Thor Windsport Problems (Furnace, Water Pressure, Flush)

Thor is said to be the largest RV manufacturer in the country. It is reported that they make 1 of every 4 RVs, etc., on the road today. With this achievement, one would think they could build a better RV or trailer and make all of their customers satisfied with their new homes.

The Thor Windsport RV is no stranger to common problems. One of those problems would be peeling paint and decals. Not hard to fix but just time-consuming as it is hard to find the replacement decals at times. Or the right color of paint.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have up-to-date information on what ails this brand and model of RV. Take a few moments to see how this information will help you when the time comes.

Check The Recall Notices


If you are on a tight budget, one of the ways to get the repairs done is to see if your problems are included in the many recalls that Thor puts out. Believe it or not, the list is long, not just for the Windsport but also for all Thor RV models.

To help you find out if your Thor Windsport has a current recall going on, just click here. Then for all Thor owners, click on this link to find out about your specific model. Some of these recall notices go back 20 years.

Make sure your RV qualifies before contacting the company or one of its dealers. Some issues are not your fault and you should take advantage of these recalls to make sure your repairs do not harm your budget.

The majority of recall notices for this model focus on equipment and electrical systems. For the Windsport, 2021 seems to be the last year recall notices were sent out.

Common Thor Windsport Problems


One thing you should notice about these common problem lists. They are not limited to just one model of RV that Thor builds. They all seem to be the same problem that affects all Thor products.

Even though the company may be the biggest and most productive, that common element should tell you what you need to know about the company and its construction quality. This list will be long.

1. Electrical systems

We will group a variety of components into this section as almost all components need electricity to operate, including mechanical ones. The sources will be the same for all electrical systems and those mechanical devices that are powered by electricity.

If a component or system does not work, the sources will be a lack of power, (fuses, breakers, batteries, shore power issues). You will need either a multimeter or volt meter to diagnose the source of the problem before you can fix it.

In most cases, it may be a blown fuse, tripped breaker, low battery charge, a flipped switch (the wrong way), damaged or loose wires, or similar situations. The fix depends on the source of the problem.

Replace fuses, look for a short that is tripping the breaker, recharge the battery, tighten loose connections, and so on. Also reverse polarity may be a problem and you would have to reverse that problem to fix it.

Electrical problems are easy to fix, once you find the correct source and there may be more than one source causing the problem.

2. Plumbing issues

The road vibrations or bumps will play a role in this set of problems. Both can loosen connections, cause leaks, damage pipes, and on it goes. Or Thor just did not catch any of the inferior construction in this section of its RV build.

There are many reasons why plumbing problems take place. The drains could get clogged or leak and it takes time to hunt down the problem. Or the water pump wore out or simply failed.

The solution is like the electrical systems except multi and volt meters will not be of any help. Find the problem and either repair or replace the problem parts. Don’t forget to check your holding tanks, they are part of the plumbing system.

3. Mold & rotting wood

These are two of the many hidden damages you may not discover until it is too late. The source of these issues will be excess moisture. There does not have to be a leak in your roof or seals to cause either problem.

There just may be too much humidity in the area you are camping in and that is enough to cause these problems. For mold, you may smell the odor and that will tell you that there is mold growth somewhere inside your RV.

Water damage usually leaves a sign like a stain on the ceiling or walls. But those stains do not tell you the condition of the wood behind the paneling or ceiling. These can be expensive repairs.

4. Fuel system issues

Not a fun problem to have as it means that you will not make your destination on time unless the problem can be solved fairly quickly. The usual sources will be bad gas or diesel fuel, a clogged fuel line or filter, a bad fuel pump, or clogged injectors.

The fix for these issues will be to replace the fuel filter, check the fuel lines for clogs, and test the fuel pump. Replace the fuel pump if necessary. When you have contaminated gas the only solution is to drain the gas tank and replace it with better fuel.

5. Battery charging issues

There may be times when your battery does not seem like it is holding a charge. In this case, the battery could be bad or was drained too far and needs to be replaced.

Or, the inverter is bad and has failed to recharge the battery. A final source here would be loose wire connections and if that is the case, just reconnect and tighten those wires.

If it is the inverter that is the problem, replacing it is your best option.

6. Water pump problems

The water pump will not be immune from faulty construction, electrical problems, or clogs. If your water supply is not flowing normally, this may be the main source.

The fix is for you to check the water lines for clogs, and if you find any, clear those clogs. Or it may be a wiring or electrical problem. Your multi or volt meter will help you here. Just correct any electrical issue you find.

Finally, if the water pump is bad, the only fix is to replace it.

Furnace on Thor Windsport Problems


When it comes to the furnace or other appliances, Thor most likely did not build the furnace or those other appliances. They bought them from the manufacturer and then installed them into their RVs.

The drawback to this system is that the installers do not follow the manufacturers’ installation instructions. Other problems with the furnace inside this RV model could be the thermostat, heating element, or the duct work and vents.

Most often it will be the result of bad installation. But if the parts were faulty, to begin with, you should be able to have the repair work done under warranty. A good technician should be able to find the source of your problem and make the appropriate repairs.

Some repairs, in this case, may be done by you if you are experienced in this type of work or have good handyman skills. Sometimes it is best to talk directly to the furnace maker to get the best results.

Thor Windsport 29M Electric Step Problem

Thor Windsport 29M Electric Step Problem

The electric step problem you encounter may not have anything to do with the electrical components involved with operating the step. There are other pieces like the clevis and Carter pins that can break on you.

Getting the broken pins out is not that difficult and a thin, strong piece of metal can help you with that task. But to realign the parts to put the pins back in may be a bit difficult. Here are the instructions for that operation:

Activate the step motor and as it moves toward the out position unplug the power cable going into the motor. This stops the motor midcycle.

It helps to take the plug out first to understand how it attaches.

Once you figure that out open the door while you're under the step holding onto the wire plug.

It helps to have someone open the door while you're holding onto the plug.

When the motor, swing arm, is in the middle of the cycle just push the step to the swing arm and put in the pin” (source). According to the person with the problem, this procedure worked perfectly.

If there is an electrical source for the operation of those steps, then check the motor, fuses, breakers, and so on. Electrical problems are all the same and have the same solutions no matter which part they are attached to.

Thor Windsport 29M Problem With Dark Tank Flush


The biggest problem with some Thor Windsport models is the location of the flush connection. In one case the dealer and another owner stated it was down by the dump valves and sewer hose connection. When he looked, it was not there.

One Windsport model had the black tank flush inside a storage bin, clear over to the right, and very well hidden. This location made it very difficult to attach the hose and a hose connection had to be added to make the regular hose connection more convenient.

Another problem will be with the San-T-Flush system's gauges. They are known to be very inaccurate and you should not rely on them. This makes it hard to time the San-T-Flush operation.

Guesses can be given but those may be as inaccurate as the gauges on the black tank. One suggestion was to put a half a cup of soap in the toilet, flush it, and then start filling the black water tank with about 10 gallons of water.

After that, you release the water and repeat until you do not see any soap coming out with the water. There are many other options available to use.

Water Pressure Problem Thor Windsport


This is a problem that is not unique to the Thor Windsport. The sources will be the same across all models for RVs as plumbing is the same across all RV models and trailers.

The first place to check when you have a water pressure problem is to see if more than one person is using different faucets at the same time. If so, have one of them turn their faucet off till the other person has completed what they are doing.

The second place to look if that situation is not the source, is at your city water connection. The connection could be loose or there may be a clog at the connection slowing the water flow down. Make the appropriate adjustment here.

The third place to look would be at your pipes and connections. If they are loose, have been damaged, or have a hole in them or a valve or seal, then you need to replace those plumbing components.

You can try putting duct tape over the leaks but that just delays the inevitable. Finally, check your water pump to see if it failed or wore out. It would need to be replaced in either circumstance.

Some Additional Words

For the amount of money you pay for a Thor Windsport or other RV model one would think that the company would rectify all these problems before they sent them to the dealers.

Yet for some reason they never seem to do that and new owners are faced with a bunch of common problems that always need fixing. Get used to this situation as it permeates the whole RV industry and is not limited to just Thor. Most of the fixes should be easy though.

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