Jayco Water Filler Inlet: How Do You Fill an RV With Water?

RV makers have made it possible for you to enjoy every aspect of your country. They have built a fresh water tank and they have included plumbing to get water directly from the city. Either way, you should have a good supply of fresh water no matter where you camp.

The task is all about the tools. The first step is to make sure you have a dedicated fresh water garden hose. That will help you avoid any contamination. The second step would be to use a filter. Then you just connect the hose to the right inlet and start filling the tank with water.

To learn more about this system just continue to read our article. It is an easy task to perform and it only takes a little while for your tank to fill up. To get extra water in your tank, turn on your water pump and the hot water faucet in your sink.

How do You Fill a Camper With Water?


While this is an easy and straight forward task, there are several steps you should follow to make sure you get nothing but clean water in your tank.

Step 1: Buy the right hose

The fresh water hose comes in either blue or white colors. Then make sure you keep them separate from all other hoses. This is not that you will be confused but for health reasons. You do not want any foreign material contaminating your fresh water.

Step 2: Locate the intake valve or inlet hook up

Once you have your clean hose ready to go, attach it to your inlet first, then your fresh water source second. Then check for a lever, this could be blue colored, and make sure it is set to fill your fresh water tank

Step 3: Watch the water indicator

While these indicators can be very inaccurate, they will give you an idea of how much water is in the tank. When it gets close to full, check your tank personally to make sure there is enough water in it.

If you can’t do that, then you will have to trust those indicators are telling you the truth. The indicators are located inside your vehicle. or trailer.

Step 4: Start the filling process

Once you are set and know where the indicators are, turn on the water source and start filling the fresh water tank.

Step 5: Give yourself enough time

This is not for filling up the tank but for when your tank is almost full. You want to have enough time to get to the water source and turn it off before you start to overfill the tank.

Step 6: Put everything away

Make sure to store your hose and filter in a clean area. You do not want to have to spend time cleaning the hose or taking the risk of contamination. Also, make sure all levers are closed and the inlet valve is sealed before starting your trip or using the tank.

Some Fresh Water Tank Tips


1. You can start your water pump and open the hot water faucet at your sink to fill your how water heater and get about 10 extra gallons inside the system.

2. Water adds about 8 pounds of weight for every gallon. Make sure when you fill your tank, you do not go over your weight limits.

3. Plan ahead when it comes to water use. This will help you avoid difficult situations like running out of fresh water when you are starting to cook, taking a shower, or wanting to flush the toilet.

4. Always use high-quality filters at every stage of fresh water filling and use. These filters will remove toxins and other contaminants that are bad for your health.

5. When you are getting ready to fill your tank, make sure all drain valves are closed. You do not want to be watering the ground under your trailer or RV.

Jayco Water Filler Inlet


This is a very simple device that is made from plastic. Depending on how many fresh water tanks your RV or trailer comes with, you may have one or two inlets to use. The whole device is made from plastic including the frame, door, and keys.

That means you have to be careful when attaching hoses, opening the doors and how you handle the keys. The plastic keys are easy to use and should be stored in a safe spot until needed.

The bad news is that the replacement party is very expensive. You are looking at paying between $70 and $80 for a complete set. If you are only needing a replacement seal, then you are in luck. Those pieces only cost about $5 depending on where you shop.

The single inlet options will be cheaper and some of them come with a metal key. These parts are available everywhere so you should not have difficulty finding a replacement no matter where you are in the country.

There are some lockable inlet options that you can individually place on each inlet valve. You just have to make sure they are compatible with your system

How do You Know When a Jayco Water Tank is Full?


There are only two ways to tell if your water tank is full. The first way is to look at your gauges and watch the needle or dial move towards the fill line (depending on how those indicators are designed).

These indicators have been known to become inaccurate over time because sensors get dirty or they just malfunction. You cannot fully trust them to tell you the truth. That means you are left with the second option that is at your disposal.

The second way is the old-fashioned way. You just wait till the water spurts back at you at the inlet or you listen for water coming out of the over-fill valve. These are sure-fire methods that make sure you know your tank is full.

There is some discussion on how full you should fill your fresh water tank. Some people say you should not fill it up all the way. These people do not give a solid reason why you should do this.

If you are close to your weight limit keep in mind that water is heavy and can influence your fuel mileage if the tank is full while you are traveling. You just need to decide for your selves how full you want your water tank.

How do You Gravity Fill an RV Fresh Water Tank?


The term gravity fill may be misleading for some RV models. One owner reported that all they had to do was connect their hose to their RV and then put the other end into a 5-gallon bucket filled with fresh water.

Then they went to their control panel, followed the instructions, and turned on the pump. The tank received that water very quickly. In other words, gravity fills do not mean using actual gravity methods but the power of the pump.

We will quote from page 111 of the 2019 Jay Flight and Jay Flight SLX manual for those who have this model of Jayco RV or trailer:

"Low point & fresh water tank drains should be closed.

1. Remove the connection cap and insert a non-toxic drinking water hose (or a funnel) into the gravity fill inlet. The other end of the hose goes into a container of fresh potable water.

2. Pour the fresh water into the gravity fill until the tank is full.

3. Open both the hot and cold water faucets, along with outside shower faucets (if so equipped) when filling the fresh water tank to allow air pockets to be forced out of the system.

4. When the fresh water tank on the RV is full, remove the non-toxic drinking hose and container from the gravity water fill. Replace the connection cap. This cap should always be installed if the water fill is not in use."

However, some owners debate whether those instructions are accurate or not. You should double-check to make sure that they are Some owners claim that the manual is very wrong including the mechanical operation so make sure before you follow those instructions

Some Final Words

Filling your fresh water tank should go smoothly and easily. It is not a hard task to do but it is easy to forget something as you go through the process. Before connecting your clean hose, make sure all drains and levers are closed or pointed in the right direction.

Then when you are done, make sure to keep the fresh water hose clean at all times. You can wrap it in a plastic bag if you want, as long as dirt, germs, bacteria, etc., cannot get inside.

Cross-contamination is the last thing you need when away from home.

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