Good Sam Mail Service Reviews: Does It Forward Medications?

When you look at the Good Sam Mail Service website, you will see a list of features you get once you sign up for one of the membership plans. Once signed up, your mail is in as good hands as if the USPS was handling it.

According to the company’s website, there are no mail restrictions once you sign up with Good Sam’s mail service. The website says- No limits on mail, no fees for incoming packages, and no storage fees and there is no mention of restricting the forwarding of medications.

To learn more about this service and topic, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have the best information possible. This may be a good option for many RVers if they are already a Good Sam member.

The Good Sam Club Mail Forwarding Service


It is hard to know where to begin as this mail service seems to rival, if not surpass, the service you can get from the USPS. The following features are what you get when you sign up for the $24.90 Premium membership:

- State-of-the-art account management tools

- View the exterior of envelopes, packages, and magazines

- 20 FREE envelope content scans per month, no page limit **

- Initiate check deposits ($4.95)

- Physical street address in Florida, valid for Florida residency (if you want to become a resident)

- Share your mailbox with the whole family

- Shred and recycle unwanted mail

- Turn your account off and on as needed

- Automatically refill postage balance as needed

- Android and iOS Applications

- Ship your mail on your time, just when you need it, or on a custom schedule *

- Change your forwarding address as often as you need

- No limits on mail, no fees for incoming packages, and no storage fees

- Automatic email summaries for new mail received each day

- Automatic email alerts for jury summons, court summons, or certified mail

- Automatic email notifications for outgoing shipments with tracking information

- Review mail by phone with a live person (source)

If you are a Good Sam member already then you get a 10% discount on the $24.90 monthly membership fee. That is what you need to keep in mind when you are exploring your mail forwarding options. This is not a one-time fee but a monthly one.

You can also review your mail with a live person to make sure you do not lose any important packages like medications.

Good Sam Mail Service Reviews

Good Sa- Mail-Service-Reviews

The majority of reviews we have come across have all been very positive and good. Some members have been using this service for 10 years and have not had any problems and are well satisfied with the expense as well as the service they get.

Another reviewer stated that the employees were nice, friendly, and very efficient. They were also very pleased with the service they received from this mail forwarding service.

One person that tried it only gave it a one-star review as she had trouble with the commercial address attached to the company. It seems she had trouble getting notifications from her bank as well as election offices and was very unhappy.

The company addressed her concerns and explained everything to her but it looks like she did not continue with her membership. She was the only bad review we have been able to come across at this time.

There are many articles written and published on the internet titled the best mail forwarding Services for RV owners. Good Sam has made them all and often is one of the top of all the mail services reviewed.

The company is doing something right to gain this top reputation. Most of those articles did what we did and highlighted the membership features but they did not say anything negative about the company.

While some of these articles are older, some mention 3 membership plans when there are only 2 now, they all seem to be consistent in reporting how well the company treats your mail.

Does Good Sam Mail Service Forward Medications?


This is a very important question as a majority of RV owners are older and need to get their medication on time. According to the company’s website, the answer to this question is not given in a direct manner.

There is no mention of any restriction concerning forwarding medications. There is also no direct mention that the company will send them on to you.

What the company’s shipping image states is that they will put all mail and packages into one shipping package to cut your costs. Then they will use FedEx, DHL, or USPS to forward your mail to you.

According to their mail image, and this information like the previous information is under the How It Works navigational link, all your mail is forwarded to you upon your request.

In exploring the website, reading the FAQs and other web pages, there is no exclusion in this service for your medications. In all the reviews we have read, including the best mail-forwarding articles, there is no mention that Good Sam will not forward your medication.

If you still have questions about this topic, we advise that you contact the company directly and ask them about their procedures.

Membership Plans


As we mentioned earlier, some older articles or less definitive ones mention that there are at least 3 membership plans. That may have been so at one time but according to the Good Sam website, there are only two.

There is the premium membership which is open to just about any RV owner. It costs $24.90 per month or $249.00 per year without a Good Sam membership. With a Good Sam membership, you can save about 10% off both prices.

The business membership is the more expensive of the two and that is because you get more services included with this plan. The monthly cost for this option is $39.95 per month and 399.50 per year. There do not seem to be any discounts offered with this membership plan.

One of the best features of the business plan is that you can send and receive faxes. There are other good features included in the business plan that may be more beneficial for you than the premium option.

You would have to do some investigating to see which plan is best for you. The convenience may be worth the expense and you may never lose your mail again using this service.

Good Sam Mail Competition


Just like any other aspect of the RV industry, even Good Sam’s mail forwarding service has competition. One thing to note is that Good Sam's is not the first of these companies to help RV owners with their mail.

1. Escapees RV Club

One of the oldest RV clubs in America. It is also the home of the oldest and largest mail forwarding service in the country. Starting in 1985 this service has been helping RV owners get their mail in 3 states. Those states are Texas, Florida, and South Dakota.

The fees for the 3 membership levels are $95 for Category Am $115 for Category B and $135 for Category C. All of the categories will vary in service but they all are supposed to forward all mail without exception.

2. USA2Me

Is a smaller family-owned operation. It has been in business since 2004 and they offer 4 membership packages- basic, standard, premium, and ultimate. There are a lot of additional fees added to your membership payment so read through their menu of features to see the additional costs.

3. Traveling Mailbox

You will get basic service from this competitor to the Good Sam Mail Forwarding service. This company only offers 3 limited service memberships, with the basic as low as $15 per month.

The company will forward packages for you, but go through their features to see if this is a service you like over the others.

4. Dakota Post

This seems to be one of the smaller of all the competitors out there. The company is based in South Dakota but they do not seem to offer a lot of services in any of their membership plans.

The company will use UPS, DHL, and Fed Ex to forward your mail to you. Like the rest on this list, there is no mention of not forwarding any medications with this company.

Make sure to ask that question when you contact any one of these mail-forwarding companies.

Some Additional Words

Mail forwarding services seem to be the way to go when you are on the road a lot. It is a great way to continue to receive important documents, letters, or even medication. Just make sure you learn how to use their system so you do not accidentally destroy something you need.

So far, Good Sam seems to be the best at the best price but that is for you to decide.

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