How to Keep Your Face Warm While Sleeping (Head, Neck, Nose)

All you need is a good sleeping bag to wrap around you and you can stay nice and warm. However, the face is in an awkward position and holds your ability to breathe. That configuration makes it difficult to keep your face warm during those cold nights.

There are lots of solutions you have at your disposal. The trick is staying comfortable while you sleep when using those solutions. Even a turtleneck sweater can be a bit uncomfortable if you are not used to wearing one at night.

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Cold Head While Sleeping


There are many reasons why you will feel cold at night even if the temperature is not that cool. Some of those reasons are hypothyroidism, anemia, low body weight, bad circulation, and not enough fluids, to just name a few of those alternative reasons.

Or it could just be that your heater stopped working and the temperature dropped too far. No matter the reason, your head may feel cold and interrupt your sleep. There are some good solutions you can use to warm up your head.

Keep in mind that you do not lose more body heat through your head. You will lose body heat no matter which part of your body is exposed to the night air. But covering your head will stop some body heat loss so it is important to use the right solution to stay warm.

After all, a cold head does interfere with a good night’s sleep. One way to prevent getting a cold head is to wear a nice oversized hoodie to bed. These hoodies come with a hood that can be secured around your head protecting it from the cold.

Or you can wrap a towel around your head to keep the cold off. Make sure to secure it with something that won’t poke you as you toss and turn. Those are just two of the many options you can turn to when your head gets cold as you sleep.

How to Keep the Face Warm While Sleeping


The face is a bit trickier to keep warm. You want to make sure all points are covered and protected from the cold air. However, you have two important features that need to have some access to the outside air for you to breathe.

One solution is to wear a ski mask. These ski masks, also called balaclava, cover everything that needs to be covered while leaving rooms for your eyes to see, and your nose and mouth to breathe.

Another option is to get an oversized hoodie and wrap the hood almost all the way around your face and then tie it in place. The problem with this option for many people is that they feel claustrophobic when wearing something like this.

A better option would be to use a towel or scarf. You can wrap either item around your face making sure you can still breathe. Then secure the towel or scarf in place so it does not come off as you sleep.

As we said earlier, you want to secure it with a safe item that is not sharp and will not poke you as you get your rest. Finally, you can use a neck gaiter and a hat to cover your face. Pull the former item up and the latter item down to cover most of your face and keep it warm.

Keeping your Face Warm in a Sleeping Bag

They say that you should never breathe in your sleeping. What you should always do is breathe out and that may make it hard to keep your face warm during those long cold nights.

The solutions to this problem will duplicate some of the other solutions. For example, a ski mask is ideal as it will cover your whole face and leave spots for you to breathe comfortably.

Or you can wear a turtleneck sweater and pull the folded cloth up over your nose and mouth. you should be able to still breathe as well as keep your face warm at the same time. Many sleeping bags do go over your head and you can pull the portion down a little to cover your forehead, etc.

Then there is the stocking cap or toque option. These wool caps usually are loose enough where you can pull them down over your eyes and keep most of your face warm. Couple it with a turtleneck or neck gaiter and your face should be covered enough to stay warm.

How to Keep the Neck Warm While Sleeping


This is a lot easier to do than trying to keep your face warm. Since your neck doesn't need to breathe, you have many of the same options already mentioned. First, there is the scarf or towel option that just needs to be loosely tied and wrapped around your neck.

Then there is the turtleneck or neck gaiter option that should not cause you any fear of being strangled during the night. If you did not bring either along for your trip, you can try using a sweatshirt or hoodie. Just make sure they cover your neck enough for it to stay warm.

Of course, there is the tried and true method everyone has been using for centuries. Just pack a good thick comforter or heavy blanket along and pull that item up and over your neck. Blankets work miracles when it is cold out especially when they are made to keep you warm.

You can pull that blanket up high enough to cover your mouth and keep a portion of your face warm at the same time.

How to Keep Nose Warm in Bed


Off the top of our heads, the best solution would be to wear a ski mask. That will cover your nose while leaving an opening or two for your nostrils to do their duty. Or if you can handle it, wear a wool cap and pull it down far enough that it covers your nose.

If you can’t handle those two solutions, you can always go to the scarf and towel option. Your nose just needs to be covered to keep it warm so you should be able to loosely wrap both around your face and maintain your regular breathing style.

With the towel or scarf method, you should make sure to secure them in place before going to sleep. You do not want to run the risk of having them fall off at some point in the night.

Then if your jacket has one, you can use the face protector to keep your nose warm. Just put on your jacket and secure the face protector so it covers your nose. It may take getting used to sleeping with clothes on but it will be worth it as you will sleep better with a warm nose.

How to Stay Warm While Sleeping in your Car


If you are by yourself, your main issue will be maintaining body heat. That means you will have to wear layers of warm clothing to make sure your body heat remains close to you and does not escape into the night air.

Warm blankets are another obvious option. Make sure you have enough of them on hand to make sure you can stay nice and warm. or you can lighten your load a little bit and still have blankets with you by using one of the following- space, mylar, or thermal blankets.

The blankets will keep most of your body warm and to protect your head, just pick any one of the solutions already mentioned. The ski mask option is the best of the lot but if you do not have one, use a towel or a scarf.

Or if you like hoodies and you packed one, use that to cover your head and then add the towel, scarf, or ski mask as added protection. They do say that if you are traveling with a partner, you can sleep naked together and let your combined body heat keep you nice and warm.

Also, there are lots of other options and products you can use to warm up the interior of your car. Some of those are candles, heat packets, run your car’s heater for a while, and so on.

Some Final Words

Staying warm on cold nights takes getting used to sleeping with different items covering your body. Some people do not like the tight nature of some of these keep warm options but in time you may not be able to sleep without them covering your head.

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