Finding a Foot Powered Water Pump For RV (11 Alternatives)

When you need water, you need it fast. The biggest problem with an electric pump is that so many things can go wrong at the wrong time. They are great devices but when they lose power, they are just another piece of metal that does nothing for you.

This may be a bit of a task to get done. Outside of RV accessories and supplies stores, you may have to shop at your local marina. The foot pump is a traditional device for boats not RV although the trend lately for RVers is to find one and convert their mobile home to a foot pump operation.

To find out more about where to find foot pumps just continue to read our article. it has the information to help ease your search and lets you change your water delivery system when you want to.

How Does a Foot Water Pump Work?


For those RVers who grew up in a different time and place, changing your electric water pump for a manual one is like going home again. This move is just getting back to basics and where you do not have to depend on electricity all the time.

An RV foot-operated water pump is a manually operated device that will work when you have no power. All you have to do is step on the foot pedal and you should have water delivered to your tap in an instant.

This system works for boats and it should work for your RV no matter what size it is. here are some pros and cons to switching to this old-fashioned system:


  • your hands are free to do what they need to do
  • has more power than a hand pump
  • you can save water and only use what you need
  • installs easily


  • costs a little more than a hand pump will
  • may a need to buy another faucet

Also, you may have to buy some extra tubing to connect all your water components in your RV. If you are not a good handyman or not sure how to do this, get a good DIY person to help you and save some money.

Foot-operated Water Pump for Camping


When you are camping and do not have your RV or camper hooked up to a city water line, you need to use your water supply carefully. A good foot water pump will keep your hands free and let you use every drop of water your foot pumps out.

While there are some great water pumps you can invest in for your camping needs, those options are not foot pumps. Most of the selections are battery-powered which gets charged through your USB ports.

These options are fine if you have the power to recharge them. However, every foot pump option for camping is also good for RVs and boats. What that means is that there is not a large selection to choose from.

What we will do here is link you to a website where one DIY made his own foot pump for camping. It is quite inventive and creative as he uses an adjustable microphone stand to help him make it all work efficiently.

The website is at this link and keep in mind that the DIY author is British and uses British currency to tell you how much it all costs. He places all the pictures and instructions you will need to copy his work so you should not have any questions about how it all goes together.

It is a straightforward apparatus and construction so basic plumbing skills will be all you will need to do this work. There is also one camping foot pump you may be able to purchase. It is available at Amazon right now and you can see it at this link.

The drawback to this option is that the foot pump is already attached to its own sink. The pump itself is very basic and you could probably use the photo to help make your own and fit your situation.

RV Foot Water Pump Options


Most people who own RVs and want to change their water delivery system opt for marine versions for foot water pumps. The ones built for RVs are few and far in between and are also very basic in design.

One option is the Gusher Galley foot pump and it is supposed to be one of the more popular foot pumps around. It is a basic system that uses food-safe tubing to connect the water supply to your sink via the foot pump.

Its greatest attribute is that it can pump up to 4.3 gallons of water per minute. This option is good for camper van conversions, pop-up trailers, and smaller RVs. If you want to take a look at the system, click this link and scroll down till you see the Campervan foot pump sink.

Other options include the following foot pumps for RVs:

1. Horsmile Foot Water Pump


More info here

Needs 1/2 inch tubing and can pump up to 2.2 gallons per minute. The construction materials are made with POM, rubber, and stainless steel and comes with universal use. Installation should not be a problem and the instructions should be on the packaging. No electricity is needed to make this device work.

2. NineFox Boat Water Pump

see it here

This option is also made from plastic, rubber, and stainless steel. But it is said to install so easily that you do not need any tools to get the job done. There is also not supposed to be any water seepage once you have finished installing it.

3. Hongwen Boat Water Pump

see it here

Comes with a bevel design to make it easier to use and reach with your foot. The construction materials used are the same as the construction materials used for the previous two devices. It also operates and installs in the same way, just the brand name is different. The other difference will be in the connections for the tubing.

4. Laipi Boat Water Pump

see it here

When you get a generic foot water pump, they will all have the same basic design and components. This option is no different from the others except that the bevel may not be as sharp as some. The quick coupling system makes sure you do not need tools to install it into your RV.

5. Jiuchen Marine Foot Water Pump

see it here

The final option is basically the same style as all the rest. It is perfect for RV use as it does not take up a lot of space and it is made to handle RV toilets, etc. Plus, it will handle saltwater if you ever have that need.

Marine Foot Pumps


The foot water pumps listed in this section are built for marine use but are adaptable for RV use. As we said earlier, many RVers opt for marine-style foot pumps simply because they are better.

They may be a bit more costly but then if you want quality you need to pay more for it. The workmanship is there and it is worth considering using these devices over the other ones as they should last a lot longer.

1. Whale GP0550 Gusher Galley


More info here

This model is supposed to be the best of the lot as it can pump out up to 4 gallons of water per minute. Plus, it can pump either fresh or saltwater without damaging the system. Just make sure to flush it thoroughly after pumping saltwater.

On top of that, this makes for a great backup system to your electronic system. You never have to be without water when the power fails. The size is 10 by 6 by 8 inches overall making it perfect for small places.

The Acetal and nylon pump body should last a long time.

2. Whale GP4618 Babyfoot Manual Freshwater Galley Pump

see it here

The design on this device is the same as the 5 we posted in the previous section. But if you want a top-quality, long-lasting foot water pump for your RV buy from a well-known brand.

Its maximum flow rate is about 2.2 gallons per minute and it works with a 1/2 inch tubing. The beveled design makes sure anyone’s foot can use it with ease no matter how small they are.

The molded base should be durable and a stainless steel O ring holds the top in place. Easy installation goes without saying and just do a test first to make sure there are no leaks.

3. Joyho Boat Manual Water Pump

see it here

One reason you buy a foot-powered water pump is to avoid using electricity. When you install this model you will need 1/2 inch tubing to get the maximum 2.2 gallons per minute water flow.

Its universal design allows it to be installed in any model or brand of RV you own including the small travel trailers and vans. Like the others made in this design, this device is made from POM, rubber, and stainless steel.

It should be durable as well as easy to use. The two connectors should not be that hard to attach the tubing to. With easy installation, you can probably have this done in an hour or two.

4. KOET Foot Water Pump

see it here

Measuring 12 by 4 by 3 inches in size, you should be able to fit this foot-operated water pump in your RV without difficulty. It is made from POM, rubber, and stainless steel to make sure that it will hold up under daily use.

The universal design and use make this a very handy device to use as a backup system or as your primary water pump. With no electricity needed, you should be able to cook, wash, or clean up when the power goes out.

Which one of these designs you buy will depend on which brand name you trust the most.

5. Pactrade Marine Accessory Manual Foot Pump

see it here

This water pump comes in either left or right-hand version or should we say foot. It is easy to use and when you pump the handle with your foot, you should get up to 4 gallons per minute of water flow.

Its POM construction material should make it a sturdy device to install and also keep it long last and strong enough to handle frequent use. Its 8 by 6 1/2 by 5-inch size approx. should fit in those tiny spaces you have available for a good foot water pump.

Plus, it will handle saltwater as well if you need to pump that type of water at some point in time.

The Advantages of Using a Foot Water Pump


Electric versions are powerful, they are efficient and they can deliver a lot of water with no effort on your part. the drawback to those options is that they are useless when you run out of power.

That is one of the advantages of using a foot water pump. It will work 24/7 whether there is power or not. You never run out of water when you need it most. There is one more advantage to this device over an electric model.

They are quiet. You do not hear them working and that is a big plus.

Some Final Words

Even though there are limited models to choose between, a good foot pump is worth its weight in gold. Its advantages may be meager but they are big advantages over the electric competition.

Check out the different pumps and see if they are something worth using in your RV. They are not hard to install or replace.

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