RV Dealers That Take Car Trade-Ins (Do RV Dealers Take Cars?)

Whether it is a pick-up truck or a car that is sitting in your driveway, unused, etc., it may make sense to trade it in and get some money out of it before it is too late. One way to get some good value for this vehicle is to trade it in for an RV if that is your next vehicle purchase.

Yes, you can trade your car in for an RV but do not expect it to be an even trade. Also, do not expect to get a lot of money taken off the RV when you go this route. The RV dealers that do accept car trade-ins have their own criteria they use to determine the value of your older vehicle.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can go ahead and clear your driveway of an unused or older vehicle you no longer want.

Can You Trade a Car in For an RV?


Yes, you can and it will depend on the individual RV dealer how they go about this process. Some may not so do not expect a universal acceptance of older vehicles.

Also, it may depend on the type of license the dealer has whether they will accept a car in trade or not. While it sounds like a very simple thing to do, there are regulations behind the scenes that dictate what RV dealers can or cannot do.

If the dealer you are negotiating with does accept trade-ins, and the car is free and clear of all loans and liens, then the trade-in value can count towards your down payment.

In that case, you should do some research and check the value of your vehicle. If you go to car dealers to see what the value is, they may not give you an accurate figure. Your trade-in value will depend on the type of vehicle you would buy.

Also, keep in mind that the value you determine your car to be at may not be the same as what the RV dealer values the vehicle. Your research will just give you an idea of what your vehicle is worth as the RV dealer will have other issues that impact their determination.

Do RV Dealers Take Car Trade-Ins?


Some do but we cannot speak for them all as they all have their own rules for their RV operation. It is easier to trade in a vehicle that has no debts attached to it than it is to trade in a vehicle that still has a loan attached to it.

But it is still possible to trade in a car with a loan attached to it and here are some key steps to take.

1. Figure out how much you owe and if the amount is low enough, just pay off the loan and then go for the trade-in.

2. Do your research to find the value of the car and see if the value is much greater than the current loan amount. You may not be able to trade it in if there is little to no difference between the two amounts.

3. After selecting the RV you would like to buy, ask the RV dealer for a trade-in offer. Whether there is negotiating room in that offer is up to the RV dealer.

4. The trade-in value may be greater than the loan amount and when you pay off the loan you will have the difference between the two to apply to your RV down payment.

5. There is a possibility of rolling over the loan into your new loan amount on your new to you RV. But that is between you and the dealer.

Finding RV Dealers That Take Car Trade-Ins Near Me


If you do a search on your own, you may find that the majority of websites that come up on your results page all focus on trading an RV in for a car. It may take a while to find an RV dealer that advertises they will take cars as trade-ins on the internet.

The best way to go about this is to talk to your local dealers, both new RV dealers and new & used dealers. That way you will get the best answer for your location.

Trade-in policy varies from dealer to dealer and you may find those dealers that will accept a car or you may find those dealers that will accept a motorcycle, boat, trucks, and other vehicles instead.

You can check advertisements on their signs or the classifieds to see if they will take a car in trade but you have to contact each dealer individually to find the ones that will.

Can You Trade a Lease Car in on an RV?


It is possible but it is up to the individual dealer if they want to go that route or not. Here are some things to consider when you are thinking about this:

1. Charges and penalties for early lease cancellation

2. Residual value- mileage, condition, age, and estimated value all play an important role in the possible trade.

3. Lease equity can be determined by the popularity of the vehicle and other factors

4. The buyout fee- this is the amount you have to pay if you want to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease.

Some Additional Words

It can be difficult to find an RV dealer that will accept a car in trade especially if it has a loan or a lease attached. It may take some doing but the deal can be done.

Unfortunately, finding an RV dealer that will do this type of trade takes time. They also have to look over your car and see if it is worth taking the trade. You can’t predicate the trade-in value as that is up to the RV dealer.

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