Travel Trailer with Washer and Dryer: Our Top 5 Ranking

Even going traveling in an RV does not give the wife a break from doing some of her normal duties. But with the built-in washers and dryers many TT have, you can help her out and make her vacation even better.

Travel Trailer with Washer and Dryer: There are quite a few TT that come with their own washer and dryer. One of the best on the market is the Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow Travel trailer. Next to it would be the Highland Ridge Travel Trailer.

In fact, you could find a lot of top TT with built-in washers and dryers. All you need to do is continue to read our article. It is filled with the information you want to make sure you get your hands on one of the top TTs that come with their own cleaning appliances

Do RVs Have a Washer and Dryer

If you hate taking your laundry to a strange town’s laundromat or to the RV park’s laundry facilities, you are in for some good news. There are many newer RV models that do come with their own washer and dryer.

And if they do not have the actual washer and dryer unit installed before you purchase it, the manufacturers have already plumbed the rig to make sure you can get one installed very easily.

RV manufacturers have been listening to their treasured customers and have seen that adding a washer and dryer is the next feature that will help them sell more vehicles and travel trailers.

If you are not lucky enough to be able to purchase one of those models, you have the option of finding the right space in your current older RV and install your own. RVs can be remodeled or modified to fit these convenient appliances inside.

Your RV life will be a bit easier to live even though you never can get away from doing your laundry chores

What RVs Have Washer and Dryers

There are probably too many RVs to list here that do come with their own washer and dryer. So we will stick, for the most part, to just saying that there are a few Class Cs that have them factory installed and these are few and far between.

If you want an RV with those appliances you will have to upgrade to a more recent Class A RV to get that convenience. To find specific models you can contact the different dealers or manufacturers to get a complete list.

What we will do is give a short list of TT and 5th wheel trailers that have washer and dryers installed in select models. These are as follows:

5th wheel Trailers:

  • Sandpiper 378FB
  • ElkRidge 35IKOK
  • ​Durango 2500 D325RLT
  • ​Laredo 310RS
  • Denali 293RKS
  • ​Reflection 320MKS

Travel trailers:

  • Jay Flight Bungalow Travel Trailer
  • Highland Ridge Travel Trailer
  • Design Navigation NV2
  • Keystone RV Montana Trailer
  • Rushmore’s CrossRoads Washington Trailer

The last two are probably 5th wheel trailers but they were included in the data for travel trailers.

Best Travel Trailer with Washer and Dryer

This is going to be a subjective answer and no matter which one we list, we are sure some of our readers will disagree with our selection. But that is okay as everyone does have their own preferences and enjoy the washer and dryer set up in their personal vehicle.

We admit that there are far too many RVs, TTs and 5th wheels out there that have washer and dryers to really choose one over the other. But we have to make a choice so we will go with the Recreation Travel Trailer by Design Navigation NV2.

The reason for this selection is that this TT has 3 pop-outs over its 32 foot length. Along with that, it comes with a lot of amenities that help make it stand out over the rest.

These amenities include 2 60 pound LPG tanks, indoor and outdoor speakers and video systems as well as a microwave and awnings. That is on top of the washer and dryer set up inside

You get great living space and the children should have enough room to avoid getting on each others’ nerves. That is a plus no matter where you are at.

Bumper Pull Camper with Washer and Dryer

There are a few bumper pull campers that come with their own washer and dryer. One model is the Arctic Fox 30U but it is not that long. It can be a bit heavy yet it is on a good frame and the rest of the camper is well built.

Another selection can be the Open Range and it is a very well built unit that some RV owners would not do without. Finally, the Montana series has one in their bumper pull camper.

The only drawback to this model is that it may take a few extra spins in the dryer to get your clothes nice and dry. That is going to be the situation with a lot of smaller washers and dryers. Their performance may not be up to expectations because of the lack of power and other factors that come with smaller units.

If worse comes to worse, you can always opt to use a very portable washer and dryer. They do not take up a lot of space nor add a lot of weight to your rig. It might take longer to get your clothes clean but they will save on space and let you store more important items.

Smallest Travel Trailer with Washer and Dryer

It is very difficult to say which one is the smallest travel trailer that comes with a washer and dryer. When the TTs are small that is one convenience that is sacrificed for other appliances and furniture options. Plus, small TTs need storage space than their larger counterparts.

The smallest one we were able to find was the Keystone Montana High Country 295RL as an internet search did not produce anything smaller than that. This unit measures in at 29 feet in size. Smaller TTs with washer and dryers are rare for the reasons already mentioned.

But if you have a smaller trailer, and you can spare the room, there is nothing stopping you from modifying it and installing your own washer and dryer. We should mention that Montana model is a 5th wheel and it is smaller than some TTs.

So you can see the trouble there is in finding smaller units with a washer and dryer. The style of washer and dryer for that Montana can be either a combo or a 2 piece set.

Diesel RV with Washer and Dryer

There are many diesel-powered RVs that come with a washer and dryer set up. The one we selected to use here as an examples is the 2019 Entegra Coach Anthem 44B. It is a Class A RV and it has all the luxuries you would expect from this model of RV.

Its 45-foot length gives you and your family plenty of living space and the interior includes an L shaped sofa for comfort. Also, you get a 50” television and a fireplace to make sure you can relax in total comfort and pretend you are out in the woods.

We also found a lot of older diesel RVs, from 2007 to 09, that come with their own washer and dryers. That means you do not have to buy new to get the convenience you want.

All you have to do is decide what kind of RV you want and let your computer handle the search for you. There are enough dealers out there waiting for you to take on of their vehicles off their hands.

Class B RV with Washer and Dryer

We did not find one Class B RV with a washer and dryer installed by the manufacturer. That does not mean there are not any it is just that every floor plan we looked at, none were included.

There is a very good reason for the exclusion of a washer and dryer in a Class B RV. There is just not enough room for them. These RVs can fit in your garage which tells how little space they really have.

Plus, you do not get a lot of room for your toilet, shower or other necessary items like pantry and your fridge. If you want to sacrifice some vital asset, then you may find a Class B RV with a set of washers and dryers but so far, we have found none.

Also, keep in mind that the Class B RV is running around 2o to 25 feet long, which makes the 29 footer we mentioned above look huge in comparison while being the smallest RV with a washer and dryer.

RVs with Washer and Dryer Hookups

It is possible that you will find more RVs, TTs, and 5th wheels have washer and dryer hookups than they do washer and dryers. Not everyone wants to pay the extra money for factory-installed appliances and finding your own can save you quite a few dollars.

Plus, many of the larger 4 season 5th wheel trailers do have washer and dryer hookups because these units are designed to be used for longer periods of time. That will be the same for other RVs as well.

Having the option to install your own W & D is just as good as having the washer and dryer already there. The reason it is just as good is that you can choose your own appliance brand and not be restricted to one that company has put inside their rigs.

You get a little freedom to choose your own models and make sure you can save some money instead of paying the higher prices for those brand specific styles. Then even if you do not have a washer and dryer hook up all hope is not lost.

You can use a hose adapter and hook up a Splendide ventless model to your kitchen sink. That version of a washer gives you more options without paying for modifications or renovations to your RV.

Do I Need a 220 Volt Hook up to Run a Dryer in My RV

Not necessarily. There are some models of dryers that are built to work on 110 volts of power. They may not be as strong or as hot as a 220 volt version but it will dry your clothes.

If you want to use a 220-volt dryer, you will need a 50 amp service supply, a 30 amp will not do and you will have to install if it is not already there, a 220-volt electrical outlet to plug into.

When you are choosing a washer and dryer, check with your RV’s manufacturer to make sure the unit you want is compatible with the RV you already own. Because there are some power limitations, most RV manufacturers do not encourage their customers to buy a 220 volt dryer.

When you are parked at an RV park or campground, the supply of the electricity may not be at a premium. You may not get the power you need to run your dryer. While you can use a 220-volt dryer, it just may not be expedient or practical.

Some Final Words

Washing your clothes at a public laundromat is not the end of the world. It may be better than using your own washer and dryer built into your RV. But you cannot beat the convenience of using your own appliance whenever and wherever you want.

If you want to have your own washer and dryer, there are plenty of travel trailers and RVs that come with them or the hook-ups already in place. You just need to decide on which model you want to buy.

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