Motorcycle Wheel Chock For Toy Hauler Options (How To Secure)

When you own a toy hauler and want to bring your motorcycle along for the ride, it is normal to use tire chocks. But if you install these chocks, you are stuck with an immovable object in the middle of the floor when the garage is empty. That can hamper other uses for that space.

There are many brands on Amazon alone that sell this product. They all have one thing in common. It is not the price. Instead, it is the fact that they are designed to screw to your toy hauler’s floor. That design is not very attractive to owners of both vehicles.

To learn more about toy haulers and motorcycle chocks just continue to read our article. It looks at the situation and provides the best information possible so you can make the right decision for your motorcycle situation.

How To Secure a Motorcycle in a Toy Hauler


When it comes to securing your motorcycle in your toy hauler’s garage, the news is good. The following list provides you with a variety of options that are available today:

- straps

- bungee cords

- D-rings

- tie-down bars

- wheel chocks

- track-rail systems

- the Lock-N-Load transport system

Unfortunately, all but the Lock and Load system require additional help to secure your bike. Then if you are a good DIY person and like being creative, you could probably be innovative and design your own security system that keeps your motorcycle in place while driving.

Once you decide on a method that is the best for your situation, you need to start at the front and secure the front wheel first. Put the bike's front wheel in the chock and then put the kickstand down.

Make sure the gas is off before you get started. The kickstand will be lifted later but right now it is a big helping hand to steady your bike. Once you secured the front wheel using the method you have chosen, raise the kickstand and then secure the back.

When you use straps, it is said to use an X pattern for the best security. After you start driving, do a check of the bike after 10 miles of driving and then at every gas stop thereafter. You want to make sure the road vibrations, etc., have not loosened those straps or other security measures you used.

Motorcycle Chock For Toy Hauler Options

If you do not like to put screws on your toy hauler’s floor, then the E Z chock system may be right for you. This is a system that fits in the tracks on your toy hauler’s floor and walls, that is if you have those tracks.

The company also has some other accessories to help secure your bike. You can view their systems at this link and right now they are all still under $100 to purchase.

If you go to the Amazon marketplace, you will find a wide variety of motorcycle chocks that can be used inside a toy hauler. The unfortunate part is that almost all of them need t be screwed to the floor if you want the best security.

You can check out all the different designs and brands at this link. From what we can tell, it seems that most toy hauler owners buy these models but do not secure the chock to the floor.

As one owner said, and many others agreed with him, he only uses the chocks to keep the bike standing up straight while he uses the straps to secure his motorcycle. To do this he paid for a very expensive chock that was heavy and would not move.

Others agreed with him with one owner saying they do not want an immovable object in the middle of the floor of their toy hauler. That object does interfere with other activities when the motorcycle is not there.

Removable Motorcycle Wheel Chock For a Toy Hauler


There are these types of motorcycle wheel chocks available. Both e-trailer and Amazon list a few of them. You can just click on their names to see what brands and model designs they have available.

When you scan the long list of motorcycle chock options at Amazon and Trailer, you will notice one thing they all have in common. They all bolt to the floor of your trailer or toy hauler.

This is a problem for some owners and what they do is forget to bolt the wheel chock down and just use it freestyle. Nothing wrong with that and it works for them. They just have additional ties and straps to secure their bikes.

Drilling holes in the floor of a toy hauler is a bit of a risk as you never know what is under the location you want to place the bolts. The E Z Choick system we linked to above can easily be removed. Just release it from the track and put the chocks away until you need them again.

If you are skilled at working with your hands, you can always modify these chocks to fit your toy hauler design. One owner added a 48-inch steel bar to his chock making it easier for him to secure his bike.

You can take inspiration from his design and look at the description as well as the photos at this link. He modified a harbor Freight motorcycle chock to fit his needs.

Motorcycle Wheel Chock Condor

This is a top motorcycle wheel chock brand. They do not stop with the designs you find at Amazon or other RV outlets. They make some very tough, large motorcycle chocks that can hold the front wheel only or both wheels of your bike.

One model is made of aluminum, weighs 30 pounds, and can bolt to the floor of your toy hauler. That model retails for about $295 but that is not the most expensive one you can buy. The models that hold both tires can reach almost $700.

The Pit Stop model has an adjustable locking system to make sure the design will fit most bike sizes. It also comes with a rotating cradle to make placing the front wheel inside the chock much easier. You can also buy extensions from Condor when your big is a chopper design.

The longer motorcycle chock that holds both wheels is called a dolly and it is easy to use as well. The cost for this option is just over $600 but it is adjustable and should all all bike models. It also comes with small wheels so you can make placement adjustments if the situation demands it.

To view all of Condor bike chock models and their accessories, just click this link to go to their website. What makes the Condor motorcycle chocks even better is that they are all American-made.

Best Toy Hauler Motorcycle Tie-Down System

Best Toy Hauler Motorcycle Tie-Down System

There are some top brands that most toy owners will know about. The following are a few of those top brands.

1. Rhino- Highly recommended as the system comes with a variety of straps including a handy carrying or storage bag. The straps are rated for roughly 5000 break pounds so you know these straps will hold up.

The straps are combined with coated steel ratchets and Chromoly S hooks. The cost for this set up is roughly $60.

2. Bolt-it-on- this brand advertises that its modular design installs in about 5 minutes. It uses a combination of wheel chocks and straps including a 1 3/4 inch steel square tubing. Then heavy-duty threaded J hooks secure this system to the floor of your toy hauler.

This is a complex system that also utilizes D rings to secure your bike and this system to your trailer. The drawbacks to this system will be its weight, up to 55 pounds as well as its price.

3. Powertye Motorcycle Tie Down System- One of the more positive points of this system is that you can have a choice of colors. Then another positive point would be the ratchet-style design that secures your bike in place with a little muscle power.

Made from corrosion resistant, silver-zinc coated high strength steel this system should be strong enough to handle the weight of most motorcycles.

4. Otherya TIE Down Strap Ratchet- similar in design to the Rhino system, this ratchet strap tie-down option is strong enough to handle up to 4500 pounds.

The $30 purchase price includes the following items- 4 metal ratchet buckles with rubber grips, 4 heavy-duty hook straps, 4 soft loop straps plus,4 Velcro tape, and a portable drawstring bag giving you plenty of straps to work with.

According to the advertising for this product, you get a 100% money-back guarantee. We are just not sure if that is a limited or lifetime offer.

5. Vehiclex Ratchet Strap Motorcycle & Powersports Tie-Downs- like other top tie-down systems, this set of ratchet straps measures 1 1/2 inches wide by 8 feet in length. Those dimensions should give you enough room to secure your motorcycle.

If you do not like black, then you have 3 other colors to choose from. There is white and then highly visible orange and fluorescent green. Reinforced webbing helps it hold up to 4400 pounds and coated S hooks help protect your bike from scratches.

What Size Tie-Down For a Motorcycle?

Most review and descriptive websites do not always mention the length of the straps. The ones that did usually said the straps were 8 feet long giving you plenty of length to work with.

The average width that we came across measured 1 1/2 inches. This seems to be the best size for most tie-down straps. But the size is not always the most important factor. What is the most important factor would be their weight break point.

As you can see by the above descriptions, 5000 pounds is very good. It is doubtful that you will come across a bike that weighs in that range. The Goldwing can weigh around 800 pounds to give you a starting point for any weight comparison.

What is also important is the angle you lace the straps. Most experts have said that a 10 to 15% angle is the safety standard’s minimum. Most would prefer to see you place those straps at a 50 to 60 % angle for ultimate safety.

For lighter bikes up to 800 pounds, the experts claim that 2 straps with a break point strength of 1200 pounds would be sufficient. With most of the straps in the best tie-down list well above that recommendation, you do not have to worry about this fact.

How To Install a Toy Hauler Motorcycle Wheel Chock


The installation will depend on the design of the wheel chock. The E Z system we linked to above simply needs some tracking on the floor and wall of your toy hauler to install it. That installation may only need to have a push of a lever to get it inside the track.

All the other motorcycle chocks we have seen in our research can be free-standing if that is what you prefer. Most are heavy enough not to move when you put the motorcycle inside.

However, even the Condor models need to be bolted to the floor of your toy hauler for ultimate security. That takes using a drill and a socket to set the bolts in place.

Some toy haulers come with D rings installed in the floor and wall already so you may not have to use the bolts but secure the chocks to those D rings. Most owners only need the chocks to help hold the bikes vertically while they attach the straps.

Installation instructions should come with the chocks and different brands may have different methods to use to secure their product in place.

Buying a Motorcycle Wheel Chock For a Toy Hauler

This is not going to be a difficult task at all. Since motorcycles are one of the favored toys RV or toy hauler owners bring along, there are numerous brands that make this product, and even more outlets that sell them.

If you like Amazon, then you can find a myriad of ‘brands’ on that marketplace with some great motorcycle chock products. The cost is reasonable without shipping and that makes those vendors competitive with stores like Condor, Baxely LA, or other top brand names.

Which outlet you choose to go with will depend on how much you want to spend. Some owners go with the more expensive models because their weight means that it won’t matter if you bolt them down or not. One placed on the floor, they just won’t move till you move them.

Other factors to consider when buying motorcycle chocks will be their construction material. Some companies use aluminum while others go with steel. Pick the metal that you like the best and will be the strongest option.

Then ease of use will be another factor in your purchase. You really do not need a complicated to use chock as motorcycles can be quite heavy. They are hard to balance while getting the chock to work.

Then pick the bike chock that will fit the design of your toy hauler garage. Some of these garages are not very large and you need to make sure the product you buy will work in a small space.

How To Secure a Motorcycle on a Trailer Without a Wheel Chock?


The biggest discussion on this topic is about the front wheel. Some people say it is okay to just use straps if you are going a short distance. Those that oppose this method say that the front wheel can turn which can tip or move the bike causing some damage.

The latter group has support for their argument from those bumpy roads that have created that situation. This is your decision to make as each situation will be slightly different. The size of the bike will come into play as well.

If you are not going to use a wheel chock then you better have plenty of ratchet straps to secure the front wheel as well as the rest of the bike. The straps are the best method to use and you can find very strong straps to hold the bike in place.

You probably will use more straps than the two that were recommended by experts. However, the safest way to transport your motorcycle would be to use wheel chocks.

Some Additional Words

Finding good wheel chocks is not going to be hard to do. The key will be to find ones that are strong enough for your bike’s weight. The big question you will have to answer is if you want to bolt those products to your toy hauler floor.

The majority of owners who spoke up about this question said they did not want to do that and didn’t. Find some nice heavy-duty wheel chocks and follow their example. It may work for you.

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