Is Super Tech RV Antifreeze Good? (Supertech Reviews)

To some antifreeze is antifreeze. Just as long as it works, the average RV owner is happy. Some prefer the Walmart Super Tech because it is cheaper and comes in a 2.5-gallon jug. To them, that is the perfect buying scenario as they want to save money while having a product that works.

It seems to be good as the majority of RV and trailer owners seem to use it without complaint. This antifreeze product may not be the best but for those RV owners, they are very satisfied with the results they get.

To learn more about this product and how good it is, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if you want to switch to this antifreeze brand or not.

Is All RV Antifreeze The Same?


They come in different colors but they always seem to offer the same protection. Most RV antifreeze products will protect your pipes down to about -50 degrees F.

Plus, RV antifreeze is non-toxic as it is designed to go into your fresh water pipes to keep them from being ruined by the cold. One difference will be the colors and those colors may indicate that their brand is a bit different from the others.

Those differences are minor as one brand may be a concentrate and need dilution while their competitors are not and do not. Or they may carry a bad smell or leave a little residue behind while other brands do not.

One good thing about the pink-colored antifreeze is that its color will help you find any leaks in your water system. Other colors may not be so bright. The only other difference would be in the ingredients.

Some brands use ethanol or propylene glycol while others may use both as Super Tech does. Ethanol will leave a bad taste in your water until it is completely flushed out of your RV’s system.

What is The Difference Between RV Antifreeze And Marine Antifreeze?

Chemically, these two products are the same. That is why you often see them advertised, and written on the labels, as RV & marine antifreeze. There is no chemical compound difference between the two products.

You may get some color difference but that is the same as RV antifreeze. Plus, the makers of marine antifreeze will use the same two main ingredients mentioned in the previous section-- ethanol or propylene glycol.

Both are non-toxic products so it is safe to use around kids and animals. The key is when you de-winterize, you should not dump the antifreeze on the ground or in the water. Dispose of it properly even though it is non-toxic.

If you want a difference between antifreeze products, then you need to look at auto antifreeze. It is the toxic version of this formula because it is not used in drinking water plumbing systems.

Basically, there is no difference between RV antifreeze and the marine version. You can buy one product where it is on sale, use it in boats and RVs and save money.

Many owners are very happy with the savings they get with Super Tech and any money saved is a good thing.

Is Super Tech RV Antifreeze Good?


You may not find Super tech on any top 10 best lists that dot the internet these days. But you won’t find any real negative reviews about the product either. By real negative reviews we mean those that say the product is worthless, junk, and does not do its job.

The reviews all seem to be middle of the road making it no better and no worse than any other RV antifreeze products you can buy. All the owners that we saw and read on this topic, said they buy it and have been quite satisfied with their results.

They did not experience any pipes freezing, broken valves or connectors, and so on. They were able to de-winterize and use their RVs right after winter was over. One reviewer said that out of 42 reviews the product averaged a 4.5-star rating.

That tells you it is a good product to use even though it comes from Walmart. Just so you know, you may find some manipulation going on at Walmart.

It has been said that they will price better more famous brands higher than their Super Tech to help generate sales for their store brand. If you save some money, that is a good thing as most RV antifreeze is the same and is often made by the same companies.

They just put different brand labels on the product.

Super Tech RV Antifreeze Reviews

The reviews are moderate to good. Some people have no real opinion simply because to them RV antifreeze is RV antifreeze. They may be correct about that as some of the brands that sell this product have their antifreeze made by the same company.

The company that makes Super Tech makes products for about 8 different brands, not all antifreeze but you get the meaning here. And as we said every RV owner who uses this product has been satisfied with their results.

They are not complaining like they do with other products. It does its job according to them and those that use a different brand either do not like Walmart, or there is not a Walmart close to them, and other reasons.

No one has pointed to any real problem they have experienced and claimed that it is Super Tech’s fault for ruining their plumbing system. In fact, they have not run into real problems when using this product.

As you saw by the star rating system in one poll, this product gets high marks. Just because it does not make the top ten best lists for RV antifreeze, does not mean it is a bad product.

It just means that the reviewer prefers certain brands over other brands. There is a lot of competition in the RV market including antifreeze which makes it impossible to include everyone in their reviews.

Who Makes Super Tech Antifreeze?


Super Tech RV antifreeze is made by the Warren Oil Company. This company has 6 manufacturing plants throughout America but is located in 5 states. Those states are Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, Alabama, and North Carolina.

The company’s business plan includes making top-quality products in a timely manner. They seem to have done this for over 40 years now as the company was founded in 1976.

The company was sold to trail creek Investments in 2016 but their business plan remains the same. While its product is made in America, the company exports its products to 20 additional countries.

Some of the brands that they sell their different lubricating products are-- Warren, Lubriguard, Autoguard, Itasca, Coastal, LubriGold, & Saxon. You may see these brands at Walmart and other big box stores.

Those are the outlets that seem to be the biggest customers of this oil company. Besides antifreeze, the company makes different types of lubricants as well. What makes their products cheaper than other brands is their large buying power.

They can get raw materials in larger quantities which drives the finished products’ price down. Plus, their brands may not be as famous as other brands which influences the prices of different products all the time.

Are Super Tech RV And Marine Antifreeze Non-Toxic?

Yes, and there is a good reason for this design. RV and marine antifreeze is not used in engines per se. It can be but usually, for engines, they get the toxic version.

The reason for that is that no one drinks the water coming from those engines. In the case of RVs and some marine plumbing, people do drink from the water systems, and having toxic antifreeze in those pipes could cause a lot of harm to humans and pets.

All RV antifreeze is to be non-toxic for this purpose. This does not make it safe to dump on the ground when you de-winterize though. It can kill grass and other plant life nearby.

The best way to dispose of this product is at an RV dump station when you have flushed your plumbing thoroughly into the gray tank. You also do not need to put antifreeze in your holding tanks.

Those tanks are large enough and should not suffer from ice expansion when the water freezes. Nor do you need to put it in your water heater. Just open the bypass valve so the antifreeze stays in the pipes. This will cut down on the amount of RV antifreeze you will need to buy.

Super Tech RV Antifreeze Ingredients


Ethanol is the largest ingredient as it is 13% by weight. Methanol, Glycerin, and Propylene Glycol are next with 2% by weight each. Then there are a couple of smaller ingredients. One is called additives and it is .001% by weight and Ethylene Glycol Butyl Ether which is 1% by weight.

This information comes from this link and it is a 4-page document outlining the hazardous materials and their side effects. Right under the chart is the list of what can happen if you ingest this product or let it come in contact with your skin.

INGESTION: No significant adverse effects are expected under conditions of normal use. Repeated, prolonged

exposure may cause slight flaking, tenderness, and softening of the skin.

INHALATION: No significant adverse effects are expected under anticipated conditions of normal use. If effects do

occur, refer to the First Aid section.

EYE CONTACT: This may cause minor eye irritation.

SKIN CONTACT: No significant adverse effects are expected under anticipated conditions of normal use. Prolonged

or repeated contact without rinsing with water may cause irritation”

That 4-page document will give you the first aid response as well as other pertinent information you should know about.

What's The Best RV Antifreeze?

We could say Super Tech but this brand did not make any of the top 10 best lists we looked at. One of those lists had Camco as #1 while another had the same brand at #5. A third list had it back at #1.

The Splash brand came in 2nd consistently on all 3 lists. Its label says it is for RVs and marine use. RecPro had an antifreeze product as #3 on 2 of the 3 lists. Then Star-Brite was 3rd on one list, 4th on another, and 5th on a third.

They all have the same basic ingredients and properties making them perfect for RV use just like Super Tech. They keep the pipes or water from freezing at -50 degrees F.

What all this information says is that your RV is going to be safe no matter which brand you buy as long as it is not a super cheap brand made by some unknown company.

If it says toxic on the label, then it is not meant for your RV’s plumbing system.

Is It Possible To Dilute RV Antifreeze?


This depends on the brand that you buy. Some will say it is a concentrate and needs to be diluted. While other brands will say that their product is pre-mixed. Read the label before adding any water to the brand of RV antifreeze you have bought.

When you add it to your RV’s plumbing system, follow all the instructions that came with the product. That way you can avoid any problems. Also, do not drink this antifreeze, it may be non-toxic but that does not make it good to drink.

Some Final Words

When you want to winterize your RV you won’t be going wrong if you use Super tech over Prestone. Both are good but the latter may be more expensive while doing the same protective job.

If you live in an area that does not sell Super Tech. you are not harming your RV’s plumbing system if you use another brand. There are a lot of top brands that work well. Do some comparison shopping to save a little money.

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