17 RV Adjustable Bed Options (DIY, Air, Zero Clearance, More)

Many RV owners have installed adjustable beds in their traditional homes. They find that the regular RV beds are not as comfortable as those ‘back home’ adjustable beds. Once they make that realization, they look for an adjustable bed for their RV.

One of the problems with making a DIY adjustable bed is that the construction is a long process. Plus, finding plans for one is not easy as these are just one and done models made to fit one couple. It may be best to get a professionally made adjustable bed to get the angles just right.

To learn about this product and how it can work for you, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic to bring you as many options as possible so you can see that you are not stuck with the standard RV bed.

Can You Put An Adjustable Bed in an RV?


Yes, it is possible, and there are manufacturers that make adjustable beds for RVs. The biggest issue with making this transition is that the new bed model must fit the space you have available… vertically.

The horizontal measurements are not a problem because the adjustable beds are made in a variety of sizes, widths, and lengths. It is the raised height you have to be most concerned about.

What is good about moving to an adjustable bed is that you can have two halves that lift independently from each other. This design allows you to sleep at an angle that is comfortable for you without impeding your partners’ sleeping height.

Also, if you are too tall for regular bed lengths, the adjustable beds can be made to extend past the frame underneath without losing any support. That means you can sleep without curling up and have a good night’s rest.

There is a variety of customization that can be done, but you would have to talk to the different companies that make these beds to see what can be done for your RV or trailer.

These companies can even make them to fit smaller Airstream trailers which should please some owners of this brand.

Adjustable Bed Base For RV

There are two options for the most part when it comes to the adjustable bed base. The first option is the platform bed, and they are designed to sit right on top of your platform base in your RV.

They come with a sleeker look over the second option, the zero clearance adjustable bed base. The only real difference between these two styles is the zero clearance comes with legs. These legs are removable if you want to use the existing platform or build a platform in your RV.

The bed bases come in a variety of sizes to fit your bed space in your trailer and RV. These bed bases are made to fit any RV sleeping space. You should not have any trouble finding a good base, whether it be a platform or zero clearance style.

One of the things to watch out for is the ability to customize. If your current RV bed comes with a headboard, you may want to consider removing the headboard. This would provide up to 5 more inches of space.

That extra space should allow you to move up in size and get a bigger sleeping area. Maximizing your sleeping area will help you plan which adjustable bed option you should buy.

Adjustable Beds That Will Fit in an RV

This section will cover two topics. The first topic will be the available adjustable bed sizes that will fit in RVs and trailers. Obviously, some Class B and mini trailers will not really have the space to fit these beds.

The second topic will be the different brands of adjustable beds that are on the market today. Some of these brands may make their adjustable beds for the traditional home, but they may also work in an RV, etc., if there is enough space.

1. RV adjustable bed sizes

These are the most common frame sizes you will find in RVs:

- Three-quarter size: 48”x 75”

- RV FULL: 53” X 75”

- Short Queen: 60”x 74”

- RV queen: 60”x 80”

- Olympic Queen 66” x 80”

- RV king: 72” x 75”

- Rv twin 38”x 75”

- Rv Twin 38”x 80”

- Rv king: 72”x 80”

The adjustable bed sizes that are available for RVs right now:

- Queen: 60”x 80”

- Twin:38”x 75”

- Twin xl: 38”x 80”

- Full: 53”x 75”

For the other sizes, you may have to customize or build your own, the latter of which we will get to later in the article.

2. The adjustable bed brands

Since there are only two real adjustable bed designs, each brand will make one or both with some little twists in features to match or get ahead of the competition.

- Ascension- Ultra & Luxe adjustable power beds

- Blissful Nights- with remote

- Clara Clark- zero tolerance, with USB ports & LED lights

- Spinal Solution- massageable, USB ports

- Alwyn Home- wired or wireless remote

- Beauty Rest- basic luxury adjustable bed

- Scott living- Zero Tolerance, wireless remote

- Serta- motion perfect

- Glideaway- app controls and wall hugger style

- Kingship platform- massage equipped

- Ritz Clarity II- Twin, Twin XL, Full, or Queen adjustable bed, programmable options

- Saatva adjustable beds- can raise both head and feet

- Amerisleep- good for minimizing snoring & sleep apnea

- Puffy- lifetime warranty and easy set up

- RV Décor- Custom Bed Tilt Sleep System

- Axel Bloom- Doppelflex MX2, Quattroflex MX2 Adjustable Bed, & Uberflex models

Axel Bloom, Adjustable Bed For RV


This company sells three models, which you can see immediately above. The Uberflex model comes in three variations, with the third option, MX4, twice as much as the MX2 model.

All of their adjustable beds are designed to help with various health issues you or your partner may be experiencing. Plus, they all enhance your reading, writing, and t.v. watching hobbies.

In addition to that, these models will have between 4 and 8 motors on them, depending on which one you will buy. The company calls its models the only true flat adjustable beds.

Built to a thickness between 4 and 5 inches, these beds can be dropped on a platform without taking up too much vertical space. The adjustable frame sits on the wood base and does not hinder the integrated motors’ operations.

This link will take you to an Axel Bloom web page that shows how a couple installed one of the Axel Bloom adjustable beds in their smaller airstream trailer.

There are a lot of photos to see each step of the installation as well as a photo of how they were able to maintain the lift in the wood base to access the storage space under the mattress. Detailed information is also included in that photo essay.

Sleep Number Adjustable Bed For RV

There may be an adjustable bed for your RV that is made by this company, but it is not listed on their website. The company does make adjustable beds for traditional homes, and they may be able to be placed in your RV with some customization.

The adjustment level is not very good even though the company says your head position has unlimited positions. There was one outlet that listed 7 Sleep Number beds for RVs, but that website also said all seven were unavailable at this time.

Camping World advertises the R5 & the R3 adjustable mattresses for RVs. However, those adjustments are only for firmness and not for height. You may have to contact the company to see what they are doing in this category for RV beds.

The Flex 1, 2 & 3 smart base beds advertised by Sleep Number do have some adjustments to them, but again, you would have to have a large RV to fit them inside. They are not for medium and small-sized RVs and trailers.

You can look at these three bed options at this link and make your own judgment.

Zero Clearance Adjustable Bed For RV

The meaning and application of these zero-clearance beds can be confusing. They come with removable legs so that they act more like a platform bed but provide no clearance underneath.

You can keep the legs on if you do not want to use a platform and get the height you desire. We just do not see the purpose of these legs if these zero-clearance beds sit on top of a platform like a platform bed.

Rize, Kingship, and Glideaway have a few zero-clearance beds in different sizes and styles. As does Ascension, and they all have their little extra features that make them unique.

If you are going to buy one of these zero clearance or platform beds, make sure you measure accurately. In some cases, some beds are customized to fit your bed area exactly, and they cannot be returned if they do not fit.

There is at least one company that mentions this fact, and you should check with the different brands about returns if there is a problem. The next biggest issue is that when you buy and install a zero-clearance bed, you need to make sure you have enough space vertically.

Measure up from your current RV platform bed to see if you have enough space to lift the different sections up.

Montauk RV Queen Adjustable Bed System


There is bad news for this style of RV adjustable bed. Montauk is not a brand name, nor is it a manufacturing company that makes adjustable beds for RVs. It is a collection that is named after one of Long Island’s last areas to be developed.

According to Grain Wood Furniture.com that makes this collection this is where the name came from-

The Montauk Collection is inspired by one of the best surf towns in America. Once the last undeveloped segment of Long Island's East End, the hamlet was characterized by wide-open beaches and a scruffy, laid-back atmosphere in small restaurants and beachfront motels. These relaxed and rustic vibes are reflected in the casual, coastal-cottage style of the Montauk Collection.”

We even found this name used by the company called One Allium Way, but neither company made an adjustable bed for an RV. These are all traditional beds in these collections.

You may see your results page bring up Lowes and Jeromes, and they were selling this collection of traditional home and non-adjustable beds. But they may have sold out or discontinued the collection.

Nothing is found on either website. The only other mention of this name was on the Wayfair website, which said underneath the images, by Wood Grain Furniture or by One Allium Way.

Adjustable RV Bunk Beds

This may be a DIY project if you are interested in creating something unique for your children or grandchildren. No brand that advertises the Rv adjustable beds makes or advertises that they sell adjustable RV bunk beds.

One good reason why this is so is that there is little vertical room to work with. If you can manage it in your RV or trailer, you may be able to adapt some of the upcoming DIY options to fit bunk beds. Or you can create your own design.

Another reason why no one builds this design is that it is not a practical application for either bunk beds or adjustable mechanisms. There may be some RV owners that have children, but not all will, and some RV owners may have grandchildren, but they do not travel with them that much.

The demand and the need are not there to make this style of bunk bed.

Cost Of a Queen-Size Adjustable Bed For RV

The cost will vary between brands and manufacturers. The z4 Zero Clearance model normally sells for only $729 but is on sale at one outlet for only $709. RV Decor is a custom shop that builds the Innovative Bed Tilt Sleep Systems.

They handle a lot of custom work, including adjustable beds for a fraction of the cost of other adjustable bed makers. You would have to contact them for a clear quote.

Then the Ascension models are selling between $524 and $1101, those are the sale prices. Add about $200 to $300 to get their regular price. Axel Bloom models are selling between $829 and $3600 approx.

Then if you shop through the Wayfair website, you will find prices there between $600 and $1200+. The price will be determined by the model and the different features, including the size of the adjustable bed.

Finally, the Saatvia option is selling for #1245 when not on sale. The current sale price is $1045. The Amerisleep version is on sale for $1299, down from its regular price of $1799. And then the Puffy starts at $1099 on sale and goes to $1399 when not on sale.

Installing an Adjustable Bed in an RV


Axel Bloom has a 12-page installation guide to help you install your new adjustable bed yourselves. You can find the guide at this link, and this guide is not only full of instructions, but it also has images and diagrams for you to follow.

Each brand and model for adjustable beds for your RV should come with their own set of instructions. Just follow those instructions, and you should be able to install the bed in a short time.

There are videos on YouTube showing you how to install these beds, but they cut a lot of the process out. The most important step is the beginning, where you measure your available room.

The next most important step is ordering the right size of the bed. In some cases, you may not need to use any tools. The video we linked to here did not name the brand of an adjustable bed.

One thing about that video installation. If you watch it to the end, you will see that they had to sacrifice some drawers to get the bed to fit. This is a decision you will have to make. Do you want to lose the use of those drawers and keep them in place or remove them for maximum space?

DIY Adjustable Bed Frame For RV

We only found one website that shows how to make a DIY adjustable bed for your RV. Unfortunately, the instructions are very long, and we can only link to them so you can read all the instructions.

There are some basic steps you need to take, and you may know them already. The first step will be to decide how big the bed should be. Then you will need to measure the space you want to put it in and see if there is enough room.

After that, you will need to decide what materials you will need and in what quantity you will need them. If you have a plan already, the plan should give you that information.

Once you have bought the materials, gather the tools that you will need and get ready to start building. One of the important decisions you need to make is whether you want it to be a powered adjustable bed or a manually operated one.

The only difference will be is that the manual takes a little more effort, but the mechanics won’t break on you. Once you are set, just follow the instructions on that website.

It will take some time to do so go at a slow but not too slow of a pace. The reason you may not see a lot of adjustable beds in RVs is that the factory-made ones are usually on a pedestal, and there is something under the bed that needs to be accessed.

The adjustable frames may make accessing the underneath portion very difficult without removing the bed. Even the zero-clearance beds add a few inches to the height, and that may be enough to make these beds impractical.

RVs With Adjustable Bed

It is doubtful that you will find any RV maker who puts an adjustable bed inside their RV models. Our search turned up zero brands advertising an adjustable bed.

One reason for this is that RV makers take the easiest and cheapest option when building their RVs and trailers. Adjustable beds may be easy to install, but they are not cheap.

Plus, most of the ones that we saw were made with a metal frame which would increase the dry weight of the RV significantly and cut out room for needed supplies.

We looked at a top best RV mattress, and an adjustable one was not on the list. While these challenges may stop RV makers, they do not have to stop you. There are plenty of companies that make adjustable beds for RVs, and you can find the one that will work with your design situation.

The biggest problem you will have will be securing the bed if you do not use the current platform. There are components under the floor that will be at risk of being damaged if you try that route.

You would have to know where everything is before you start hammering or drilling into the floor. This is a good concept, but even doing it yourself may not be the best option you have.

Some Additional Words

Being comfortable in your RV may mean making some custom adaptions to the factory design. Part of being comfortable means placing an adjustable bed in your RV just like the one you have back home.

While there are good designs and great professionally made adjustable beds, they may not fit your available space very well. Do some measuring and some shopping around to make sure you can get the adjustable to fit and still be as comfortable as back home. It is an interesting project, to say the least.

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