Pop Up Camper Faucet Replacement (How to Measure and Replace)

While many people think faucet replacements are easy, and they can be even in a pop-up camper. The ease or difficulty will depend on the type of water system you have. If you have pressurized water all the time, then any faucet can be used. If not, then you need a specific faucet for the water delivery system in your pop-up.

Measuring the faucet is not going to be that hard. You just measure across the old faucet if you want the same size. If you don’t, you just measure the faucet area and be prepared to cut new holes. Replacement is also easy as you just have to match the diameter of the faucet to the water supply hose and connect them up.

To learn more about replacing your pop-up camper’s faucet just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about to get the replacement done just right. The good news is that you have a wide selection of faucets to choose from.

Can You Replace RV Faucets With Regular Faucets?


This is one of the good things about pop-up campers and other RV models. In most or many cases, you are free to use any faucet you want and many owners have done just that. This freedom has helped them save some money where it counts.

However, there are a couple of caveats that you need to consider before attempting this repair. The first is to check your water delivery. As stated earlier, there are certain types of water delivery systems that require certain types of faucets.

In these situations, you are restricted to a faucet that works with that specific type of system. Pressurized water systems are the exception to this rule. The only thing about this option is that you may have to cut new holes to accommodate the size of the new faucet.

The second caveat to consider is what type of sink setup is in your camper. If it is a fold-down or other similar collapsible model, then you have to consider the height of the faucet. If you decide to go large, then you will have to be prepared to remove the tap every time you want to close the sink up.

The third caveat is the closing of the camper itself. If your sink does not collapse, you have to be careful about the height of the faucet as well. It may be too long for you to safely close the camper.

Even with these caveats, you still have a large selection of faucets to choose from. These restrictions only reduce the large number of available faucets to a more manageable size.

How Do I Measure For a Replacement Faucet?

This process is like measure where the 2 by 4 studs go in a wall. The measurement goes from the center of one point to the center of another. For faucets, you measure from the far left hole center to the far right hole center. That is if your faucet set-up has more than one hole.

If you have decided to use bathroom faucets in your camper, the compact center set faucets come in the standard 4-inch length. For mini widespread faucets, you can get them in 4, 6, or 8-inch lengths and for non-mini widespread, they can be up to 18 inches.

That is just to give you an idea of what you are looking for. Just measure the holes in your sink cabinet to find out the exact size that you need. With the larger kitchen faucets, you may not find too many that will fit your current set-up.

All that means is that you need to measure for new holes. make your measurements accurate so you do not have to replace that sink countertop when you make a mistake.

For one hole setups and there are some, you just have to match the diameter of the faucet with the diameter of the hole in the sink countertop. To know how many holes you have to work with, you may have to crawl inside the cabinet and look at your current faucet and count the number of holes it needed.

Kitchen faucets come in designs that use between 1 and 5 holes. If you go with a faucet that has fewer holes than your current faucet set-up, then it is not hard to cover up those exposed holes.

Finding a Tent Trailer Faucet Replacement


If your water system requires a certain type of faucet to work, then your options for finding those are fewer than the other faucet types. You may be limited to specific RV and camper parts & supplies outlets and those can be found quickly through an internet search.

You may be lucky to find some on Amazon, eBay, and similar market places but that number may not be as great as searching for a faucet for a pressurized system. This option is good for finding innumerable standard faucets for pressurized systems.

Then, you can go to any department store or Costco, Target, and other big-box outlets and see what they have on sale. Home Depot and Lowes would also be good choices to visit as their faucet stock should be quite large.

These stores should also have the faucets at a very good price. Home Depot and Lowes may be able to help you when you are looking for those specific faucets. It will all depend on their store manager and what they bring in to sell.

Not to be outdone, any hardware or plumbing supply store will have a limited number of faucets that should work for your pop-up camper. Just keep the caveats in mind when you go shopping.

There is nothing wrong with looking at thrift stores, close-outs, garage sales, and so on. You can usually get a better price if you go used and you may get a design that you cannot find anymore in the regular retail outlets.

There are more places to look but this list should keep you busy for a while.

Coleman Pop Up Camper Faucet Replacement Options


Going to the source is always one of the best ways to find parts that will fit your Coleman trailer. It may be the more expensive option but at least you know that you are getting the right part for your pop-up camper.

This link takes you to the Coleman parts store. On its landing page, you will find faucets for both the pump water delivery system and the pressurized water delivery system. They also have a kitchen sink or two.

Then if that store does not have what you want or the part is no longer being made, you can try e-tailer's website. They seem to sell compatible faucets for many of the older Coleman/Fleetwood pop-up camper models.

You can try the other outlets we already mentioned n the previous selection. Many older Coleman pop-ups don't have parts in production anymore and finding a compatible one may take a little searching. One of the keys to a successful search is having the current part number with you.

That number makes it easier to find a replacement part. Then check the different RV forums and talk to some of the members there. They may have leads on where to purchase new faucets for older Coleman campers.

RV supply outlets may have parts for the newer models but not the older ones. You just have to decide if those outlets cost too much or not.

How To Replace a Faucet In a Pop-up Camper


The concept of replacing your camper faucet is pretty much the same as replacing the faucet in your kitchen in your traditional home. You just have to make sure you hook up the right water lines with the right faucet handle.

You certainly do not want to turn on the cold water and get hot water instead. There is one major difference between these two repairs. That difference is space. With traditional faucet replacement, any handyman or plumber can work without a problem.

With the pop-up camper design, those men and women with large hands will find it difficult to secure the faucet to the counter. There is just not enough space to work easily.

The steps to replacing the faucet are easy. First, you have to buy the faucet you want with the number of holes you want or need. Second, you have to shut off the water supply if you are connected to one.

Then, third, you need to disconnect all the water lines to the faucet. This could be one or two depending on the water delivery system you have in your camper. Remove the old faucet from its place and see if the new faucet will fit as securely as the old one.

This is the time to decide if you are going to move the faucet location or not. If so or if the new faucet doesn’t fit the holes, you will need to drill new holes. A good wood bit should handle this task.

Once you got the holes in place or the faucet in the old holes, secure the faucet to the countertop. Plumbers putty will work here. Then hook up the old water lines to the corresponding handles, using Teflon tape, and you should be ready to test the new faucet.

Turn your water on and see if there are any leaks. If not you are ready for action. Put your tools away and clean up any mess you made.

Pop Up Camper Replacement Sink


The challenge to this quest is that pop-up camper sinks come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. They also come with different construction materials. So picking the right one for your camper may take a little more time than you expected.

Like the faucet, you will find that you have many outlets to check before making your final decision. You may not have as many outlets as the faucets do but there is enough to help you find one at the right price.

One of the surprise exclusions is Amazon and some of the big box stores. However, you should be able to find some help at Home Depot and Lowes. Colemans’ parts store has at least one for its models and you can check those out through the link we posted earlier.

Then you can try Hannah trailer parts, e-trailer, and camper i.d. These outlets should have what you need and maybe they have a good selection of colors and sizes. There is also RV parts country and camper parts world. All these companies specialize in RV parts including pop-up campers.

We cannot guarantee that you will get a good price though. Then there is a place called replacement pop-up camper parts that may be of some good service to you. if you are replacing the sink, Amazon has stoppers, drains, and possibly hoses to make sure your transition is up-to-date and has all new parts.

Check around the local dealers in your area to see what they have in stock. A good search will turn up something you like at a price that fits your budget.

Some Final Words

Replacing the faucet in your pop-up camper takes remembering certain key factors. One, the size of the faucet, the size of the sink, the design of the sink, and the design of the pop-up camper.

Then it takes knowing what type of water delivery system you have. One will give you access to innumerable faucet options while the other will have limited choices. Once you learn all of this, you can move on to deciding the type of faucet you want and will work best in your camper.

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