If everything checks out, you may have to check the individual components and their electrical systems.

They will have their own fuses and may be wired to a different breaker. If those are blown or tripped then the control panel can’t operate them. You will need to check the wiring as well as any hydraulic reservoirs to see if they are full of hydraulic fluid.

If all of these systems check out, it is time to turn your attention to the control panel. Use your meters to see if there are continuity, amperage, and volts making it to the control board. If not, then there is a problem with the power supply and that could be the inverter’s fault.

If there is power getting to the control board, one of the switches may be bad, there is a short in the board or the control panel has failed on you. Usually, to troubleshoot the control panel and fix it, you should have a qualified technician to do the work.

The problem may be in the main board behind the control panel and that part is usually reserved for the technician to handle. The board will have to be replaced.

Cherokee Total Control Panel Flashing


Here is what the OneControl manual has to say about this

The monitor panel is connected to the controller through a CANbus data network harness. This 2-pin data harness is connected to the back of the monitor panel along with a 2-pin power harness and a terminating resistor (Fig. 14).

Any interruption in this data network (i.e. harness compromised, terminating resistor missing, etc.) will result in a fault. A fault is indicated on the monitor panel by all of the white LEDs flashing in unison for 5 seconds after a slide-out or awning button is pressed.”

That is all it says and the manual does not offer any advice or instructions on what to do next. You may have to contact an approved technician to handle the problem.

One other thing you should know about. Lippert may not be of much help when it comes to the Cherokee Total Control version of their control panel. Here is what they told one owner:

Lippert is telling me that the “Total Control” monitor panel is a Forest River issue. So with that being said… could anyone help me with an updated contact over at Forest River? The number provided by Lippert is just a voicemail”

That is not very encouraging and you may have to deal directly with Forest River to get more information about the control panel’s lights flashing. It is going to be frustrating to get this problem identified and fixed.

It is possible to bypass the companies and just talk to a technician instead.

Some Additional Words

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Even with updated technology, companies simply rebrand their components to make it look like there is a competitor entering the market.

The reality is, that it is the same component under a new name. The support help may not improve either when this happens and the original manufacturer may pass the buck and avoid helping you repair the problem.

Cherokee Total Control is OneControl in a different package. The problems are the same as well.

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