Finding HyperVent Alternative Options (Mattress Underlay)

You may not have heard of Hypervent materials before but it is a type of vapor barrier that blocks condensation. This material prevents condensation from forming and in turn prevents mold and mildew from getting on your sheets, bedspread, or mattress.

Hypervent is a barrier that creates airflow between your mattress and frame. Once Installed it should not lose its shape and it is made from a washable polymer material. Its cost is kind of high, roughly $12 per linear foot, and it can only be ordered via phone

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so that you have all the information you need to decide if this is perfect for your camping situation. It is not the only moisture barrier option on the market today.

What is HyperVent Made Of?


This product is made from a material consisting of different polymers. A polymer is a natural or synthetic structure called a macromolecule or very large molecules. They are put together in a repeating manner to create the form the company wants to sell.

Also, this material comes in a roll making it very easy to cut to size and it is not harmed when you wash it. It seems to have enough strength that its air pockets do not get crushed when you lie on or put weight on it. This helps the air flow freely keeping your mattress dry and free from moisture.

This product is supposed to go between your bed and frame so that your mattress is protected from any condensation that may form when any hot or cold air meets inside your RV or trailer.

Also, this is a very lightweight material that won’t upset the delicate weight balance you have in your RV or trailer. Probably its biggest asset is that you can cut it to size and cut down on buying more than you need.

HyperVent Alternative

There seem to be many alternatives available once you start researching this topic. Some of those alternatives will follow with a brief description of the product.

1. Den Dry- this has been marketed as the only other mold-resistant option to Hypervent. It is made from recycled material but it can be fairly expensive to buy especially if you need a lot of it. This product does not crush down either and helps with air flow.

2. Mortairvent- this is also made from a polymer-type material and it works like the other two products on this list. Its open design provides moisture a good escape route while the airflow helps the fabric to dry quicker.

It is unavailable at Amazon right now and you may have to search for it through a search engine to see if the company is still in business or not.

There are other names for alternatives to Hypervent. Those names are Dry Dek, Hypermesh, and Dry Mesh but so far any searches have not produced any information or websites for those alternative products.

There may be more on the market but not famous enough to get written about. Some people have said these alternatives are not available in America so that could be another reason why no one writes about them.

Marine HyperVent


When you own a boat and like to sleep onboard, moisture or condensation can be a big problem. Without any material lifting your mattress, your fabric could get damaged, get mold or mildew, and then you would be in a bind.

Also, condensation is a big problem for boating equipment and furniture. Making sure to cut down on the condensation is one way to protect your mattress and other boating items.

For the mattress, hypervent material will lift it off the frame about 3/4 of an inch providing the needed space for the air to flow freely underneath the mattress and over the frame. This design makes sure the condensation dried faster protecting the mattress, the frame, and so on.

The marine version seems to be made of the same polymers that the RV version is made from. Its anti-crush design makes it ideal for use in boats. To tell if you got the right product, try to put some weight on the material before you buy.

If it crushes down, then it is not true Hypervent materials. Once you make the test, then buy the product. Right now it may be selling for between $10 and $12 per linear foot.

HyperVent Mattress Underlay

That is what this product is. It is an underlay material that goes between your mattress and frame. This material is easy to install and you just need to lift your mattress up before laying the Hypervent material down on top of the frame.

This is a good product when your bed frame is made of solid wood like most RV bed frames are. Your mattress is being given an almost 1-inch lift so that the air flow gets underneath and dries the area.

You should not feel any difference when you lay on your mattress with this material underneath. Think of it as a little extra height that helps you get out of bed easier without having to bend your knees too far.

To get it to fit, use scissors or a knife to finish cutting it to size and then lay the loop side down. Once installed it should reduce moisture damage as well as prevent mold from growing on the underside of your mattress.

HyperVent Condensation Prevention Matting


Many owners have sued this material with some great success. They have not complained about it and have not said that it does not work. So far, they all agree that it does prevent condensation and keeps that excess moisture from ruining your mattress and bed frame.

It is the 95% open design that helps fight condensation. This design makes sure that the warm air flows easily enhancing your sleeping experience. The warm air helps keep your bed from getting cold underneath and stops the condensation from forming.

The improved air circulation also helps evaporation to take place faster and without leaving any moisture behind. Besides your mattress or bunks, you can use this material as a galley liner, or a cupboard liner. Those areas tend to get a lot of condensation as well.

You can protect your RV or trailer in different spots and keep the material out of sight. Wherever you think condensation and excess moisture will be, you can use this product.

HyperVent Air Flow Moisture Barrier

It is hard to think of this as a barrier. Usually, those items are solid pieces of fabric or wood, etc., and they let nothing through. This polymer material is designed differently and it does not really act as a barrier.

It's 95% open design actually lets air through and under your bed, etc., allowing it to dry condensation and excess moisture. It does not act as a barrier in the traditional definition of that term.

Instead, it acts like a conduit letting moisture drip away while evaporating at the same time. Then it allows air flow to get under your mattress and dry it out before mold or mildew can form.

Barrier Is not the best term to use unless it actually blocks condensation from getting underneath your mattress.

How To Order HyperVent


This material seems to be an exclusive to the manufacturing company only. The only way you can order it is by phone, per their website’s landing page. This product seems to be made and sold by a company called Mac’s Upholstery which is based in Seattle, WA. They do not ship to Canada. However, we have seen this product being sold by a few different companies with one being Foam Zone based in Victoria BC, Canada.

We have also found it on sale at Fishery Supplies, also based in Seattle, WA. Another outlet that carries this product is Go Rest and it may be an online outlet only as we did not find any traditional address for the company on its website.

Whether or not these other outlets are selling genuine Hypervent materials remains to be seen. The images all look the same and the dimensions are the same. What isn’t the same as the Mac’s outlet is the price.

It’s a little more expensive to buy from those alternative companies than the real source. You would have to contact them and see what the story is. Visit their website. You can also check Mattress Insider website. (Mattress Insider provided a few images for this post)

Some Final Words

If there is a good way to stop mold and mildew from forming on your mattress, this may be it. This padding allows the air to flow underneath your bedding to make sure it does not get too much moisture on it.

This underlay should help you sleep better as you get warm air almost all around you and the mattress. Plus, it eases your mind knowing you have some mold and mildew protection. This product may be worth the price.

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