Complete RV Bathroom Dimensions: Shower, Door, Drain, Curtain

You may complain that your built-in bathroom is tiny, but there are some RV models out there that do not include a bathroom in their floor plans. Everything is done outside or in a shared setting. That may be something to complain about.

The size of your bathroom will depend on the design of your trailer or RV. If you can’t afford a Class A, you may be doing some gymnastics just to stay clean and not bang your head. One bathroom measures only 22 by 38 inches with a height of only 5 feet 10 inches.

To learn about the sizes of different bathrooms in different RV models, just continue to read our article. It explores this issue so that you may be prepared to face what is coming. RV bathrooms are rarely fit for a king.

What are The Dimensions of an RV Bathroom?


This is a good question, and the best answer will be... it depends. There are so many different models and floor plans out there that the size of your bathroom will depend on if you are buying a class A, B, C, a 5th wheel trailer, or a travel trailer.

One class B bathroom will measure 32 by 24 inches, but the owner wants a little space when they are using it. Then it will depend on if you want a dry or a wet bath. The latter option is where everything gets wet when you shower.

The former option is where you have a separate space for your shower, and the door closes, keeping everything else dry. The class A RV bathroom size will be a lot larger, and some, if you have the money, can be quite luxurious. You just have to check the floor plans before you buy.

RV Bathroom Layout Options

There are different layout options, and they all depend on the floor plan offered by the RV maker. For example, the Class B RVs are the rigs where you find the wet baths most often.

There is just one little room for everything, and it can get a bit cramped. These wet baths are also found in pop-up campers, teardrop trailers, and truck campers. When you go larger and order a Class C A or larger travel or 5th wheel trailer, then you may get the separate shower stall that has a door.

What makes bathroom layouts really interesting is that the overall room may be rectangular, but the fixtures may come with some fascinating angles. This is done, so you get the maximum convenience when you want to get clean.

Since there are many floor plans available, your bathroom layout will depend on the manufacturer and where they decide to place the bathroom.

RV Wet Bath Dimensions

Different owners have measured their bathrooms, and sometimes the RV walls dictate the size of the bathroom. For example, one RV has curved walls, and there are at least 3 different dimensions inside. One spot is 29 by 38, the next spot is 22 by 38, and the final spot is 18 by 21 inches.

Another owner measured his, and he was a bit luckier. His bathroom dimensions were 51 by 31 at the floor, 51 by 30 at the waist, and 50 by 29 at the head, with the shower pan measuring 31 by 31 inches in size.

As you can see, the bathroom is not usually the place where you will get a lot of living space to be clean. Your measurements will differ depending on what type of RV you buy and how its walls are designed.

How Big is an RV Shower?


Unfortunately, there is no standard dimension for any bathroom in any RV. The size is purely up to the manufacturer’s whims, and those can change from model to model. The best way to get your shower size is for you to grab a tape measure and measure it yourself.

With no standard size, there are no right or wrong bathroom dimensions. You get what you get when you order your RV. Be grateful that you are getting a bathroom as there are many RVs or trailers out there that are purposefully designed not to include one. The standard versions of the Scamp trailers serve as a prime example of this.

Then the size of your shower will depend on if you have a wet or dry bath. With the former, the shower is the size of the complete bathroom. With the latter, you get a separate area with a door but not much more space.

Standard RV Shower Dimensions

As we just reported, there is no standard bathroom size for any RV model. Each series may come with the same size bathroom, and you can call that the standard but that would only apply for that series and no other RV in the same class.

One company has listened to its customers about the size of their bathroom in their class B series. The customer complained that it was too small, so the company added 2 more inches to the bathroom size.

However, the space you gain in those smaller RVs for the bathroom is less space for something else. When you are working with limited space, there is only so much room that can be given to the bathroom.

Then some only have room for a composting toilet, not a regular one, and you get more room inside by slipping that toilet into a shelf.

Largest RV Shower Size

The largest bathroom you will find outside of a custom-made RV will be the Jayco Pinnacle and Seismic models. These two options have their bathrooms measure 1710 square inches. It is just 10 square inches over the next RV in line.

The dimensions run 30 by 57 inches, and the Newmar King Aire comes close with a 50 by 34-inch size. Palomino SolAire Ultra Lite travel trailer has a shower that reaches 30 by 48 inches, while the Winnebago Horizon 42O’ bathroom is 31 by 41 inches.

The 5th largest shower is given to the Newmar Bay Star Sport, and its shower is 36 by 36 inches. Even though those dimensions may sound small compared to a traditional home bathroom, they are large for RVs. Of course, if you are a smaller person, these may still seem like huge bathrooms.

Small RV Shower Size


Small is very relative. Even a huge RV shower and bathroom can seem small to someone over 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 300 pounds or more. But for small showers, you will find that there is more of a consistency among RV models.

Generally, you are looking at 24 by 30 inches, with some going as high as 26 by 31 inches in size. Others are not so lucky and get a smaller area to shower in. If you are in a Class B, truck camper and a teardrop trailer, the size may be even smaller.

Some wet baths measure 36 by 24 inches in size, giving the larger person more hope that they can have a comfortable time showering. Again, before you start complaining about the small showers in some RVs, we need to remind you that some people have purposefully bought trailers without showers and bathrooms.

RV Shower Toilet Combo Size

These are called wet baths, and they are usually found in the smaller RV models. Class Bs, truck campers, pop-ups, and teardrop trailers, and similar smaller-sized RVs have this option. Unfortunately, their size is very close, if not the same as the showers we just reported on.

Do not expect to get a lot of elbow room when it comes to wet baths. You will be lucky enough to be able to turn around, let alone bend over in some of these smaller wet baths. There may be larger wet baths available.

It will depend n the size and class of your RV. If you can afford it, go larger in size, so you get more room when you need it most.

Standard RV Shower Curtain Size

While these products come in different sizes, we saw a few that were all 47 by 64 inches, with others measuring around 36 by 72 inches in size. These are all shower curtains that are made specifically for RVs.

If you hunt around, you should find some smaller or even bigger sizes, but 47 by 64 seems to be the most popular. Whether it is the standard or not remains to be seen. Because of the different RV shower sizes in dry baths, you may not find a standard-sized RV shower curtain.

If you don’t, you can always modify a traditional home shower curtain to fit your RV shower area. If you are good at sewing, you can adapt one fairly easy to meet your RV shower needs and save money too.

RV Shower Drain Size


Like the showers they are made for, you can find a drain in a variety of sizes. Some will fit 1 7/8 to 2 1/4 inch openings, and others will 1 inch in size. Again, it will depend on the size of your shower pan that determines the size of your shower drain.

Then some people say that the shower pan is the drain, and they give the overall measurements of 31 by 31 inches or more. To find the drain that will fit your RV shower, measure it and then check out the sizes at Amazon.

You do not have to buy there, but you can get an idea of style, design, and size. That will help you when you go shopping at Home Depot or Lowes.

RV Shower Faucet Size

There seems to be more of a standard size when it comes to RV shower faucets and knobs. The holes are generally all the same size in different RVs, and the control knobs seem to measure about 4 inches. But then, when you enter the world of RVs, expect nothing to be the same when you change brands.

The size of faucets can be different in different showers simply because you are not always given a lot of space. If the shower area is larger, then expect to find larger faucets. If it is smaller, expect to see some that are smaller.

It is hard to be specific. There are so many different brands that do different things even when they are producing different model series with different floor plans.

RV Shower Pan Size

If you are looking for a different answer than the word ‘depends’, you are out of luck. Some people have measured theirs and found it quite small, roughly 19 by 21 inches in size.

Others have also measured, and theirs are a little bit larger, sometimes going 31 by 31 and others still larger at 24 by 36. One person was lucky to have a shower that was 51 inches across, so he had a larger shower pan.

The best thing we can say here is if you are not sure what size of shower pan you want, measure out a space in your home and step into it. If you are comfortable, that should be about the size you are looking for when you go RV shopping.

One thing is for sure; the pan is not going to be larger than the shower dimensions.

RV Shower Hose Thread Size


These sizes can range as well, and the one you get will depend on the size of hose the RV maker decides to use. The thread sizes can go from 1/2 inch up to 13/16ths of an inch, but that may not be the only sizes available.

There may also be a 3/8 inch size and smaller. It will depend on how cheap the manufacturer decided to go. If the thread size is important to you and your buying decision, then bring a tape measure along when you go shopping. There is no harm in making sure the thread size is where you want it to be.

Look at the specs sheet as well to see if the thread sizes are listed there. That will save you a little time and trouble.

RV Bathroom Door Size

You will not get the same size of the bathroom door as you would at home when you go small. Be lucky if you have a 12-inch opening to enter your bathroom in an RV. Of course, the class A RVs will have larger bathroom doors simply because they have more space.

The size of the door opening will only be as large as the door can swing inside or outside, which may be a very good opening or a tiny one. If the wet bath measures 31 inches, do not expect the door to be that wide. There may not be 31 inches for it to swing open fully.

Again, the size and floor plan of your RV will determine the size of the bathroom door.

RV Outdoor Shower Hose Size

There does seem to be a standard shower hose size in the bathroom. That hose measures 60 inches, giving you lots of room to maneuver. An outdoor hose can be 3/8 thread size and range from approx. 6 to 10 feet long. Some garden hoses hit 25 feet, and they can be used for a shower hose.

Smaller ones may be 63 inches in size, giving you enough space to shower properly. You can check the lengths at any RV or home improvement store near you.

Which Travel Trailer Has the Largest Shower?


In one list we found, the largest shower size went to the Jayco Flight Bungalow 40FBTS 2019. Unfortunately, that list did not mention the dimensions of the shower. Nor did it mention the size for the runner-up, the Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite 26RBWS.

There may be others that will rival the size of these two options, but you may have to look through various travel trailers to find them. One thing is for sure; the Scamp travel trailers will not compete as their bathrooms and showers are pretty small if they have those facilities.

Some Final Words

Size does matter when it comes to RVs. Not everything can be like living in a traditional home. The reason for that is because RVs come with minimal space. Everything inside needs to have the right amount of room if you will enjoy your time in your RV.

Unfortunately, in most cases, small is the operative word, and you may have to make some sacrifices when you find the RV you like the most. If you have the money, you can avoid that issue, but not everyone wants to drive a Class A RV.

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