RV Triple Slide Glass Shower Door Repair (Buy Door Parts)

If you forget. That is one of the risks you take when you own an RV or trailer. Sometimes you can forget to secure a fragile item like your shower door. When you take a sharp turn or hit a bump, those doors can move as well as shatter on you.

One of the places you need to turn to fix this problem will be your dealer. If you are still under warranty, the replacement should not cost you anything. Even if you are not under warranty, the dealer may be the only place to get a replacement door.

To learn more about this problem, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can find a replacement glass door easier. Take a few minutes to see how this information solves a problem for you and your broken glass shower.

RV Triple Slide Glass Shower Door Repair


Most glass doors and windows, no matter where they are located are simple to remove and replace. Since they have tracks to slide in, the doors are made to be installed or removed in one way.

That method is to lift up and pull out at the bottom. It is so simple only one person needs to do it. If there is glass still in the door and not on the floor, then you need to be careful where you hold it and how you lift it out of the track.

You do not want to cut yourself. Then before you remove the rest of the door, make sure to clean the glass up first. There is no point putting your feet at risk of injury. Use gloves to protect your hands if you want.

The hard part will be in finding a replacement door. RV features do come in unique measurements and going to a regular retail glass shop may be fruitless. They may not carry the glass door in the size that you need.

This is something that you should talk over with your RV dealer first to see if it is a dealer-only replacement option.

Finding RV Triple Slide Glass Shower Door Parts


This may be a bit tricky to do. Wayfair which came up in this topic's search results advertised only glass doors for traditional homes. They did not seem to sell anything related to an RV shower even though the headline stated RV glass shower doors.

Then there is Trekwood RV Parts & Supplies. They advertised their company as “the only place online where you can purchase replacement parts from top RV manufacturers.” (Taken from their home page).

They offer parts for Keystone, Dutchman, and Crossroads brand names. There is a category for ‘other RV brands’ but that takes you to their contact page and you need to talk to them before you can find a part.

RV Parts Country advertises triple slide shower doors but they forgot the important word glass in their advertisement. That tells us that they do not handle RV glass shower doors.

When you click on their shower door option, they produce only 4 images and descriptions. But in red letters, they say ‘not for sale’.

TrabaHomes say they have replacement parts for RVs and glass doors and windows. But we are not sure as their website offers items for traditional homes. You would have to contact them to get more details.

You can try Amazon as that marketplace has a lot of shower door parts on sale. Whether they will fit your glass door or not remains to be seen. That seems to be your best option at this time.

Finally, Camper Parts world does not seem to deal with glass doors or their parts either. You can check Camping World and other more famous RV part outlets but they did not turn up in our searches.

From what we can figure from the results, the dealers for RVs are the place to get your replacement glass doors and parts.

Tri-Slide Series RV Shower Door Handle


The news is just as grim here as it was for the last section. Amazon headed the results page and their options were about the first 5 on the results page. That marketplace may have what you are looking for but we cannot guarantee it.

Then, we suggest you try the company Trekwood as they seem to be very well stocked for RV parts. They may be able to get dealer direct replacements for you without the high dealer mark up but check first before assuming that is the case.

You can try the different RV discussion forums for your brand of RV for leads, but so far a couple of them have not been very helpful. All we can suggest is that you talk to your dealer if all else fails. Some popular or more famous RV parts outlets may have what you are looking for but you need to contact them directly to find out.

Diagram For a Tri-Slide Glass Door


There are a few of these wandering around the internet. The upcoming link goes to a PDF file which makes it difficult to insert here. It is a similar diagram we saw over at Rimemos.com website that claims to help you fix your glass shower door. We did not find it very helpful.

Just click here to see all the parts involved in at least one RV glass door. That image is from the Heartland manual.

Some Final Words

As near as we can tell, you may have to go to a custom glass shop to get your replacement glass shower door. Or your only option will be the company that made your brand of RV or trailer. Not every RV part will be for public retail sale and this seems to be one of them

Check with your local glass shops to see if they can be of better help to you. They may be the cheapest option you have.

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