How to Make an RV Shower White Again (Helpful Guide)

RV Showers are cool. They let you clean up in private and they are easy to clean. Plus, they are always ready to help you out on a hot day. A shower in the RV makes vacationing more fun and allows you to do evening activities after a hard day of fun.

How to Make an RV Shower White Again: There are a lot of solutions to this problem, One has you using ultraviolet light with hydrogen peroxide. Another solution uses denatured alcohol or isopropyl. Finally a third solution recommends watered down bleach.

RV showers provide its owners with a lot of convenience and helpful benefits. To find out how to return the favor and make it white again, just continue to read our article. The answers may surprise you.

How to Whiten Yellowed RV Shower

Plastic may be a got to construction material for many items but it does have its enemies. Some cleaners and even UV rays will turn white RV shower stalls yellow. One easy solution to returning the shower walls back to their original white color is to use hydrogen peroxide.

The steps to use this answer are simple:

  • Fill a spray bottle with 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • Since peroxide whitens your tub it will also bleach nearby fabrics. You need to remove the shower curtain, mats and any linens near the spray zone
  • Make sure to remove shampoo bottles and soaps, etc. From the cleaning area
  • After you have done that, rinse and lightly clean away any dirt, hair or other scum from your shower stall
  • Rinse again to make sure the cleaner is gone
  • Once this is all done, spray your hydrogen peroxide over your shower walls. Do all the walls at the same time
  • Let the solution soak for about 10 to 15 minutes, then wipe clean.
  • It is possible that the first attempt will not be 100% successful. Just keep repeating the spray and wipe steps until the yellow is gone

How to Clean a Yellow Fiberglass RV Shower

It is possible that some RV tub s and showers are made of fiberglass and not plastic. Fiberglass can yellow over time just like plastic does. The only difference is that the fiberglass may only have spot yellow stains and not be completely yellow.

Here is what you do to handle this situation:

  • Dilute 6 ounces of hydrogen peroxide with 6 ounces of water
  • Add in 12 ounces of cream of tarter and mix thoroughly
  • Apply the mixture to those yellow stain spots and let the mixture dry
  • After the mixture has dried use a brush to clean it off the spots. Make sure to not use an abrasive brush
  • Finally rinse each treated spot with warm water

How to Avoid Yellowing RV Showers

There are several sources for yellowing on your RV shower walls. Each source is not that difficult to avoid and have very simple solutions to prevent yellowing from occurring.

First, you need to clean regularly- irregular cleaning allows for the yellowing process to become more severe and really affect the nice look you have in your shower

Second, Stop using harsh chemical cleaners- these cleaners can damage the plastic and allow for any yellowing process to get a foot hold in your shower stall.

Third, don’t use abrasive brushes, etc.- these can scratch your plastic surface allowing it to become vulnerable to yellowing. Use softer brushes, sponges and cloths to get the shower clean again.

Finally, close the shower or bathroom door- you want to block the harmful UV rays from reaching your shower walls. Close the doors or keep the bathroom curtains closed when the sun is shining on that side of your RV.

If you haven’t taken those steps to protect your shower from discoloring, here is a third option to returning your shower walls back to white again:

Combine 1 teaspoon of liquid dish washing soap with 1 quart of water. You can use a gentle tub and tile cleaner as well

Spray the tub with the mixture and wipe clean. After wiping, rinse well with clean water

Then mix baking soda and water until it looks like toothpaste

Rub the mixture over your shower stall and let it stand for an hour

Next, take a soft bristled nylon brush and wet it with warm water

Scrub the tub with the wet brush and keep wetting as needed

Rinse with clean water and let dry

After you have wiped the shower walls dry, apply some auto whiting polish on the walls. After rubbing it in a little bit, wipe off any excess

When you are done doing that, add a light coat of auto cream wax with a soft cotton cloth and let dry after wiping off any excess.

The Expensive Way to Whiten your RV Shower

Some RV experts and users feel that the cheap plastic used in RV showers cannot be restored to their original white color. You can try the above solutions and if they do not work, you are left with the expensive option.

What these experts recommend for you to do is to replace the yellow plastic walls with new plastic walls. There may be some that are treated so that they do not yellow. This is a solution that is also recommended if your current shower doors have discolored as well.

Just spend the money and save your self the time of trying to remove the yellow by hand.

Some Final Comments

When trying to remove the yellow from your shower walls, it is not always a good idea to use bleach. Bleach can damage your holding tanks, gaskets and drain systems. So be careful how much you use if you decide to use bleach. Just keep in mind that even a little bleach can harm your RV.

If the above solutions do not work for you, you can replace your shower walls. Or you can talk to an expert RV mechanic and get their help. They may have some tricks up their sleeves that work fast and effectively.

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