123 vs 123A Batteries: Are 123 And 123A Batteries The Same?

Whenever you see a name change for the same product, it is easy to assume that there must be a difference. However, that difference may be so minuscule you wonder why they changed the name in the first place.

The biggest difference between these two batteries will be their size. The 123a is larger than the 123 battery. The size difference is .4 mm in length and .5 mm in width. Not enough to call it a different battery.

To learn more about these batteries, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can select the right battery for your electrical devices. Size may matter in this situation.

Is There a Difference Between 123 And 123A Batteries?


According to our research, there is very little that is different between those two battery options. The issue for most people will be the size of their battery case. It may not fit the length of the two battery options.

If there is a power difference, it is not stated. You will still get the same 1500 to 2500 mAh power from both battery options. They look the same as well.

Difference Between 123 And 123A Batteries

The biggest difference will be in their size. The 123 battery is 34 mm by 16.5 mm while the 123a is supposed to be 34.4 mm by 17 mm. Then the 123 battery weighs a bit more than the 123a battery- 16.5 grams to 16 grams.

Other than that, they should be interchangeable if your battery case allows for a larger size. The other difference will be in its name. They can be called anywhere from CR123 and CR123a to 123, 123a, SF123 DL123, and DL123a.

123 Batteries vs 123A


There really is no competition here except maybe between the brands selling these batteries. As far as can be determined, these batteries are exactly the same and power the same devices.

The key to buying one over the other will be brand name and price. You may favor one brand over another and that is not wrong as each battery brand has different specs for its products. Those specs may be the difference between the batteries.

Are 123 And 123A Batteries Interchangeable?

Yes and no. Sometimes it will depend on the electronic device you want to power. Some of these devices are designed to work with a specific brand and any other brand won’t work.

Then some may have a different voltage which would disqualify one from replacing the other. Rechargeable batteries need to be the same voltage before you can interchange these two battery options.

Finally, your battery compartment needs to be large enough to handle the 123a option.

123 vs 123a Lithium Battery


These are usually 3-volt batteries that power different smaller electronic devices. Their mAh range is between 1500 and 2500 and they generally can work in the same appliance, etc.

Depending on the brand and the store, you may pay the same price or you may pay a little bit more for the 123a as it is the bigger of the two batteries. They both are said to do a good job at running different electronic devices.

Is CA123A The Same as 123?

Yes, it can be. The reason for that answer is that the first battery has an ‘a’ at the end. That ‘a’ refers to the A cell category for batteries. The only difference between the two may be the size.

Both names refer to the same type of lithium battery and depending on the brand and if it is rechargeable or not, it should have the same voltage inside.

Can I Replace a CR123A Battery With a 123 Battery?


Technically, you can. The only place you may have trouble will be if the battery you are replacing is rechargeable or not. If it is, then you will have to double-check the voltage or you may end up having some trouble with your appliance or another device.

If it is not, then you should be able to replace the batteries with no issues.

What Does CR123A Mean?

The C stands for ‘lithium’, the R stands for ‘round’, and the 123 numbers stand for 1 2/3rd. What that number indicates is that it is 1 2/3rds of an ‘A’ cell battery. The ‘a’ in the name usually stands for ‘A’ cell battery.

As we mentioned above, there are different names used by the different brands but they all refer to the same type of battery.

What Are 123A Batteries Used For?


If your devices are smaller, draw a lot of power, or need a long life, then you turn to these batteries to power them. Some of those options include:

- Flashlights

- Cameras

- Alarm clocks

- Smoke detectors

- Wireless alarm systems

- Home automation devices

- Military equipment

The electronic device will also tell you which batteries you should be using inside its battery compartment.

How Long Should a 123A Battery Last?

This lifespan will depend on the amount of mAh that the battery holds. The higher the number, the longer the battery will last. Of course, how much you use the electronic device will determine its lifespan.

However, if you bought quite a few batteries and stored them, they should last 10 years. Rechargeable may be the best way to go as you can keep using them for a long time.

Some Final Words

Getting the right battery for your electrical devices may be more confusing now than ever. With different names, you may not be sure which battery is best for your device.

Fortunately, all the different names refer to the same type of battery so you can pick just about any of them to use. The key is to make sure the battery will fit inside the battery case. Then make sure the battery has the same voltage as the old one.

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