Where Is The Water Pump Located In RV? (Motorhome – Trailer)

Class A RVs are not that small but when compared to a house, it offers less room for you as well as all the equipment needed to power the amenities. That means that RV builders need to be creative when it comes to placing the water pump for the freshwater tanks.

Where is the water pump located in RV? For some motorhomes, they may be underneath one of the beds. On another, you may have to pull a couple of drawers out of a kitchen cabinet to access the water pump.

The location depends on the best fit for the design of the motorhome.

To learn more about where your water pump on your RV sits, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about so you can find it in a jiffy.

Where is The Water Pump Located in RV?

Generally, the water pump may be located within 2 feet of your freshwater tank. Where that sits in relation to your motorhome is another question. By that, we mean that within 2 feet of your water tank could position the pump under a bed, cabinet, floorboard, and so on.

Travel Trailer Water Pump Location


This is a game of hide and seek. The travel trailer makers like to hide different parts and then let you seek them once you bought the trailer. Some people have said that the water pump for this RV style is within 3 feet of where the city water intake valve is located.

What that means is that it could be anywhere on your travel trailer as not all makers put the water pump in the exact same location as their competitors, let alone on different models of travel trailers.

Motorhome Water Pump Location

This will depend on the make and model of your motorhome. Fuzion is said to place theirs behind the convenience center, behind a panel in a storage cabinet, or it is on the curbside of the motorhome in the front storage compartment behind the water heater.

On other models it could be near both the hot water heater tank and the fresh water tank but before the freshwater drain. Check your owner’s manual to see if there is a diagram showing the location.

Best Location for RV Water Pump


To most RVers, the best location for the water pump would be near the fresh water tank. That is your source for water and it stands to reason the pump would be close to it to maximize water pressure.

However, another good location would be in the easiest to access location. Water pumps tend to break down over time and to minimize expenses, it needs to be found easily and in a place that is not complicated for working on.

Heartland RV Water Pump Location

This is a bit of a treasure hunt as for the Heartland Trail Runner, the water heater is located under a panel that is also under the sofa bed. Then the North Trail 24BHS model had the water pump placed under the range. Again, another panel had to be removed to get to it.

The thing about water pumps is that they tend to make noise. That means the manufacturer will try to find the right place that will muffle that noise and give you better comfort when you are relaxing in your RV.

Grand Design RV Water Pump Location


For the Xplor 240Ml model, the water pump is located inside a cabinet on the left side of the entrance. But there is some good news, the access panel is right next to the entrance on the outside of the RV.

There should be a grill where the access panel is letting you know exactly where to find the water pump. However, newer models have changed that location and may be found under the dinette bench.

Forest River RV Water Pump Location

Some companies have become very good at locating water pumps in interesting locations. Usually behind panels or in very obscure spots. For example, the Windjammer may have its water pump behind a cabinet door that has been screwed shut.

Or it may be underneath the sink cabinet near the water heater. If you trace the city water inlet line and the lines going out from the fresh water tank or hot water heater, you should find it.

Keystone RV Water Pump Location


For the Bullet and the Outback models, you should look for a secured panel on the left side of your queen bed and behind the bedside table. There are about 5 to 6 Robertson screws holding the panel in place.

Many owners suggest turning on your water pump and listen for the noise. that will help you find it quickly. The 2017 Hideout has its water pump at the head of the bed but underneath it.

Springdale RV Water Pump Location

The location of your water pump will depend on the year it was made and the model. One owner reports that their water pump was located near the queen bed right where the gravity fill valve is located. On another, it may be under the couch close to the fresh water inlet.

Another model should have it located between or behind the fresh water filler and the city water connection. Or it could be under a carpeted panel n the left bedside table

Some Final Words

As you can see, it may take some doing to locate your water pump. Winterizing the part becomes a chore as you spend so much time trying to find it. But RV makers have gotten creative over the years as they have to find the right spot in a small vehicle.

Go to the forum of your RV’s manufacturer and talk to the owners of RVs as they will know. They have been there as well.

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