How Far Away Should Generator Be From Camper? (Safety Guide)

It is not as far as you think. Many people may think you have to have the generator a great distance away from your trailer or RV. However, many of the more modern and larger models come with a built-in generator. You are not going to get a lot of distance between the two.

The distance is not going to be great. Maybe 3 to 4 feet to protect against heat damage. The key is to have the generator and exhaust downwind of the trailer. This is not always possible but you have to make sure the wind doesn’t blow the fumes into an open window.

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Where do You Put a Generator When Camping?


There is no real consensus on this issue. Everyone has their own idea and this topic is complicated by the fact that many RVs and trailers come with built-in generators.

What that means is that you will not have a choice as to the location of the generator. Plus, the exhaust pipe may be inches from a window. You will have to be your best guide on this issue as your placement will depend on several factors.

How many people are in the campground, how close your neighbors are, and in which direction the wind is blowing? The only clear instruction that can be given is to make sure the generator is in a well-ventilated spot.

Other than that, you are basically free to place your portable generator just about anywhere it is convenient for you. When the generator is built in, there is no place to move that unit.

The only thing you should be concerned about in this situation is where the exhaust pipe is and where is the exhaust going.

How Far Away Should The Generator Be From The Camper?


This is up to you. Every RV owner has their opinion on this topic and they all seem to do things a bit differently. For example, some people mount their portable on their rear bumper, while another owner uses his rear bumper but puts the generator in a box with vents.

Other owners will place their generators 15 feet away from their trailers. They can still see the unit and feel that is a safe spot for it. Another owner placed it on his tailgate because it was too heavy for him to bring it to the ground or lift it back up again.

One more location is underneath and at the front of the trailer. The exhaust is pointed away from the trailer, and this location protects it from rain and theft. The owner chains the generator to his frame.

The best thing to do if you do not have a built-in generator is to pick the best spot according to your camping situation. Some campgrounds do not allow these devices to be run at night so you may not have to use them very often.

What is a Safe Distance For a Generator?


This is subjective as well. Some people place them only 3 to 4 feet away to protect against any possible heat damage, while others place them 15 feet away. The two things you need to be concerned about are wind and explosions.

The former is more common than the latter but the latter can happen even if it is a rare occurrence. No matter how far you place the device, the wind can always carry the exhaust back to your trailer.

The best location will be as downwind as you can get it. This can be 15 feet away or on your rear bumper. As for explosions, some people are a little nervous if a gas leak takes place.

They fear that a fire or an explosion can take place so they want the generator as far from their trailer as possible. All of this is moot when your trailer or RV has a built-in model. There you have no choice and you should just make sure the generator is well-maintained to prevent accidental leaks, etc.

In the end, the location is completely up to you.

Where Should You Not Put a Portable Generator?


There are a couple of places you should not place this device. Both are common sense locations and are easy to avoid. The first location will be upwind of your trailer.

The last thing you want is for the wind to blow the exhaust back into your trailer. If you run the generator at night, this location could end up being fatal. The second location is in a place where there is no ventilation.

Other places you should not place your portable generator are outside of a window or door, inside your trailer, where the exhaust is pointing towards your trailer, and in a spot where people frequent.

All of these are just common sense locations and you have to be wary of your neighbors as well. You do not want to blow exhaust into their camping area or RV, etc.

What kind Of Portable Generator do You Need?


This will depend on the type of trailer you own. If it is small, then you may be able to get away with using a 1000-watt generator. If it is larger and longer, then you should upgrade to a 2000 to 3000-watt model.

Plus, the size will depend on what appliances you want to run. Some smaller generators only allow for one at a time so factor in your needs when you go shopping.

Some Final Words

The best location for your generator is going to be up to you and your camping situation. Just make sure you place the device in a spot that is downwind of you and your neighbors. People get kind of testy when they are breathing your exhaust.

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