Installing a Shower In a Pop-Up Camper (Shower Toilet Combo)

With the right tools & parts just about anything is possible. Add in a little skill and knowledge and it is possible to add alterations to your pop-up camper. The question will be is ‘do you have enough space to make those alterations?’ It is a tough question to answer when you really want to make a change.

This is a doable project but it can be a costly one. If you do not already have a bathroom/shower in your pop-up you will be needing to add parts to the camper. You will also need to figure out how those parts will fit, where they will go, and so on.

To learn more about this important project, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about to make sure the project goes smoothly. It is not a project for the beginner or the non-handyman so take that into account as well.

Can You Put a Bathroom In a Pop-up Camper?


Yes, it is possible to do this project. However, if you do not already have one installed, you are going to be doing a lot of extra work other than construction. The reason we say that is because you have to make cuts in your floor and camper wall if you do not pick a totally self-contained system.

Then you have to find the right place for that shower/toilet combination. That is not going to be easy to do when your pop-up is on the small side. Some owners have gone to the porta-potty option in order to make their alteration work.

To do this project, you will have to see what toilet shower options are available and see how they will work in your trailer. When you start with a built-in toilet/shower combination, half the work is already done for you.

All the drains and water lines are already in place. That leaves you with how tall you want the shower. You will need to buy a shower curtain, longer hose, and find a way to hang that shower curtain so water does not go everywhere.

Some pop-up owners have gone to a porta-potty system only and placed the shower outside. This is a good option when you do not have a lot of room to work with or you are scared of putting holes in your roof.

Make sure to think through every option and look for possible problems before you start.

Can You Add a Shower To a Pop-up Camper?

Yes, this is possible and many owners have done this because they do not like being the campground sideshow when they shower outside. Other owners do this when they do not feel comfortable sitting down on the toilet lid to take a shower.

When you already have that combination inside, it is only a matter of finding a longer hose and setting up a shower curtain rod that will give you privacy as well as contain the water. That may take some creative and innovative thinking but it can and has been done.

Other owners, not wanting to put holes in their ceiling or use up a lot of space, have added an outdoor shower to their pop-up camper. It is easy to do and sometimes a privacy tent, water supply, and a long hose are all they need.

Those privacy or shower tents hold the shower nozzle for you and usually are free-standing. Or you can make your own privacy tent and attach a holder to your pop-up exterior and your shower is ready for you.

Instead of putting holes into the walls of your camper, you can do what one owner did and use industrial-strength suction cups and attach the shower curtain rod to it. That system protects your walls and allows you to have a nice private shower.

Installing a Shower In a Pop-up Camper


When you do not have a shower in your pop-up already, there will be some challenges you have to overcome. The first challenge will be water collection. No shower means no shower drain and you will have to rig up a floor plan with high enough walls that you can adapt to the drain.

This presents its own issues when your pop-up does not contain any waste-water tanks. You would have to rig up a drain system that can empty the water into 5-gallon jugs or some other container that can be closed.

To get hot water, you do not have to rely on the small water heater inside your camper, if you have one. An on-demand water heater will work better and is smaller. That makes the installation of that component a little easier.

Then, you have to find the right spot for the toilet/shower combination, if you are going that route. You do not want to interfere with other components and you do not want to damage the integrity of the flooring or the walls when you cut in the drain holes or run water lines.

Installing a shower is delicate work as there are so many issues to think about. When you use a ceiling curtain track to hold the shower curtain, you have to make sure the screws are not too long or you run the risk of creating water leaks in your roof.

This is a doable project, you just have to be skilled enough to overcome those challenges.

Best Pop up Camper Shower Toilet Combo Options

There should be several models for you to choose from. If the big box stores like Home Depot or Lowes do not have many, you should try RV parts stores or hardware stores to see the full selection. Or try Thetford or Dometic to see what options they have. Here are a few options to get you started:

1. YITAHOME Portable Sink and Toilet- see it here

You may be able to adapt this unit to hold a shower nozzle and water line. It pumps up to 4 1/2 gallons of water which in turn will drain into the flush tank. this system will help you save on water use.

Its leak-proof design and rotating pour spout should avoid any messes that some bathroom accidents can cause. The sink is detachable so you can lower it down when it is time to move on from your campsite.

2. Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower- see it here

We used this product simply because no one is making a list of the best toilet shower combinations for pop-ups. When we searched Thetford and Amazon the only one that came up was 1.

This product is ideal because you do not have to do any installation work. You set up the tent, place the cassette or porta-potty inside when you need to use it, and have total privacy. Then when you need to shower, you just remove the toilet and use the 5-gallon water tank to take your shower.

This privacy tent is fast and simple to set up and the good part is you do not need to put holes in your camper to use it.

3. DIY

This option is where you find the components you want, buy them separately, then combine them into a nice toilet/shower combo that will work for your pop-up camper. There are many good small RV toilets available everywhere, including Thetford, Dometic, and Amazon, not to mention the big box stores, etc.

The difficult part will be finding the right one to fit your camper and is easy enough to use. All the RV toilet options we saw, did not come with a shower connection or could be adapted to hold one. The DIY option is the best way to go as you can custom fit everything into your camper.

Finding a Pop-up Camper Toilet And Shower Combo For Sale


If you are as lucky as one owner, he found someone advertising a toilet/shower combination for sale in the classified ads. The toilet/shower owner removed it from a Coleman Soft Side camper and never used it. He just stored it away.

The buyer bought it nice and cheap and then installed it into a 1973 Apache Ramada pop-up. That is a very good way to go. You can save a lot of money by looking through the classified ads for different camper parts.

The next place to go, and this will be a bit more expensive, is to talk to the maker of your pop-up trailer. They should have some of these units for sale as they will put them into different models. If not, you may be able to order through them or their dealers.

Or contact Thetford and Dometic directly to see if they deal directly with the public or if they know where you can find these units. We checked different RV parts stores and they usually only sell the drain pans, nozzles, and smaller components not the combination set-up.

Camping World only stocked the toilets and no combinations. This may be the same problem you will have. But check with Home Depot or Lowes to see if they have any in stock or where you can find them.

This combination style does not seem to be very popular. Many owners may piece together the different components as we suggested, or made their own out of unique parts.

Pop up Camper Shower And Toilet Kit


When your pop-up camper does not have a toilet/shower combo installed at the factory, you may think you can get a kit. That is a good idea but the reality is, so far no one is advertising that they have such a kit in their stores.

These kits may be available but they are not so popular so they do not get the press. What this means is that you should create your own kit and DIY the install yourself or hire a professional to do it.

Creating your own kit is not hard and the biggest benefit would be that you get the components you want, at the size you want in the design you want. Plus, it is easier to fit your camper when you DIY instead of buying a generic kit.

Also, you can find the right components just about anywhere as individually, they are sold by all plumbing outlets, RV parts stores, and even the big box stores. You stay in control and get the advice you need when you are ready to install the kit yourself. That is a better way to go and you can possibly save some money.

How Do You Install an Outdoor Shower on a Pop-up Camper?


This is easier to do than installing an indoor shower in your pop-up camper. The benefits are, you have more space, do not need to worry about holes, and you get more options.

One option is to find a privacy tent that is self-standing. All you will need then is a shower nozzle with a long enough hose and you are good to go. The privacy tent is lightweight, folds down making it easy to store.

Or you can create your own shower with a curtain rod made out of PVC pipe, some connectors, and strong suction cups. This option is also lightweight, easy to store, and should not cost you a lot of money.

The installation will depend on the type of outdoor shower you want to have. The key will be having enough shower curtains width and height to give you extreme privacy.

Some Final Words

When it comes to installing a bathroom/shower combination in your pop-up, DIY is the best way to go. There may be challenges to overcome and lots of decisions to make but at least you will get the combination that fits, and one that you like.

The choice is up to you which components you install but weigh all the options and see what is involved before you make any final decisions.

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