ShowerMiser RV Water Saving System (Install and Use Guide)

When you are camping it is always a priority to save water. You have a limited supply when boondocking so every drop counts. When connected to city water, you want to keep your gray water tank from filling up too soon. There is a good device to help prevent that situation and save water.

The ShowerMiser is designed to recycle unused fresh cold water. This device works in a way that extends the capacities of both your gray and fresh water tanks. Instead of letting good clean cold water drain to the gray water tank, it sends it back to the fresh water holding tank.

To learn more about this device, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have the best information possible on this device and how it works. It should be easy to install even if you have an older RV or trailer.

The Aquaview ShowerMiser Water-Saving System


This water-saving system is exactly as it is labeled. After installation, all you have to do to save water is flip a level. That simple action diverts the cold water that would normally run down the drain and into the gray water tank, back into your fresh water supply.

This little action preserves your fresh water and makes it last longer. Plus, it stops your gray water tank from filling up too fast. It is a simple but ingenious way to help RV owners save money by not using all their water too quickly.

In addition to this water-saving technique, this device will work on both tank and tankless water heaters. You can save no matter which system you have heating your water.

In addition to this good news, there are different RV makers that are factory installing this system as an extra feature to satisfy their customers. If you do not have one of these models, this system can be installed on older RVs and trailers.

You do not have to miss out on saving water by choosing to own an older RV or trailer.

How Does ShowerMiser Work?

This is not a complicated system. Once installed, there is only one moving part you have to be concerned about. You do not have to disconnect from your outside water supply to use this device.

All you have to do is turn the little lever to the proper position and the lever closes the valve opening to the shower head. At the same time, it opens the valve to the fresh water tank, thereby redirecting the cold water back into the fresh water tank.

This little action keeps the water that would normally run into your shower drain in your system. Plus, you do not have to worry about the quality of the water as it is untouched by anything. The water remains in the water line and the fresh water tank so it won’t be corrupted by dirt, soap, etc.

It is that simple and it seems to make many RV owners very happy as they do not have to empty their gray water tank as often nor fill up their fresh water tank as frequently. It may be one upgrade that is worth the money to buy.

How do You use a ShowerMiser?


After you have installed the Showermiser, all you have to do is flip the lever and wait for the color change. The company that designed this little and unique device uses color-changing technology to let you know when the hot water has arrived.

Once you see that color change, all you have to do is flip the lever back into the position that closes the fresh water valve and opens the shower head valve. There is one trick to using this device.

You do need a return water line to either the non-pressurized side of the water pump or one that goes directly back into the fresh water tank. Other instructions are:

- Do not disconnect your outside water source.

- Check your control panel to see how much fresh water you have in your water tank.

- Turn the SHOWERMI$ER lever/valve to bypass the shower head.

- Turn the cold water shower valve to full pressure.

- Keep an eye on the water control panel.

- When it shows full, turn off the shower valve. (source)

How do You Install a Shower Miser?

The best place to go for installation instructions is the website for the Showermiser. That website is already linked to in the previous section in the word 'source'. Here are the instructions they provide for easy installation:

SHOWERMI$ER connects anywhere on the non-pressurized side of the fresh water system, (for example, the fresh water tank or the input side of the water pump).

- Simply remove the shower head and attach the SHOWERMI$ER unit.

- Line up and mark where the return line will be.

- Drill a single hole (using a hole saw) in the shower wall through to the inside wall where the other plumbing is maintained.

- Using the provided lock nut and washer, tighten the SHOWERMI$ER snugly against the wall.

- Using a return line with a 1/2″ female pipe thread fitting, attach the return line to the SHOWERMI$ER unit.

- Lastly, connect the other side of the return line to anywhere it is convenient on the non-pressurized side of the fresh water system. It is easy!”

Again, these instructions should work for those RVs that have tankless water heaters installed. By upgrading to a tankless water heater you are not cut off from using these devices and upgrade your shower experience as well as save fresh water.

Shower Miser RV Instructions


There are not that many instructions to give. The most important one is to make sure you install the Showermiser in the correct position so you always know which way to turn the lever to shut off or turn on the water supply.

The second most important instruction would be to learn the different colors that show up for the different water temperatures. The cold water supply will have the pipe look dark blue.

When there is just hot water, the tube or device will turn gray. But when the hot water arrives at the lever point, you should see a mixture of dark blue and gray. The website linked to above has an excellent color image showing you these colors and what they will look like.

When you see, the mixture of dark blue and gray, then the water is ready for your shower. This is a very simple system to use and learn.

Aqua View ShowerMiser Diagram

The following image comes from the Showermiser website but we do not think it is the best diagram you can use. This diagram shows all the important parts and it has corresponding numbers but no legend telling you what those numbers mean:


To give you a better idea of what the system looks like once installed, we did find some good images on the internet. Here is one of those images. It provides a before and after look so you can see if you did the installation correctly or not.


Then since we do not feel the black and white diagram is as good as it should be, here is a color version to give you a better idea of how this system works:


Download ShowerMiser Manual


There is no manual available to download. This is not a very complicated device filled with electronics. There are no wiring diagrams because it does not use electricity.

All the instructions for use and installation should be in the package when you buy it at your RV parts and accessory outlets. Instead, we can give you warranty information which may come in handy as well as a link to the company’s FAQ web page so you can have most of your questions answered.

Life Time Extended Warranty

A Lifetime warranty is available, subject to a $5.00 registration fee, and proof of purchase, and completed within one month (30 days) of purchase (automatic for web purchasers from this site). We will continue to support and repair at no charge any units returned to our office after the warranty period where the fault would have been covered as below.

All freight, duties, and customs charges are the responsibility of the owner.”

Click here to get to the FAQ web page. It should answer tankless water heater questions as well.

Some Additional Words

This device seems to be the next best thing to sliced bread. It is low-tech, simple to use, and easy to install. You cannot ask for anything better when you want to save water.

According to the many owners that have this device installed, it works well when installed correctly. The only complicated part of this device is knowing which direction to turn the lever and what color to watch out for.

Cutting your trips to the dump station is always a good saving and not just for water.

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