How To Replace RV Shower Door Rollers (Finding Replacement)

The most common repair. This honor goes to leaks. Doesn’t matter where, leaks are the biggest problem with shower doors. Next may be the shower door rollers as they will wear out and you will need to find replacement parts. This is a repair you can do yourself.

If you use your shower a lot, then expect to replace those shower door rollers eventually. They will wear out on you but the fix is not the hard part of the job. It is finding the right door rollers that may be difficult.

To learn how to do this project correctly, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can handle the task with ease. Take a few minutes to see how it is done so you can do it the next time it happens to you.

Can You Replace The Shower Door Wheels?


Yes, you can and there are spare rollers on sale at different outlets. But this is a time-consuming task as you have to take a lot of measurements to make sure you are getting the right wheels.

Of course, you can take the assembly to the hardware store and match them up. Make sure to take the old wheels off the assembly and bring them with you as well. You want a very good match when you select those new wheels.

Not every glass door and frame will have the same type of rollers. You need to try to get the same type for the system to work properly. Not every outlet carries more than one roller option.

Are Shower Door Rollers Universal?

Unfortunately, no. While e-trailer only carries one specific shower door roller, they make no guarantees that part will fit every make and model of RV shower door. Even shower door rollers for traditional home glass doors are not made the same.

Even Walmart has a variety of designs on sale. There are those rollers that are secured by a screw and others that are secured by a rivet. Then some options come in pairs while others are sold in packs of 4 or just one.

You will have to take the time to search through the different options to find one that is an exact match or close to it. That means shopping in person, not online.

How do I Know Which Shower Door Rollers?

To find the ones that fit your RV shower door, you may only be able to tell by looking at them. You will need to measure as well but the design is often the same or close to being the same.

If it is the latter, a little adjustment should have them working for you. That will save you a trip back to the store. Make sure to bring the rollers with you to the store so you can match design and size as there are a few sizes to compare.

This is one of those parts that are usually made generically and with little guidance to help you find the right one.

Forest River RV Shower Door Rollers


To find this specific shower door roller, you will have to go to an outlet that sells Forest River and other RV parts. Hannah RV & trailer supply has one for sale and it is for the top roller. Their model number is FOR-F100058162 and the part costs $20.

Or you can do what one owner did. He went to Camping World and they helped him get the right parts including some that were missing from the assembly. Not sure about the price but if you go to RV specialists then you should be able to find the parts fairly quickly.

Keep in mind that while your RV may be a Forest River model, the rollers are not made by Forest River and you should find replacements at other locations.

How To Measure Shower Door Rollers

This is where a steady hand comes in ‘handy’. Once you figure out if you have a steady hand, you will need to measure the hole sizes, on the assembly and possibly the glass door.

You will also need to measure the wheel diameter as well as the glass thickness. These measurements are important as the track system is only one size. You can’t adjust the width of the track to fit the new wheels.

But not every RV or trailer will measure the same. They are built with different thicknesses of glass, diameters for the wheels as well as the size of the assembly. Your friend’s shower door measurements, may not be the same as yours.

Finding RV Shower Door Roller Replacement Parts

Owning RVs and trailers has exploded over the years and there are far more of these rigs on the road today than when they first became popular to own. This is a big market to supply parts to.

That is why finding replacement rollers may be an easy task. Walmart, Amazon, and RV parts and accessory outlets all have replacement rollers for RV shower doors.

We cannot speak for individual stores but we found ads for those three options on the Internet with a quick search. Amazon may be your best option as they carry a very wide selection of rollers at prices you can afford. They are cheaper than Walmart.

As we said earlier, e-Trailer only carries one so they are not the best option.

How To Replace RV Shower Door Rollers


This is not a hard repair, but you will have to remove your shower door to get it done. If it is not already out of the track, then remove it and place it in a safe spot so you can work.

Once you have matched up the rollers, all you may need will be a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Or a small wrench or socket. Then just loosen the screws and bolts and remove the old assembly, if you have not already done that.

After that, remove the screws holding the wheel in place on the assembly. When those are off, just crew the new wheels in their place. This is a simplified instruction as rollers differ in design and installation methods.

RV Shower Door Roller Assembly

These parts may not wear out very quickly if at all. They do not generally rub against anything but merely hold the wheels to the glass. However, they are as different as the rollers are and your specific RV may take a design that your friend’s shower door does not have.

The key is to remove the assembly and take it with you when you go to the store to do your shopping. You can remove the wheels as you will need to see if the new wheels fit into the holes in the assembly.

Just don’t forget to take the wheels with you as both parts need to be matched up if you want to re-attach your glass shower door again.

How To Adjust Shower Door Rollers

This just takes the right screwdriver. You need the one that fits the head design on the rollers. All you have to do is turn the screw one way or the other until the doors are loose.

Once loose, you can slide the wheel to the right spot in the slot. Then tighten the screw back up again. This is just one way to do this and other designs may have different methods to use.

If you are replacing the old wheels or assembly, ask the clerk at the store how to do it so you know the correct method for your bathroom’s design. It is a very straight forward process so you shouldn’t have any trouble making the adjustment.

How To Lubricate Shower Door Rollers


The simplest way to do this task is to get some 3-in-1 oil. Then you can remove the wheels or the assembly so you have better access to the axles. Once you are in a position that works for you, just add a few drops of the oil.

You won’t need more than 4 drops and after you put the oil on the axle, turn the wheel to get the oil to go through to the other side. This is something you should do every few months.

The reason you do it that often is that the shower gets a lot of moisture in it. Those wheels and axles will rust fairly quickly on you. If you maintain the wheels, you won’t have to replace them very often.

Some Final Words

Replacing the rollers on your shower door is not hard. If you do it yourself, it should take about 30 minutes or so. Your warranty should not be voided if you do this task but read the fine print to make sure.

Also, finding replacements is not that hard either. Just make sure to bring the wheel and assembly with you when you go to the store. That way you will get the best fit.

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