Does Lysol Kill Wasps? (Household Cleaners to Kill Wasps)

When you have a wasp problem, you are not limited to using just bug spray. After all, that bug spray may not be as effective as the can says. Many commercial products are not as strong as they once were and that means resorting to alternative products.

Yes, Lysol kills wasps. Some people think that it clogs their air passages but according to other people, Lysol and other cleaners wash away the ‘skin’ of the wasp preventing it from retaining moisture. The wasp dies soon after.

To learn more about killing wasps with Lysol, just continue to read our article. It provides the information you want to know about so you can kill those wasps around your RV or home quickly without running to the garage to get brake cleaner.

Does Lysol Hurt Wasps?

Does-Lyso- Hurt-Wasps

With everything that we say here in this section and the following sections, we should provide one warning. Make sure your exposed skin is protected when you use Lysol or other spray products to kill wasps.

If the wasps feel threatened they will attack and they will sting. So make sure your exposed skin is covered before you take on this risky chore. To answer the question, it depends on how you define the word hurt.

If you mean by injuring it, then no, Lysol does not cause pain to the wasp. When you spray Lysol on an insect you are putting them out of its misery. It should kill the wasps almost instantaneously so they are dead before they hit the ground.

So if you define the word hurt to mean get rid of them, then yes, Lysol is very effective at doing that chore. Most household cleaners will do this as well. That is because they share a common ingredient- ethanol.

That ingredient is all you need to solve your wasp problem.

Will Lysol Kill a Wasp?


As you just read, yes, Lysol will kill wasps. It is a very effective wasp and insect killer due to that special ethanol ingredient. In fact, ethanol is so good at killing insects, it is used in many insect sprays.

What is good about ethanol is that it is a natural insecticide, not a chemically derived one. If your Lysol or other cleaners do not contain ethanol then look for this ingredient- pyrethrin.

This effective insect killer comes from the chrysanthemum flower and it is found to be effective against cockroaches as well. Together they make a great wasp-killing team.

But if you do not want to use your expensive household cleaner on wasps, you can turn to many other home products to do the job for you. Vinegar and water, liquid dish soap, and water are two great natural wasp-killing options.

Plus, you can always go to your garage and get some different vehicle cleaners including WD-40, to kill those wasps. Your arsenal is large and we have not mentioned the many top commercial wasp-killing sprays many pesticide companies make.

What Household Cleaner Kills Wasps


Just about any household cleaner can kill wasps. If they have the two ingredients we mentioned in the previous section, then you can use them as effective wasp killers.

One option will be to use bleach and water. Bleach is a miracle chemical liquid that does a lot of nasty chores for you. Then you can use vinegar and water, dishwashing soap and water, and WD-40. These products will be effective against wasps.

Also, you can turn to hairspray but make sure not to use the expensive brand your wife uses. Find a cheaper brand to have around the house for this purpose. Keep it handy so you do not delay in getting rid of those wasps.

One of the things you have to be careful about is when you have a wasp nest somewhere on your property. Killing the nest is very difficult and some of these cleaners may not be that effective against the nest.

One of the best options you have for killing the nest will be to let someone else do it for you. Hire a professional wasp-killing service to handle the problem in the best way possible.

They have the equipment and protective clothing to do this job without being injured.

Can I Kill a Bee With Lysol?


If you ask this question in public and on the internet, you are going to get a host of people condemning you for even thinking about killing a bee. Bees are part of the food-producing process and most plants need the interaction with bees to produce a crop.

While Lysol should kill a bee as it is an insect that is vulnerable to the chemicals inside Lysol. Any household cleaner will do the trick but if it is a single bee that is inside your home, try to get it to go outside and fly away.

If you want to kill the bees in your home, then try using soft drinks and soda. The sugar in the soft drinks will attract the bees, then the soda will eventually kill them.

Mothballs and cinnamon are another effective way to get rid of bees. These two ingredients can kill the bee but they also drive them away. The repellent aspect is a good idea since so many people do not want to see the bees destroyed.

It is best to just trap the bees and set them free outside your home to get rid of them. That way you have nothing to fear from activists.

Some Final Words

Wasps can be a nuisance. They are also easy to get angry and sting someone. When you or your child has a bee allergy, then it is best to kill those wasps as quickly as possible.

The good news is that you have more than enough products to use to get rid of those wasps. Some are commercially made, and other products are in your home already. Just pick the best and safest one to use in your area.

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