Can You Use a Humidifier in an RV

It's a discussion that won't go away. The reason for that is because the weather patterns throughout the country are not the same. What will work in one part of the country will not work in another so you may find yourself in a position during your travels to employ a humidifier in your RV.

Can You Use a Humidifier in an RV? While some experienced RV owners do not recommend it, if you travel in the Southwest of the nation a good small humidifier is essential for healthy travel. Too much moisture in your RV is not good but like your home, some moisture is beneficial.

To learn more about humidifiers and your RV, just continue to read our article. It is filled with helpful information that lets you make an intelligent decision for you and your RV.

Humidifier in an RV Problem

According to some RV owners running a humidifier in your RV will create unseen problems. They say that the extra moisture inside will help mold and mildew grow while damaging some of those hidden structural parts found inside your vehicle.

Yet, when the temperature dips and humidity is scarce, like in the Northeast or Southwest, you need a humidifier to make sure your RV has the right amount of moisture.

There is another problem you may encounter if the temperature outside dips below freezing as you travel. The humidity inside your RV may create condensation and freeze on your windows.

To solve that problem, you should open the windows a crack to reduce the moisture levels and prevent your windows from freezing. Some RV owners found that you also need to keep books, food products and other small items away from the wall as they will be frozen to the walls if you do not move them out.

What Should Humidity be in RV

In order for you to find the right humidity level for your RV, you should invest in a humidistat. These little tools help measure the moisture levels in your RV and let you know when it is too high.

Once you have this tool set up and ready to go, you can adjust the levels of humidity to make sure you reach the ideal moisture level. The ideal level of humidity in an RV may depend on its size but usually it come sin at 40%.

Some RV owners have found 25% humidity to be ideal for them as they travel through the Southwest. You may have to do some trial and error here to find that ideal humidity level for you but going over 45% is letting too much moisture inside.

The only key issue you should be considering when looking at humidifiers is to make sure you get one that will fit the size of your RV. A model too small may not do the trick and only help one section of your vehicle.

Using a Humidifier in an RV

One of the problems with RVs is that they have so man nooks and crannies where mold and mildew can grow. You may not realize it until it is too late that you have had too much moisture inside.

It is going to be trial and error time until you find the right mixture of air circulation, heat from your furnace or outside temperatures and humidifier use. While too much moisture can cause health issues, too little can cause physical damage to your RV.

Low humidity levels, for example 0%, can damage caulking, any wood products inside and even the furniture in your trailer or vehicle. While worrying about mold and mildew you have to make sure you do not lose all your moisture.

Going from on extreme to the other still presents problems. You need to learn where the healthy balance is for all people in your family and your RV along with its contents.

Best Humidifier for RV

The best humidifier for an RV or trailer is the one that is rated for the size of the vehicle. Getting one that is rated for very large spaces will not be effective for you as they will produce too much moisture.

Getting one that is too small is only good if you plan on buying more than one. A humidifier that is too small only helps limited areas while leaving the rest of your RV or trailer vulnerable to the dry air.

Of course, your selection will depend on how your RV and trailer’s interior design. If you have lots of doors and walls, then going small and buying more may be your only solution.

Top Rated Humidifiers

To get you on the right track, we will list a few humidifiers that may work for you and your RV situation:

  • #1. Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Humidifier-- It covers 250 square feet using a 1 gallon water tank Its small size and easy use make it perfect for RV use. See it here
  • #2. SPT SU-4010-- This also uses a one gallon tank but it will handle larger spaces up to 500 square feet. Its ultrasonic design should be beneficial to you and your family. See it here
  • #3. Tao Tronics TT-AH001 Humidifiers for Bedroom-- works all night using its 4 liter water tank. It covers room sup to 322 square feet. See it here
  • #4. Portable Mini USB Humidifier- Using only 200 ml of water approx. This mini humidifier covers very small areas. See it here
  • #5. Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier- Good for medium sized rooms and also uses a 1 gallon water tank. See it here

Some Final Words

Even though some experienced RV owners say stay away from humidifiers in your RV, you need to consider using one. That is the case when you are in geographical regions of the country that are drier than other parts of the country.

You cannot have too much moisture nor can you have too little inside your RV or trailer. You need to learn the happy balance so you can have a great RV experience while protecting you, your family and RV.

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