Fixing Onan Generator Fault Code 14 (OverFrequency Fault)

When you own an RV power is the one thing you must have. If you are not plugged into an external power source, you need to turn to a generator to produce that power to run your appliances. Generators are a wonderful invention when you are dry camping.

Fixing Onan Generator Fault Code 14: When you see this fault code, it simply means that the generator motor is running too fast. There are several sources that can cause this error code to pop up on you. One is an air leak at the intake; another is the carb and linkages are not properly installed, as well as a misadjusted governor or broken governor.

To learn more about the Onan generator fault code 14, just continue to read or article. It provides the information you need to know, so you can overcome this challenge and get the power back you need to have a wonderful relaxing RV time.

What does Code 14 Mean on an Onan Generator

Fault code 14 or error code 14 simply tells you that the engine on your Onan generator is running too fast. You will find that this is the most common error the generator displays. The message you may receive is ‘engine governor unable to maintain rated frequency’.

It is a fancy way of saying that the engine is running too fast and putting out too much power. When you see this code and look up what it means in the Onan owner’s manual, you should see the following words: see an authorized Onan dealer.

What that means is that just no one can fix this generator while it is still under warranty. If the problem is a broken or weak governor spring, the spring may cost only $2.18 to fix but the labor involved is over $200.

Make sure you know exactly what is wrong and how much it will cost you, even under warranty, before authorizing any repair work.

Fault Code 14 Cause and How to Fix it

The source for this error cord comes from several issues. First, there could be a problem with the carb. Second, there could be an air leak and third, there is a problem with the governor. If it is the carb, your only solution is to clean it, which can be a difficult chore to do, or you can replace it.

Because it is a hard task to do, most mechanics prefer to replace the carb instead of cleaning the old one. A broken or weak governor will need to be replaced as well. These repairs are not going to be cheap.

Another thing you need to watch out for is the frequency rate. The Onan generator uses a very narrow band of frequency to allow it to run at peak performance levels. To find the frequency, you do need to use a frequency meter. Nothing else will do. If the frequency is above 66 Hz, you should be fine.

Also, you may need to check the choke linkage. It is very easy for someone to put this linkage on backward and mess up the engine. The key to fixing this problem is the choke tang. If it is facing forward, it needs to be spun around and face backwards.

The last thing to do is remove the air cleaner and with the engine running spray short bursts of carb cleaner into the carb. This should clean out any garbage that has built-up over time and allow your carb to run better.

Avoiding Onan Generator Fault Code 14

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to avoid the fault code 14 is to exercise your generator. No matter how often you use your RV you should take a little time to give the generator a little work out to keep it in top shape.

Exercising your generator only means that you turn it on at least once a month for about 2 hours at a time. But do not put a full load on it. Use about a half load so as not to overwork your Onan generator.

The reason you need to exercise your Onan generator is that the carb can get what is called varnish build-up. This build-up gums up the carb and has it running at inefficient levels. Keeping your carb clean is vital to a smooth operating generator.

Finding the Right Onan Code

You may see your Onan generator blink 3 times then stop then blink 3 more times. When you see that, the flashing light is referring to a service shutdown. The blinking lights are not the error code. You need to find the right code to know what is wrong.

To do that, you need to hit the stop/prime button just 1 time. This will get you the two-digit code that will tell you exactly what is wrong. To read that code you have to count the flashes that come up. 3 flashes followed by a pause then 6 more flashes indicate error code 36.

For error code 14 you would see 1 flash, a pause and then 4 more flashes. A second pause will come after the second set of flashes. After that, the generator will repeat the secondary code flashes.

In the following link, we are going to give you the web page that has the Onan error codes on it and what they mean. Just click here to read them. Then click here to read a very detailed article on troubleshooting your Onan generator.

Some Final Words

Understanding the error codes and what needs to be done makes challenges like fault code 14 easier to deal with. As you understand your Onan generator it is simpler and easier to fix and get it back to working normally.

The key is not to panic and assume or leap to a conclusion. Get the right information so you can overcome the challenge without spending a lot of money. Remember you should only use an authorized Onan dealer to handle your generator issues.

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