How To Replace an RV Shower Pan (Remove and Install Guide)

When it comes time to remove your RV or trailer’s shower pan, you will find that there are more parts to remove first than you may have thought. It is just the nature of the design. The work is not hard to do, just time-consuming.

To start this project, you will have to remove the hot and cold handles, the walls of the shower, as well as the glass doors if you have any. The work will depend on what type of shower you have in your RV and how many components are installed.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about so you can remove your shower pan when it needs replacing. It is not difficult to do, and the hardest part may be fitting into your shower to get it done right.

How To Replace RV Shower Pan


It is said that besides the shower head, this is the most common shower replacement project in an RV. The replacement will depend on how your RV’s shower was designed.

Some may have the surround overlapping the pan walls. In this case, you would have to remove the surround before you can remove the pan. Then it will depend on how your shower was installed. If there are screws then it is only a matter of removing the screws to remove the pan.

That is all you have to worry about. Removing screws can be done by using a drill or a screwdriver. In some cases, you may have a glass door or two, and removing those come first. All you need to do with those is lift them up and pull the bottom out.

Then put those glass doors in a safe spot. Installing the new pan will be a simple reversal of the removal process. Just make sure to get the right pan and that it installs in the same way as your old one.

How To Get Under The Shower Pan in RV

When it comes to different repairs, your access is determined by the design of your RV or trailer. For example, one owner says he has an access panel underneath his shower area near his rear tires.

All he has to do is open that access panel and he can fix the plumbing underneath the pan. This may be a similar design to other RVs and trailers. It is logical for there to be an access panel as mechanics and plumbers would need quick access to get to the problems found there.

Go under your RV or trailer to see what type of access has been built into your model. This may not be the same for all brands or model series but it is worth looking for.

How To Remove RV Shower Pan


The first step is to get all the obstacles out of the way. Of course, the number of obstacles, like tap handles, shower heads, etc., will depend on how your RV‘s bathroom was designed.

If your RV has glass doors, those will be the first obstacles to remove. Make sure to put those doors somewhere safe and where they won’t fall or be knocked over.

Then if your bathroom’s design is this way, remove the tap handles, and the surround by removing the screws holding them in place. After that, you simply remove the screws holding the pan in place and lift it out.

How To Install RV Shower Pan

Again, installation is the reversal of the removal process. The first step is to make sure you have the right shower pan and the drain is in the right location. If you take good measurements, the pan should slip right into place

Then it is just a matter of replacing the screws to hold the pan still. You should add caulking where caulking is needed. Make sure to remove any old caulk from your bathroom’s frame so the new will adhere and seal any potential leaks.

Once that is done and the pan is in place, replace all the obstacles you removed to get the old pan out. The glass doors will be the last item to return to its normal spot.

Can You Use a Regular Shower Pan in An RV Shower?


This is possible but only under the proper conditions. By that, it is meant that the pan has to be the right size to fit in the open space. If it is too small you may have to do some structural renovation to make the pan fit and if it is too large, you should go get another pan of the right size.

Then you have to make sure the drain in the regular shower pan is in the right place. RV showers have left, right, and center drains locations so you would have to measure that position and make sure your new pan has the same opening in the same spot.

Finding an RV Shower Pan Replacement

This is not going to be a tough task. We know we say that a lot but it is true. When we say it that tells you that you have more options available to you than you will know what to do with.

Almost all RV parts and supply outlets have shower pans in their inventory. You just have to check their online catalog to find out how many and what size they are. These pans will vary in cost.

Then you can always check Amazon and other marketplaces. These online stores usually have innumerable shower pan options as they are easy to make and easy to sell. They will have a lot of different sizes to check out so you should be able to find one that fits your shower.

Then if these options do not have what you are looking for or at a price you want to pay, check out the big box stores as they cater to RV owners now that the industry has blossomed.

Best RV Shower Pan


If you want the best, it may be a good idea to go with a dedicated RV parts and supply manufacturer like Lippert or one of their competitors. They make top-quality shower pans that will fit your shower.

The reason we can say that is that they probably made the original shower pan you had when you bought your RV or trailer. Then the best shower pan will fit your open space and have the drain on the proper side.

Plastic or acrylic is the go-to construction material but if you prefer metal, then that shower pan will be the best for you to use. It will last a long time and should outlast plastic or acrylic.

Aluminum RV Shower Pan

If you can find this option then it would be a good idea to use one. This style is lightweight and should not add too much weight to your RV or trailer. Plus, it is strong and should last a long time.

However, we did not find that many outlets, retail or otherwise, selling shower pans with this construction material. You may be hard-pressed to find one made out of aluminum unless it was a custom project.

The majority that we found were made out of ABS plastic and that may be the construction material you will have to use. It seems to be the trend these days and may be more popular than the acrylic construction material option.

Tips For Replacing RV Shower Pan

1. Be patient and careful- when you go to remove your shower pan, remember it is made of either plastic or acrylic. These construction materials are usually molded and very thin. One mistake can break them fairly easily.

2. Assess your bathroom situation- look to see how the pan is secured in place and also if your shower surround is overlapping the pan. If it is, you will need more time to replace your shower pan as you will have more work to do in removing other components.

3. Use hand tools- you may not have the space inside your bathroom or shower area to use a drill. Hands tools work fine and can easily work in small spaces as they come in different sizes.

4. Watch the glass items- mirrors, doors, etc., need to be protected before you start work. Take the time to cover them or place them in a secure spot before you begin your work.

Some Final Words

Replacing your RV or trailer’s shower pan is not that difficult. You just need to measure accurately, get the drain in the proper location, and use the right tools. Be gentle as well since these components are not the strongest ones made in the world.

Take your time and make sure to protect any fragile parts from accidental bumps or falls. That way you do not add to your repair costs.

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