Blackstone Regulator Reset (Fixing Regulator Problems)

It may not be the propane. Sometimes when you do not get the right flame level, you think you are out of propane. However, not all flame issues start with propane. Sometimes the sources can be found in the regulator. You do not always have to replace the regulator to fix those problems.

When you have heat or flame issues on your Blackstone griddle, look to the regulator first. These little devices can cause propane to slow down so that little fuel reaches the grill. A quick reset may solve your problem.

To learn how to reset your Blackstone regulator, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can solve these simple problems without wasting food and canceling your party.

How To Reset a Blackstone Regulator


This is not going to be a difficult task to do. That is if you follow the upcoming instructions. It is just a matter of time and patience. Here are the few steps you have to follow:

1. Turn off the gas at the tank and all the burners of your Blackstone griddle.

2. Now, open the lid of your grill.

3. Detach the hose from the gas tank. A light hissing sound will appear.

4. Now, wait for at least half a minute to let the regulator reset.

5. Now, carefully attach the hose to the gas tank and tighten it slowly.

6. Gradually open the valve, turning half at a time. Make sure that the gas does not gush at once; otherwise, it will shuffle the safe mode from the start.

7. Follow the instructional booklet from the company to light the burners one at a time.  

That is all there is to this process. Just take your time and be patient. Trying to do this fast may end up in a reset failure.

Blackstone Regulator Reset

One of the things you have to be careful about in this process is the propane fuel. Since propane is highly flammable, you have to follow specific safety protocols to ensure that you do not ignite the gas and start a fire.

There are three specific times when you should do this reset function:

1. There seems to be no gas on the burner, and it will not light with an igniter or match.

2. Your Blackstone griddle is not getting hot enough

3. Inconsistent flame pattern (same source above)

These situations are not that difficult to spot. Your food won’t be cooked very well. Also, you can judge by the type of flame you have under the grill.

Some Blackstone Grill Tips


1. If you are not familiar with fixing gas issues, then get someone who is to help you

2. If you do not like working around gas or fixing gas issues, then get someone who is okay with these situations to help you

3. Good maintenance will ensure your Blackstone grill lasts a very long time

4. Always clean the grill once it has cooled down. Clean thoroughly using a scraper or metal spatula. Also, watch the little spots where food particles fall into. Make sure you clean those out as well.

5. Rinse the grill with water, but only pat it dry with paper towels

6. Make sure to regularly oil the grill to prevent rust and help it last a long time

Common Blackstone Regulator Problems

There are different problems that your Blackstone grill may suffer from. These issues should be fairly easy to fix without calling in extra help.

1. The regulator has gone bad- the sign for this is that you will hear the gas flowing all the time. This is dangerous as a fire could start. The fix for this is to replace the regulator.

2. Regulators get old- you should replace your regulator once every ten years. This device does wear out, and when it does, you will experience grill and gas issues.

3. A yellow or orange flame- there is an obstruction in the hose or control valves. Clear the obstructions, and you should be okay.

4. Frozenhose- this happens when there is a lot of humidity in the area. Other sources include an over-filled propane tank, and the tank is not sitting upright.

When it freezes, replace the hose and see if that solves the problem.

5. No gas to the grill- there could be a leak in the hose or regulator. Track down the leak and make the necessary repairs.

When it comes to replacing the regulator when it is old or defective, your budget may take a hit. The average cost for a new one at this time is between $250 and $500.

The price will depend on the make and model of your Blackstone grill.

Blackstone Grill Has a Low Flame


This can happen a lot, and it may happen if the regulator is defective or too old. If it is the regulator, you can follow the rest procedure mentioned above, or you can replace it. If it is old, you should start thinking about replacing it.

One way to solve this problem is by relieving the regulator of the pressure and letting it reset. Another way to solve this problem is to look for any obstructions in the hose or at the propane tank.

Clear those obstructions, and you should be fine. If everything is fine at those locations, check the amount of propane you have in your tank. Little to no gas will produce this low flame until the propane runs out.

Then if you have propane, the other locations are okay, and you are still having a problem with a low flame, check for a leak in the system. A lack of gas will be the cause of the low flame, and a leak will create that situation.

Replacing a leaky hose is cheaper and easier than replacing a faulty regulator.

Blackstone Grill Won't Stay Lit

Here are four reasons why your Blackstone may not stay lit:

1. The Piezo Ignitor Valve- this is what starts your Blackstone grill, and it is fairly fragile in one sense. It may not break, but it can be moved. This movement can happen during shipping or traveling in your RV.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this problem. You may need to return it to the company if it is still under warranty or ask a technician to handle it. But check the following possibilities first before doing that step.

2. Loose wiring- like the piezo ignitor valve above, the wires inside the grill can be knocked loose. This will happen during shipping or, as we said, traveling in your RV. If you use a lot of bumpy roads, that is a strong possibility for loose wires.

The thing to do when your grill is not lighting or staying lit is to look for loose wires and tighten them up if you can. If you can’t, then you may have to send it to the company for repair.

3. Battery issues- it seems that this company uses batteries to help its grills work. If you turn the other grill on and do not hear the click, click, click, then you have a battery problem.

Check the batteries' positioning and make sure they are secure and in the right place, or replace any that have lost power.

4. No propane- is always a source for this problem. Check your propane tanks before you get started preparing to grill. Fill the tank so you can have a great barbecue.

The Blackstone Grill is Not Getting Very Hot


Anyone of the above common problems will produce this result. If you have no propane, then there is no chance the grill will heat up. If the igniter valve is damaged and too far away from the burner, then you won’t light any gas.

Also, if there is an obstruction or a faulty regulator, then not enough gas will arrive at the grill to make it hot. One element not mentioned previously is the weather.

While these grills work under every weather condition, when it is extremely cold out, the grill takes a long time to heat up. You have to be patient and wait for the grill to overcome this weather challenge.

In addition, the cold weather will use more fuel, so make sure you have a backup propane tank handy to replace the one that runs out of fuel.

Some Additional Words

It is possible to reset the Blackstone grill regulator. Just follow the steps provided above, and you should do fine. Repeat if the first time does not work. If it does not work after a second time, look for one of the common problems that may affect your grilling time.

Sending the grill to the company for repairs would be the last resort if all else fails. To avoid embarrassment, make sure to check the level of propane in the tank and double-check to see if you turned the valve on at the tank.

These simple errors can interfere with your barbecuing plans.

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