Does Lysol Spray Kill Dust Mites? (Scabies, Bird Mites)

Camping brings all sorts of unwanted visitors. When you are out in nature, do not be surprised to find little insects, dust mites, and other creatures joining in on your camping time. It pays to have a good defense ready for when these unwanted guests show up

The good news is that your defense against these creatures can include Lysol Spray. It is advertised as being able to kill up to 99% of the dust mites that enter your RV or trailer. Having a strong defense makes your camping time more fun.

To learn more about Lysol Spray and insects, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can protect your and your family’s health even when enjoying the great outdoors.

Does Lysol Kill Dust Mites?


Yes, it does and it is also supposed to kill 99% of germs and bacteria that invade your home through one means or another. While it is very effective at killing dust mites and other insects, there is some question about its environmental impact.

The ingredients are:

- Ethanol

- Water/Eau

- Butane

- Propane

- Ethanolamine

- Fragrance/Parfum

- Alkyl (50% C14, 40% C12, 10% C16) dimethyl benzyl ammonium saccharinate

- MIPA-Borate

- MEA-Borate

- Ammonium Hydroxide

Combined these ingredients make for an ideal germ and dust mite defense. Then Lysol is great to use when you have an allergy sufferer in your RV. After using this product it has been reported that allergy symptoms have been reduced.

Just be careful when you use Lysol spray when you have pets in your RV, etc. Keep them away from the area you have sprayed until it is safe for them to roam again.

Does Lysol Spray kill Dust Mites?

Again the answer will be in the positive. Lysol Spray is also made from the same ingredients as liquid Lysol and it should be effective against dust mites. You will want to be generous when you spray this product on those suspected dust mite colonies.

To make sure those pests are gone, you will need to spray just about all areas in your RV, except the bedding you are currently using and other exceptions to this rule. To use Lysol correctly in this situation you need to follow the upcoming steps:

- Vacuum or wipe the area you want to spray first to get rid of any dirt or dust

- Spray till the infected surface is wet but not dripping wet

- Let the sprayed area dry naturally

- Use a wet cloth to wipe up any residue. This will protect your children and pets from ingesting the Lysol

Does Lysol Kill Dird Mites?


Lysol is an effective germ and insect-killing product. It will handle bird mites with ease. If you are not sure what bird mites are, they are little parasites that feed on a bird’s blood.

These mites live on the skin of birds, much like dog fleas do, and have their meals at their leisure. Once the bird dies, these mites crawl to different locations including your RV or trailer.

Usually, this situation takes place when a bird makes a nest in some spot inside your RV or trailer. Once the bird dies, the mites remain searching for new hosts to feed off of.

To get rid of the bird mites, you just follow the instructions above. There are no special instructions to kill these parasites. They will die just like the dust mite will due to the Lysol ingredients.

Can Lysol Kill Scabies Mites?

One thing that can be said about Lysol, you may not like how it impacts the environment, but it is a very useful defense against scabies mites. While they are called scabies, the proper name for the creature creating the bites is human itch mite.

The scabies mite needs the human body to survive. They can only live for three days outside of the human body but to avoid being bitten or contracting a disease, you should use Lysol to kill those hard surfaces in your RV.

Plus, since scabies mites love crowded areas, make sure to clean your crowded kitchen and other counters with Lysol. This product will remove all the scabies it comes in contact with making your home safer and healthier.

It is hard to tell if the scabies are coming or going so make sure to clean thoroughly with Lysol to make sure they do not return to a human body.

Does Lysol Kill Demodex Mites?


Demodex mites live in your hair follicles. The hair they like the most is facial hair. These little creatures can be found in the following places:

- Cheeks.

- Eyelashes.

- Forehead.

- Outside of ear canals.

- Sides of the nose.

The bad news is that everyone has these mites. The good news is that they are harmless. They just cause demodicosis which is itchy and an irritating skin condition. If you do not like spiders you won’t like these creatures, because the two are cousins.

It is not possible to spray Lysol on your face but you may be able to use Lysol to kill these mites on bedding and other surfaces. Facial treatment includes washing your face, cleaning eyelashes, and using an antibiotic creme.

Practice good hygiene to get rid of and keep these tiny pests away from your eyelids. They are one reason your eyelashes begin to fall out.

Does Lysol Kill Dust Mites in The Mattress

Yes, it will but since you and your pets sleep on the mattress and bedding, you will need to clean these items after the Lysol dries. The problem with using Lysol on your mattress and bedding is the chemical ingredients.

They can irritate people with sensitive skin or suffer from scabies. This may not be the best idea if your pets sleep on your bed. The chemicals can cause your pets to experience some health issues.

If you want a safe method to use to kill dust mites in your mattress or bedding you can put both in direct sunlight. This option dehydrates and kills dust mites without harming anyone living in your RV or trailer.

Or you can use a steam cleaner to get rid of the dust mites and be safe. If you use Lysol, make sure you clean well so your cure does not become a problem.

Does Lysol Kill Mites On Furniture?


Yes, it will. Lysol has been reported that Lysol is safe to use on hard and soft pieces of furniture. It is safe to use on wood and fabric furniture as well as carpets and curtains.

The key to using Lysol on these items is to let the fabric remain wet for 10 minutes and the hard surfaces for three minutes. Then wipe up the dead mites and their eggs with a cloth.

You should let the Lysol dry for 5 minutes after those time frames have expired. Do not stop with just one area of your RV or trailer. Make sure to spray all areas around your home to ensure you are getting all the dust mites out of every place they can hide.

This will take some time and when you are ready to do this, shoo your husband, kids, and pets outside while you are working. You do not need any interruptions or interference as you clean.

Does Lysol Kill Dog Mites?

Yes, but there are some caveats to using Lysol when killing dog mites. The first and most important is that you do not use this spray on your dog. It is not made for that type of application.

Lysol contains about 5 to 6% phenol which is toxic to your pet. It can cause a lot of health problems including death if your dog gets any on it or it licks its paws after walking in the spray.

To use Lysol to kill dog mites, make sure your pet is not around. Then follow the instructions and leave the Lysol on the surface for about 10 minutes. After that clean thoroughly so none of the Lysol remains behind.

You need to remove all the presence of Lysol from those areas that will come in contact with your kids and your pets. As you spray, don’t forget to remove your dog’s food and water dish and place it somewhere very safe.

Then when you are done, air out your RV as the fumes can be and are very dangerous to pets if inhaled. Avoid using Lysol on your dog’s toys and bedding.

Some Additional Words

Lysol is a great disinfectant that will keep your RV or trailer very healthy. The key is to follow the instructions for its use and be very careful. That is especially true when you have pets and children in your RV, etc.

If you do not want to use harmful chemicals to clean your RV, then there are some natural products you can use that may provide the same result as Lysol does.

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