Axle Serial Number Lookup: Reading Dexter Axle Serial Numbers

There does not seem to be a standard place for these serial numbers as some owners can find them and other owners cannot. You can look for the laser-etched serial number on the square cross tube but that number may be covered by foam or paint.

Some Dexter axles, at last, the older ones, had a metal id tag attached to the axle. Nowadays, you may find a vinyl tag instead of the metal one with the serial number on it. A third place would be a sticker placed on the brake drum housing on the top of the axle.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about as Dexter will lecture you if you do not provide the right serial number for warranty service. The serial numbers are unique to each axle.

Trailer Axle Serial Number Lookup


This can be a difficult task to do as the id tags may be lost or damaged, the sticker may fade and the etched numbers may be covered in paint or foam protective spray.

But to find the Dexter axle serial number, you should follow the instructions from the OEM Parts store: “On all axles produced after April 2001, there is a 9-digit identification or serial number on the rear side of the axle beam. This number is 18 inches from the curb side of the vehicle.”

If you can’t see the number it will be right underneath the words Dexter Axle. If the axle is certified for use in Canada, it will have the CSA letters after the number.”

If you are still having trouble finding the serial number, then try the Dexter Axle Library. This has a majority of information about each axle produced by this company listed by weight capacity. Just click here to get to that library and make sure you know the weight capacity to get to the right axle information.

Or talk to your RV dealer or a mechanic who knows Dexter axles to get the right serial number location.

Where is The Part Number on a Dexter Axle?


From our research, the parts number can be in one of several locations. As mentioned above, it could be on a little sticker hiding behind the rear portion of the brake drum housing.

Or it may be on a little id tag that is attached to the axle at some convenient location for the company. However, these tags have a way of getting damaged or lost during use. They may not always be there when you need them.

A third place to look will be on the cross-beam tube. There are supposed to be laser-etched numbers at that location. However, these can be hard to see when they are not covered in foam or paint.

Being covered by foam or paint means you have to do some gentle scraping to get to those numbers. Then they may be very hard to read. Finally, you can look at the location OEM parts store says it is located.

If you need more help, you can try using this Alko cross-reference resource. It is a 46-page booklet recording all the different parts numbers and those compatible parts you can use to repair your Dexter axle. Just click here to get to it.

Dexter Axle Serial Number Decoder


Here is one explanation for the Dexter axle serial number. It seems very straight forward and all Dexter axles seem to get their own unique serial number.

The first part of the number is the model number. It will read D for Dexter and then 2 numerals. So it can read D52 and this model number is usually found on Jayco trailers.

Then the next four numbers indicate the week of the year and the year the axle was made. If those numbers read 1820 that means it was made in the 18th week of 2020.

The last 4 numbers will represent the size of the axle. For example, if those numbers say 2000, then the axle is a 2000-pound model. If it says 7000, then that axle is the 7000-pound model.

Now, this serial number should be on what is called a data tag. The older axles have them made out of metal while the newer ones are made out of vinyl. Just do not be surprised if those tags are missing as that is a common issue.

If your axle has a 5-digit capacity, then your serial number will be one number longer. It may read D52182020000

How To Read Dexter Axle Serial Numbers


The Dexter company does have a very good web page on their website that explains just about everything that is on your id tag. Those tags are supposed to be on the rear side of your axle facing the rear bumper.

It will include the following information:

1. Customer Part Number or Axle Model Number

2. Axle Configuration Number

3. Axle Model and Capacity (lbs.)

4. Hub Face, Spring Center, Outside of Bracket, and Start Angle

5. Nev-R-Adjust® Callout

6. Serial Number (Barcode)

7. Serial Number (Digits)

One thing to be wary of and that is Dexter made another change in 2020. The difference is shown on that web page which you can get to by clicking here. That web page is very thorough and should provide all the information you need to find the serial number as well as the different tags and stickers.

It also provides a couple of good tips for you to follow. One tip is to use chalk when you cannot read the etched number on the axle. The second tip is for you to take a picture of the axle label at the time of your purchase.

That way you have a clear record and do not need to go crawling around on the ground scrapping away foam, paint, or mud to see the number.

How To Tell Which Dexter Axle You Have


All you have to do is look at the final 4 digits of the serial number and you will know exactly what type of axle you have on your trailer. If those digits say 3500 then you have a 3500-pound axle.

If those digits say 20000, and the heavier axles will have 5 digits, not 4, then you have a 20,000-pound axle. But if the serial number is covered or there are other problems, then you can go to your trailer information to help you find out which axles you have.

If for example, your trailer states its maximum capacity is 7000 pounds, then you have either -3500 pound axles or one 7000-pound axle under your trailer. Then the bearings, races, and seals should also have an industry-standard number on the back edge that you can use to get axle capacity information.

There are different methods you can use or your mechanic can use to get the information you need. The final method to use would be your bolt pattern on the wheel. To quote e-trailer:

When looking for a wheel to fit your existing hubs, you can find out your existing bolt pattern by taking a simple bolt to bolt measurement. View information on measuring your bolt pattern at the provided link.

The # AM20352 wheel you referenced will work for hubs with a 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern. With a capacity of 1870lb per wheel, these would be appropriate for a tandem axle trailer with a capacity around 3700lb when matched with similarly rated tires.”

Dexter Axle Identification


The Dexter Parts Online web page has provided the same information that the OEM parts store we quoted earlier. You should find the identification number 18 inches in from the curb side of the axle, on the axle beam.

This is a 9-digit number and not necessarily the serial number. It is placed underneath the words Dexter Axle and the letters CSA tell you that it is certified for use in Canada.

If the axle beam is dirty or covered in mud, paint, or foam, then you will have to carefully scrape away those items to get to the number. If you can’t read this number try some chalk to highlight the digits.

It may take some searching to get to it, but rest assured, those numbers are there.

Some Final Words

Finding the axle serial number is an important task. Most companies need that serial number for their records and for when they do warranty repair work. Plus, that number helps them locate the right parts to fix whatever is wrong with your axle.

The best thing to do is before you start taking your trailer out on the road, to find and record all the numbers on the tags or axles. That way you have a record and won’t have to crawl under your trailer to find it. It will save you a lot of work as well.

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