RV Water Pump Runs But No Water! How to Fix it?

When you use your RV Little issues keep cropping up. That is the nature of the beast. Your RV is filled with lots of parts that can go wrong. One part that is essential to a good camping experience is the water pump

RV Water Pump Runs But No Water! How to Fix it? The simplest fix is to replace your old water pump with a new one but the water pump may not be the problem. There could be any number of reasons why your water pump turns on and no water comes out of your taps.

To find out these reasons and how to solve them, just keep reading our article. It contains a step by step guide to help you restore water to your RV’s faucets

How Your RV Water Pump Works

What makes working on or with water pumps annoying is that yo may not have the electrical background needed to work on a water pump. The main thing to remember about RV water pumps is that they work just like any other water pump.

There is very little difference between operations. If it is an electrical issue, then you would want to call a technician to handle that problem. If it isn’t, then you should be able to handle the repairs without getting frustrated

RV Water Pump Problems & Solutions

Once you discover that the water pump is running and no water is coming out, you may feel silly when you realize how simple the problem is and easy it is to fix. Here are some of those simple problems and their solutions:

#1. No Water in the Fresh Water Tank

You may have been fooled by the water tank’s level reader. It read full so you did not add any water. Water readers can make mistakes, so do not take their word for it. Double check by manually testing the water levels in your tank.

If the water level is low or the tank is empty, then just fill it up again. You may need to bleed the water lines if the water pump [pumped air instead of water.

#2. Pipes are Broken

This situation may not happen often but it does happen. After receiving no water and you checked the water tank level, you should check the water pipes. There may be a leak and instead of heading to your faucet, the water drains on the road or ground.

Check every inch of the line for leaks, all connections and even pipe joints or elbows. If there is no leak, then you are good to go on this issue. You can always snug up any connections to make sure they are secure and not getting ready to come loose.

#3. Air is in the Pump

You have completed the first two steps successfully. There is enough water in the tank and there are no broken or leaking pipes. Now you need to check the water pump itself.

To do this, you need to go to your water pump and find the water intake line. Disconnect the pipe from the water pump only and see if water comes out of the end. If you get water, then you may only have to prime the pump again to get the water flowing.

If there is no water coming out the end, that means air got inside and blocked the water flow. You will need to fill the pipe with water and start the pump. It may take a minute or two before you get a steady water flow again.

#4. There is an Electrical Problem

Okay, by now you have filled the water tank, checked for leaks, checked the water flow at the pump and everything is fine. At this stage, you may have an electrical problem.

There is something wrong with the motor and you will need to repair or replace it. Before you do, you have to identify the problem first and that might take an electrical technician to do.

Just in case, here are some of the more common motor problems you may be experiencing:

  • The pump is stuck and you will need to check the valve to solve this situation
  • The diaphragm on the pump is torn or has been punctured. You need to replace it
  • The impeller is worn out. For the hydraulic system in the pump to work right, the impeller has to be in top condition. When it is worn out, you won’t get any water from your pump. The solution here is to replace the impeller
  • There is debris inside the motor. It happens but a good sediment filter can solve that issue before it starts

RV Water Pump Checklist

To help you keep your water pump from running out of water, here are some questions to ask yourself as you get ready to hit the road with your RV:

  • Did you close the drain before filling your water tank up?
  • Did you reconnect everything after you winterized your RV?
  • Did you open or close all the shut off valves? Double check to make sure they are in the right position
  • Is the pump silent? If it is check the fuses and see if it is getting electricity
  • Double check the pump with a volt meter. Is it getting 12 volts all the time? If not, you need to fix it or the pump won;t work.

If you have done all this and there are no issues, then you may need to replace the water pump

Some Final Comments

Fixing your water issue when your water pump is on and no water is coming out is not that difficult. Forgetting to fill the water tank may make you feel foolish but refilling it is cheaper than buying a new water pump.

Always look for the simplest problems first. This will save you some time and a lot of money. If it turns out that the pump is bad, then you may have to spend a little money and have it repaired or replaced.

If you are not good at repairing or replacing make sure you go to a qualified RV tech to get the work done. It may cost you a bit more but it is worth it in the long run.

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