Expert RV Armor Reviews: How Much Does RV Armor Cost

Nothing lasts forever. RV roofs like house roofs take a beating for years. They last as long as they can but the time will come when you have to make repairs or replace it. It isn’t the materials so much as the cost that keeps people from making roof repairs.

How much does RV armor cost? Direct from the company, a new RV armor roof costs about $140 per linear foot with a minimum cost of $3,650. That may be a steal given the fact that RV Armor guarantees its news roofs for life.

To learn more about RV Armor roofs and their costs, etc., just keep reading our article. It is filled with the cost data and more. When it comes to putting a new roof on your RV you need all the information you can get.

What is RV Armor?

RV Armor the company is based in Florida and was started by one couple who also enjoy the RV life. Their goal is to help their fellow RVers to enjoy their retired life under one strong roof- theirs.

You can read all about them by clicking on this link. With a family history in roofing, it made sense that the current owner of RV Armor went into RV roofing. RV Armor the product is a seamless coating of roofing materials that should last you your lifetime.

It is so strong and durable that the roof is guaranteed for life. Plus that guarantee is transferable if you sell your RV to someone else. Basically it is a tough skin that can cover existing roofs including rubber.

They will even replace old damaged wood panels your current roof sits on. What RV Armor consists of is a full-service new roof that is designed to keep you from climbing on the roof of your RV again.

What is RV Armor Made of?


We won’t be able to provide specific ingredients as that would allow others to copy the RV Armor success and probably put them out of business. We can tell you that it is a seamless liquid roof membrane that fully covers your RV roof and makes it very leakproof.

Also, the roof goes on with sealant tape, mesh tape, and sealant. It takes several coats with a primer coating the first one laid down. It is thoroughly applied and all vents, air conditioning, antenna units , etc., are also covered completely so that there are no cracks or possible leak points.

It takes one person about 2 to 3 days to completely coat your RV with RV Armor roofing. Plus, it goes on fiberglass and rubber roofs with ease. There does not have to be a tear down to apply this new roofing material.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace an RV Roof?

The first question you need to ask before you start shelling out money for a new roof is ‘does your RV’s roof actually need replacing?’ Sometimes you may be talked into expensive repairs when only a simple patch job will do.

The reason, why new RV roofs are so expensive, is that there is a lot of labor involved. Especially if you have to have the plywood decking replaced due to water or other damage. One company charges about $300 per linear foot.

If you want to see the cost breakdown one company in Texas has, just click here. It gives you specifics on how much they charge for the work that needs to be done. Other companies may charge you around $5,000 but that is just their starting figure.

The best thing to do is contact the company you are interested in having do the work and get an estimate or three of the work that needs to be done, including a tear done. Then make your decision from there.

RV Armor Cost


You may be getting a break with the RV Armor way of repairing or placing a new roof on your RV. The initial cost is going to be about $140 per linear foot with a minimum cost of $3,650.

If you are confused about how to calculate linear feet, it really is not that difficult. A linear foot is exactly the same as 1 foot. The width of the item being measured is not included in the calculation for linear feet. If your RV is 40 feet long, then it is 40 linear feet long.

Width does not enter into the picture unless you want to figure out your square footage. So a 40 linear foot RV would cost you about $5,600 if you want an RV Armor roof installed.

A smaller RV, say 30 linear feet long, would cost you about $4,200. If you go smaller, then you will have to pay the minimum base fee to pay for your new RV Armor roof.

Is RV Delamination Covered by Insurance?

It is possible to get delamination covered by insurance companies but many do not want to do it for several reasons. The main one is that it is up to the RV owner to protect their RV at all times and that includes repairing the seals and seams.

You can also customize your insurance policy to make sure you get delamination covered by your insurance company. The details of your coverage depend on your conversations with your insurance agent.

Hartford, Progressive, AARP, State Farm are just a few of the insurance companies that may cover delamination. Also, a lot will depend on your policy wording. One State Farm policy stated that it only covered delamination if a catastrophic event took place and damaged the lamination on the RV.

That meant that delamination taking place over time would not be covered by State Farm’s insurance policy. Check the wording on the policy first and make sure your delamination is covered for all sources of damage.

RV Armor Colors


The good news here is that you are not limited to white only. In fact, the sky is the limit when it comes to matching your RV’s overall color pattern. The people at RV Armor can match any Sherwin Williams paint color and that is over 1500 shades and colors.

What is needed to get an exact match is to find the color code that should be printed somewhere on your RV. That location depends on your RV’s make and model. In the case you cannot find it, call your manufacturer or dealer and they should be able to tell you the exact location.

To help you get the right match, you can use the Sherwin Williams Colorsnap visualizer and that can be found at this link. After you get the match you want, you tell the RV Armor people and give them a little extra time to create that color for you.

Finding RV Armor Dealers and Locations

Probably the best way to find a local RVV Armor dealer is to call this number- 855-782-7667. They do not really have dealers in traditional brick and mortar stores. Their technicians are independent contractors who have a 300-mile travel limit.

In other words, you do not go to them, they go to you. Even if something is not installed correctly, they will come back to your location. Convenience and simplicity is the name of the game with RV Armor.

During your call and your purchase is confirmed, you will be assigned a service adviser to help guide you through the whole process.

RV Armor Complaints


Nothing is perfect in this world and that includes RV Armor. There have been occasions where the service was less than upstanding and people did not get what they paid for. One instance was when they failed to place the Air Maxx cover over the fantastic fan properly and water leaked in.

We have found one other complaint but RV Armor may not be responsible for the damage due to the quality of the Eco coat wax system already on the owner’s RV. A search did not turn up many complaints as RV Armor is a very respected RV roofing company that stands behind its work.

RV Armor vs RV Flex Armor

One difference between the two companies and roofing styles is that with RV Flex Armor you have to have annual inspections to make sure the roof is holding up under the elements and travel conditions.

With RV Armor, there are no such inspections. It goes on once and if there is a problem, they fix it for free. Then RV Flex Armor is a sprayed on system that may or may not cover or fill all the cracks and gaps on your RV.

RV Armor is a roll-on paint style roof where the technicians take great care to seal and cover everything so you are satisfied.

Some Final Words

With a lifetime guarantee most insurance companies are willing to have RV Armor do the RV roof repair. That says a lot about the company and its product. RV Armor stands behind its product and does about 1000 roofs each year although that figure may change.

It's a good quality roofing system that doesn't cost you a lot.

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