Duralast vs Interstate: Is Duralast or Interstate Better?

In most comparisons, you will find that the end result is always a matter of preference. Whether one battery is actually better than another is not the deciding factor. It is the experience one has with the brand that makes the final purchase decision.

The Interstate MTP Battery is said to be the best battery overall and that was on a list that did not include the Duralast brand. Many people like Duralast because it can be purchased for a lot less money than the Interstate model.

To learn more about these two batteries, just continue to read our article. It compares the two brands to let you know which one is the better option to buy. In the end, it will be your preference that will determine which battery brand works best for you.

Duralast vs Interstate


First off, do not let the first two syllables of the Duralast name fool you. Sometimes people hear the terms Dura and immediately think of Duracell batteries. However, Duralast is not the same as Duracell nor should you expect the same quality from the former brand.

Second, both Duralast and Interstate are more off-brand alternatives that are trying hard to compete with the more famous battery brands. Duralast gets its boost by being the battery sold by Autozone only.

The Interstate brand is sold by many more retailers, most recently by Costco, which makes it easier to find a replacement battery when you need one most. Then, the Duralast battery brand is supposed to have a longer replacement warranty, up to 3 years, than Interstate offers.

However, the Interstate batteries have been known to last for 10+ years while Duralast does not reach 5 very often. That does not mean that every Interstate battery will last that long. Some have died after 3 years for no real reason.

Both batteries are American made but by different battery-making companies. For Duralast, the companies that make this brand is Johnson Controls and East Penn Manufacturing.

For Interstate the companies that do the manufacturing for this company are Exide Technologies and Brookfield Business Partners. All are solid battery manufacturers that make the different brands according to the specs provided to them by the individual companies.

The word is that while the Duralast battery brand may be more economical to purchase, it does not come with the quality that is built into the Interstate battery brand.

Is Duralast or Interstate Battery Better?


There is something to be said about Interstate batteries when Costco drops its signature Kirkland battery brand to sell Interstate batteries. That move alone tells you that this battery brand is a cut above and has impressed Costco owners with its quality, performance, and longevity.

Then, there are well over 200,000 outlets that sell the Interstate battery brand. Whereas Duaralast only enjoys the exposure the 6000 Autozone outlets offer. Where Duralast may have it over its competition is warranty coverage.

The Gold and Platinum models for Duralast have 3 years of coverage and the regular battery option only comes with a 2 year warranty. It is said that Interstate has a very short warranty lifetime but that doesn’t seem to bother people as those batteries have been known to last a decade or more.

In some comparisons, the Duralast batteries are said to have higher CA and CCa than some Interstate models which would make them a better battery over the short term.

The average CA for Duralast is 800 compared to Interstate’s average of 710. The average CCA for Duralast is 1000 compared to Interstate’s average of 910. On the experiential level, the results may differ.

While some owners have reported 11 years of faithful service from their Interstate batteries, others have reported getting only 3 years of service. Duralast does not even get a 5-year tenure in almost every case.

But the Duralast owners have reported being very satisfied with the performance they have received over those years. In the end, it will be up to your experience, preference, and budget that will determine which battery is best for you.

Interstate Battery vs Duralast Platinum


The Duralast Platinum battery is the most expensive model you can buy. It costs $250 plus the $22 core charge. With that purchase price, you also get a 3-year warranty, 70AH for amp hours, 950 CA, and 130-minute reserve power.

It is supposed to have up to 2 times the cycle power of conventional batteries plus, it is supposed to be non-spillable, leakproof, and be maintenance free.

On the other hand, Interstate makes roughly 5 different battery types and each battery type has its own ranges. For example, the MTP has CCA ranging between 370 to 950 and CA ranging between 465 to 1060, and reserve power ranging between 57 to 180 minutes.

The results you get will depend on the group size the Interstate battery is assigned. In some cases, the Duralast battery will be better than some Interstate battery sizes and not as good as others.

If you are looking at cost The Duralast Platinum Is not going to be more economical than the Interstate MTP option. The closest MTP model to the Platinum price was $234 + the core charge. So you will not be saving any money by skipping the Interstate battery for a Duralast.

Some Additional Words

When it comes to buying a battery for your RV it pays to shop around. While some batteries like Duralast may seem more economical, they do not last as long as the more expensive models.

In the end, while you are satisfied with the performance of the Duralast, you end up paying more because they do not last as long as an Interstate battery. Customer service will be the difference here as you have limited options to have problems solved with Duralast batteries.

Costco has always had better customer service for its products and that helps give Interstate the edge over Duralast.

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