How to Replace an RV Shower Curtain (Tips to Clean or Make)

Privacy in tight quarters is essential. That is why the right RV shower curtain is vital to your holiday experience. It can keep prying eyes out and let you shower in peace. Plus, good shower curtains keeps the water inside your RV shower stall making sure your floors stay nice and dry.

How to Replace an RV Shower Curtain: Most curtain rods are secured by a few screws and all it takes is a little time and a little screwdriver know how to get the old one down and the new one in its place. Just make sure you measure correctly so you do not have any installation problems.

To find out how to deal with your RV shower curtain issue, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to answer your questions. Remember that all RV showers and shower curtains are not made the same so there will be no one size fits all solution.

How to Remove an RV Shower Curtain

It is not that difficult to remove shower curtain rods from your RV shower. The quickest way is to use a power drill with the right screwdriver head. This will take the screws out quickly and shorten your repair time.

For those who prefer the manual way of removing screws, a good phillips head screwdriver, or a compatible head for different shaped screws, will do the trick just as easily. The important part is to make sure you do not drop any of the screws.

For shower curtains, they are generally just hooked on to holders and you just need to lift and tug to get them off. Most shower curtains are made to be convenient and it shouldn’t take a lot of effort to remove the current one for cleaning or replacing.

How to Cean RV Shower Curtain

How you clean your RV shower curtain depends a lot on the material used by the manufacturer. Some shower curtains are made tough enough to handle the treatment a washing machine dishes out.

The washing machine can get your shower curtain nice and clean and use a variety of water temperatures to do it. Just make sure to use the right laundry detergent so you do not damage the curtain.

Then some shower curtains are designed to be cleaned by hand. Sometimes cold or lukewarm water is the best temperatures to use and depending on the curtain fabric, you can use a mild soap or bleach to get the dirt out.

How you clean it depends on the manufacturer’s instructions, You should follow those carefully in order to have your curtain last you a long time.

How to Make an RV Shower Curtain

There are several materials you can use to make your own RV shower curtain. You can choose between fabric, plastic and vinyl. Most experts recommend that you use fabric. The reason for this is that both plastic and vinyl attract mold.

The fabric version is also easier to keep clean and you do not have to use harsh bleach or chemicals to get the dirt out. The next decision you have to make is how thick you want the curtains. The thickness will influence how the curtain spreads out when you use it or folds back up when not in use.

A thicker fabric will make it harder to keep clean and harder to maintain. After you decide how thick you want the curtains, you need to figure out how often you will use the shower. Frequent use means the curtain won’t dry out as quickly and dirt can buildup fast.

Also, you would want to be able to add a few lead weights at the bottom to make sure the shower curtain remains inside the shower while in use. On top of all this if you are tired of having the shower curtain stick to you, make sure the fabric is longer than normal.

The simplest way to make an RV shower curtain is to buy a regular shower curtain and adapt it to your current shower current rod. It will save you time trying to sew those loops in place.

What Size is an RV Shower Curtain

The good news is that RV shower curtains come in a variety of sizes. They are made to fit all make and models of RV showers. You should not have any difficulty finding a the right fit.

Depending on the size of your shower opening, you can find shower curtains measuring between 47 by 64 inches to 72 by 72 inches. These figures just give you an idea that your search should not be difficult.

One word of advice, you may want to have the shower curtains a little longer than normal. Then attach some weights to the bottom. This will help the shower curtain to stay inside the shower as well as solve your sticking to the skin issue.

Also, you can adapt your curtain rod and use a little wider shower curtain for a little extra space inside your RV’s shower.

Where to Buy RV Shower Curtain (online at Amazon)

If you want to stay with the same type of design and format of shower curtain that came with your RV, you can find a good shower curtain at your local RV accessories story.

If you do not have one of those outlets in your area, then let your fingers do the walking and type in Then in the search box type in rv shower curtains and you will be given lots of results.

Amazon seems to have an RV shower curtain for just about every model of RV made to date. Plus, you can get good shower curtain rods to make your showering time better.

Most RV shower curtains on Amazon measure 36, 48, etc., wide by 72 inches long. Then if you do not like internet shopping, and some people do not, your box department and specialty bed and bath stores have a wide selection of shower curtains that can be used in your RV.

RV Shower Door vs Curtain

Not all RVs come with shower curtains. Some come with specially designed doors to make your shower experience convenient and less messy. Which style you like and use is up to your preferences, both have their positive and negative characteristics.

Shower curtains are the easiest to use as they simply slide into and out of place. But doors provide you with a lot more privacy. One negative aspect to the shower door is that the glass could break at the wrong time.

You have no fear of shower curtains breaking unless you pull to hard on the curtain. The curtain is easier to replace and costs a lot less money. If you still want a shower door, make sure the glass is thick enough to handle the bumps and impacts of RV traveling.

Space is going to be another issue. While doors can come in framed and unframed models, there might not be enough space in your RV to remove the curtain and replace it with a door. Also, sower curtain rods come in a variety of designs to make sure you can get extra space while you shower without making a mess.

RV External Shower Curtain

Some RVs have external shower areas which make sit easier to shower and give you more space. The only thing the external outdoor shower area may lack is privacy. In this case you would need to attach a square or rectangle shower curtain rod to your RV external shower area.

Once you do this you may find that the shower area is so large, you will need two shower curtains to create a little privacy. None of this is difficult to do and you will find that you will have a lot of choice, variety and selection when it comes to external shower curtains.

You can use regular shower curtains or special RV friendly ones. The choice is yours to make, just make sure you get ones with a lot of length.

Hookless RV Shower Curtain

Hookless RV shower curtains just slip over your RV’s curtain rod and slide to wherever you want it. This style of shower curtain saves on buying extra parts to use plus there is less things that can go wrong over time.

The shower curtains are made to handle lots of RV showers and should be durable enough to last you for years. All you would need is the right shower curtain rod to make sure you can take advantage of these hookless curtains.

When you are shopping make sure to double check the stitching and other vital parts around each ringlet. The quality needs to be there so you can enjoy these curtains for many years to come. Also, make sure they are easy to clean and machine wash friendly.

RV Shower Curtain Ideas

All it takes to get RV shower curtain ideas is a little brainstorming and some common sense. You want to be creative, innovative but not unrealistic. Keep in mind that you have very little space to work with as you think up ideas.

Some ideas include:

  • Curved shower curtain rods
  • Curved shower curtains
  • Extendable curtain rods
  • Thought provoking designs
  • Add lead weights or other weighted materials
  • Go long and oversized in curtain fabric
  • Mix and match fabric, plastic or vinyl
  • Use landscapes, outer space or other favorite themes
  • Bungee cords and a couple of hooks can replace your broken shower rod

RV Shower Curtain With Pockets

Saving space on your RV is important and you can save a lot of space by buying an RV shower curtain with pockets. These pockets help you store your bath needs and makes sure you have more room to move.

Or you may not want to stop using your tablet, phone or other specialty items. The right pockets can hold those tools while keeping them safe from the steam and water. The number of pockets you have in your shower curtain is up to you.

You just want to make sure you have enough to meet all the shower users’ needs. Or if you are handy with a needle and thread, you can add pockets to your current shower current and make your showering time a lot easier to do.

Amazon has a large selection of shower curtains with pockets. Finding the right one for you should not be that difficult. Just make sure those curtains can fit ion your current RV shower rod.

RV Shower Curtain Hooks

If by chance your RV’s shower curtain hooks break or get damaged, finding replacements will not be that difficult. Replacements are everywhere and your toughest choice will be which ones you will buy.

You can find a wide selection of RV shower current hooks at different camping outlets, RV accessories stores, your box department stores as well as If you want convenience and know the type of shower hooks you need, you can spend a little time on your computer and see what Amazon has to offer.

Or it may be best to bring a current hook to your local RV or camping store, etc., and show them exactly what you need. If it is not in stock, they may be able to order it in for you.

Some Final Comments

You may not have thought that RVs were so much trouble. It is a fact that RVs come with a lot of little details that at one point in time need your time and attention. Shower curtains, rods and hooks are some of those little items.

When you buy your RV you should ask about your shower curtains, etc. And see how difficult they are to use, maintain or replace. The dealer or the previous owner should have the right information which can save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run.

If you don’t do not worry. These parts are very plentiful and you should be able to find replacements in any city you happen to be in or close to. A good RV shower curtain rod can also save you from having wet floors and water damage.

It is important that you keep your eyes on these little details that come with owning an RV.

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