Finding a Pop-Up Camper Shower Curtain (DIY, Coleman, Jayco)

Privacy is important. That is especially so when you are trying to use the shower inside a pop-up camper. You need a good shower curtain to make sure you have some ‘walls’ between you and the rest of the interior. It may not be easy to find as some pop-ups just are not shower curtain friendly.

Finding an actual shower curtain may not be as difficult as it sounds. That is if you have a wrap-around roof installed shower curtain system in your pop-up. When you don’t have one of those, you may have to go to Velcro to find some privacy.

To learn more about shower curtains and pop-up campers, just continue to read our article. It has the information you should know about so you can either find one for sale or make your own.

What Size Is a Pop-up Camper Shower Curtain?


These little accessories actually come in a variety of sizes. The main criteria would be the size of your pop-up camper. If there is room for a toilet/shower combination inside, then you should have room for a standard shower curtain that you can buy just about anywhere.

If you need a specific size, you can go to Amazon and find one at 36 by 72 inches in size. Or you can find some at different widths to make sure your shower area is nice and private.

The curtain only has to be long enough to cover you from above your head to a few inches inside the shower/toilet compartment. You do not need a floor-length curtain as the compartment will act like a bathtub. Its walls will give you 8 to 10 inches of coverage from the floor up.

Some owners use more than one shower curtain and they opt for the wider options. Their sizes are 72 by 70 inches with the larger measurement the width. In the end, it will be up to you and your shower situation that will determine the size of your shower curtain.

Pop Up Camper Shower Curtain Replacement Options

When you start this search, be ready to find many results talking just about replacing normal curtains in your pop-up camper. One reason this is so maybe that you can find a replacement shower curtain just about anywhere you normally shop.

For example, if you like JC Penny’s or some other famous department store, then those outlets will have a large variety of shower curtains for you to choose from. Those curtains will be in a variety of sizes so you can find the right one for your pop-up camper.

All you need to do is look at the current system you have and match the curtains to the system. Also, you will need to take accurate measurements to make sure you buy the shower curtain that fits.

This process is the same whether you shop at a big box store, a discount outlet, or a thrift store. There should be RV parts and supplies stores that should carry shower curtains made specifically for different brands and models of pop-up trailers.

Those options will be more expensive than if you simply went to Walmart or Target and bought one you liked. What we are saying is, that you have a lot of freedom to find a replacement shower curtain and are not locked into one brand or size.

Coleman Pop-up Camper Shower Curtain


When you want to stay with Coleman parts, and some people do, this company has its own online store you can turn to. The selection at this store is not that great but it does have shower curtains and also parts for your shower area.

That link will take you to their store and you can see what selection they have and if they have parts to make sure your curtain remains up. That is if you have an indoor shower. If you do not have one and need to go to an outdoor shower set up, Coleman has you covered there as well.

They sell an outdoor shower system except for the curtain. But that is okay as you can go to any store you like and buy a shower curtain in the color and design you want. This is one area of pop-up life where you have an extraordinary amount of freedom.

One Coleman owner also rigged up their own shower curtain rod using PVC pipe. You are not locked into having Coleman supply all the items you need. You can be creative and innovative with the shower area. Even if it means using a regular store-bought shower curtain.

Jayco Pop Up Camper Shower Curtain

With Jayco, you may have to contact the company directly or go through their dealers if you want a Jayco product to replace your original Jayco shower curtain. It seems that some of the company’s models had curtains attached to the rods and they could not be removed.

That meant replacing both the rod and the curtain if you needed a new one. While one owner simply had their dealer order them an extra shower curtain assembly when they bought their pop-up, most owners went to the DIY option instead.

One bought the traditional expanding shower curtain rod that used real screws and screwed it into the wall for better security. Others went to a curtain shop and sought out bendable aluminum curtain rods to use.

The curtain they used did not matter as shower curtains are shower curtains no matter where they are hung. There are good RV parts and supplies stores that will help you out in this situation.

Camping World, Wally’s World, Popupparts are just 3 names that will help you find the right shower system for your size of the pop-up. Going outside will make your search a little easier as you have lots of space to use up.

How Do You Hang Shower Curtains On a Pop-up Camper?


This will depend on the type of shower curtain rod you want to use and the dimensions of your pop-up camper. The easiest and fastest way to hang your curtains is to use the current rod and simply match the curtain to the hooks.

The second fastest way is if you need to replace the curtain rod as well. All you have to do is match the new rod with the old one. Then pull out the screws holding the old rod in place.

Then match the screws up with the old holes, going through the holes in the new rod and screw in the new rod. Then hang your curtain rod in place. These two options are common sense replacements and assume that you are working with an indoor shower system.

Still working indoors, you can see if a spring-loaded curtain rod will be easy to place inside. If not, you may have to go to one that is screwed into the wall or the ceiling. There are circular curtain rod tracks that attach to the ceiling without putting holes through your roof.

Those enclose the whole area but take a little time to install. All you will need will be a drill or a good screwdriver. The key for this option is to make sure the curtain holes line up with the track hooks so the curtain does not fold up in the wrong spots on you.

Wall mounts do not bring holes to your ceiling but are a little easier to put up. Sometimes you will need a small hook screwed into your ceiling to make sure the rod stays straight but that depends on the material you use.

Pop-up Camper Shower Curtain Track

One of the better aspects of hanging shower curtains is that you can get away with using standard house window curtain tracks instead. These tracks may not always fit your dimensions but there is enough of a variety for you to find something that will work.

For example, the plastic bendable curved track should be strong enough to hold the weight of your shower curtain when wet and still be maneuvered into the right privacy position. The cost is minimal and being plastic the track should not rust on you and last a long time.

Then there is the rectangle metal shower curtain rack that attaches to your ceiling. It gives you complete coverage while attaching to your ceiling. The key is to make sure the screws do not go into or through your roof.

If you need a specific pop-up camper shower curtain track, then you are limited to the different RV parts and accessories stores that dot the countryside. They will have the right parts for you from the brand you bought your pop-up from, or at least they should.

Or you can contact the dealers or the brand directly to see what they have in stock. Keep in mind that your costs are going to be higher if you go through these last few options. Also, the components may not be made from the best materials either.

Outdoor Shower Curtain For Pop Up Camper


As mentioned earlier, Coleman offers at least one of these for sale at their store. Just click on the link provided and search their website. The different brands will have dealers ready to help you find an outdoor shower system made for their models.

It isn’t the shower per se that you need to worry about. Each brand and some after-market outlets will have good showers you can purchase. You just have to compare prices and find the best for the least amount of money.

What is important when it comes to outdoor showers and which the RV brands do not seem to supply is privacy enclosures. These you have to shop for yourself and depending on your preferences and skill levels you can make just about any lightweight outdoor shower enclosure.

One person went to PVC pipe and strong industrial-sized suction cup holders. He attached the pipe together in a rectangle, with one connector having a downward opening. That opening was used to add another pipe that connected the shower rod to the suction cup holder.

He then added his traditional shower curtain, or two, and his outdoor shower was ready. Like the shower curtain, you do have a lot of freedom to create your own outdoor shower and maintain dignity and privacy when cleaning up.

Some Shower Curtain Options


Whether you have an indoor or an outdoor shower in your pop-up, it is always good to have options. For the indoor model, we have already given a couple of examples of how to use curtain rods.

Another one is to use bendable lightweight pipe and make sure it can be bent into a rectangle without losing the mobility of the shower curtain hooks. This system does not add a lot of weight to your pop-up but it is durable and strong.

Then for the outside privacy factor, Amazon and other retail outlets sell shower tents. There is a spot to place your shower nozzle so it is in the right position for a good shower. Plus, you have a zip-up door that keeps your showers private.

These shower tents come in different heights so both small and tall people can enjoy a good outdoor shower without becoming nervous or self-conscious.

Some Final Words

Finding shower curtains for your pop-up just takes going to the right stores and bringing the proper measurements with you. From there it is a matter of finding one that is in the right color and has the right design for your pop-up’s interior.

As we said earlier, there is a huge amount of freedom in this aspect of pop-up camping and you should exercise that freedom so you get the shower curtain set up that is perfect for you.

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