Finding Shower Enclosures America Replacement Parts (Door Seal)

When you are trying to find out if you have a Shower Enclosure America brand, it is on the closing door latch. That latch should read SEA and when it does you know that you need to contact Dynamax directly to get spare parts.

The best place to start your search for this brand of shower enclosure is with the brand your RV comes from. Sometimes components are brand specific and you won’t find too many RV parts outlets carrying those specific brands.

To learn more about this specific brand, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue to give you the best information that can be found. Some searches are never very easy to do because many companies do not sell to the public or through parts outlets.

Shower Enclosures America Inc Contact Info

This is not a very transparent company it seems. They have only a landing page on their website and a contact button that opens up to Microsoft email services.

That implies that this company deals with manufacturers only which is why the Dynamax RV brand has no information about it on their website. The contact information is at the bottom of the landing page:

501 Kettering Dr. Ontario CA. 91761 PHONE - 800.536.7324 FAX - 909.605.7793. However, their email address is not listed until you press the contact us button at the very bottom.

Here is the email address of one of the representatives, as well as her other contact information- & Veronica Ortiz Parts and Warranty, Shower Enclosures America, 501 Kettering Drive, Ontario, CA 91761, 800-536-7324 x3230

We also found that SEA is a sister company of LMI that has offices in Ontario, California, Lodi, Ca, and Reno & Las Vegas NV. The Chamber of Commerce website said that to get pricing and other information, you should call the company directly through their toll-free number.

Shower Enclosures America Door Seal

The first thing we should warn you about is that there are different shower manufacturers that use the word American in its name. You do not want to get confused as they are not, or do not seem, to be the same company as SEA or Shower Enclosure America.

As we said earlier, this does not seem to be a company that does any direct sales to RV parts & accessory shops, big box stores, or even Amazon. We could not find their parts listed at any of these outlets.

We will place a couple of screenshots here to give you an idea of what the company calls its parts and what part of the shower they belong at. We did not see the word door seal in their parts catalog.




The missing information is-Q- AR-UNIV-HB-PT Hardware bag (Platinum) $9.00 ea.- * Included in Hardware Bag.

This is the only information that we have been able to find on this company and its parts.

Ordering Shower Enclosures America Replacement Parts

The best thing to do is find the part and part number you need from the above lists and images. Then use the contact information above to send in your request.

Keep in mind that the above prices do not seem to include shipping. Be prepared to pay more for that service. Also, there is no warranty information on the SEA website.

That is something that may be in the Dynamax or Forest River information those companies hand out when you buy your RV or trailer. If you are under warranty for your bathroom, contact Dynamax or Forest River first and see what can be done about any broken parts.

Or whatever brand of RV you own that uses the shower enclosure from this company. If you are no longer under warranty, then contact the company directly. It seems that this company is very helpful and does not give owners any grief when they are contacted.

How To Identify Shower Enclosures Of America Products

This is not that hard to do. Just look on the closing latch and see if it says SEA on it. If it doesn’t, then you need to search for the brand name or contact your RV brand’s dealer to find out.

Have the make, year, and model number of your RV handy to make the dealer’s search a little easier. Beyond what is listed in that parts list we cannot say what that company makes or how many different designs and parts they manufacture.

Just make sure to have the same RV information available when you talk to the company.

What People Are Saying About SEA


This is a bit of a mystery as aside from one RV discussion forum providing much of the above contact information, there is little information on this company and even fewer reviews.

At that discussion forum, no one had anything bad to say about this company or its products. They were all happy to get the contact information that was posted last year.

There was one 5-star review over at Yelp. All the reviewer said was, ‘Give them a try, pretty sure you will be pleased.’ In other words, he was happy with the quality and performance of the part he ordered and figures you will be as well.

Another member on another RV discussion forum thread said he got great customer service from the company 7 years ago when he needed spare parts for his SEA shower. No one else said a word about that company on that thread that we saw.

Some Additional Words

You do not have to be well-known or popular to make good RV components and spare parts. It seems that Shower Enclosure America makes good parts and provides excellent customer service.

It may not be a well-known company but they do seem to take great steps to make sure their reputation remains strong and positive. If your RV has this shower model inside, you should be in good hands if anything goes wrong.

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