Generator For Truck Bed: Mounting a Generator On a Truck Bed

Convenience is good. Placing a generator on the ground is okay. But finding a more convenient spot for it makes using the generator a little easier. There is no bending over to get it started or maintain it. One of the best spots to use is your pickup truck’s bed... if you have one.

This is a doable option. Many owners have done this with success. The key would be to direct the exhaust in the right direction. There are different ways to mount the generator to your truck’s bed. So you have a little freedom to handle that mandatory task.

To learn more details about this convenient project, just continue to read our article. it has the information you need to know about so you can install your generator correctly. The proper installation will make use of a truck bed-mounted generator easier to use and maintain.

Can You Run a Generator in a Truck Bed?


This is not a problem. Many owners have done this and found that the noise level is reduced. It is reduced so far that they can have a pleasant conversation while standing next to their trucks.

Others do it so the generator does not get taken while they are away from their campsite. The key to doing this option is to make sure the exhaust is not sent towards the side of the truck. The heat can soften the paint. You want the generator vented to an open area to protect your vehicle from minor damage.

Another issue you would have you contend with would be grounding the device. A generator sitting on the ground does not produce enough ground capability to protect the device. Different owners have different opinions on this aspect of the project.

Most owners like this set up when they are dry camping. It makes sense and makes sure you can secure your generator at all times.

How To Get a Generator in a Truck Bed

Some generators can tip the scales at a very high weight level. This makes picking up the generator and placing it in the back of your truck very difficult for one person. It would be difficult for two people.

There are solutions to this problem. One owner used his winch that loaded up deer and hogs into his truck to lift his generator into the bed. Another owner used planks and did it the old-fashioned way-- pushing and pulling the device up till it was securely inside the bed.

For roughly $400 you can buy a receiver lift crane to lift the generator into position. The crane can be placed in different positions to make sure you have room to work. Other owners suggested having a lift tailgate do all the work.

Generally, though, you would not have to buy any special apparatus to help you. Most owners do not load and unload their generators on a daily basis.

Mounting a Generator on a Truck


Besides using the truck-mounted generator for your camping needs, having a generator in the back of your truck has other useful purposes. You can supply emergency power if you are broken down or you come across other people in need of electrical assistance.

Some owners buy or build their own generator box and store their unit inside. The box is lockable so the generator will be safe when you are running around town doing errands.

You can find the right bolts to secure the generator to the bed of your truck without using a box. Some owners simply put a tarp over the generator to keep it protected. How you do it depends on the design of the unit.

There are a couple of devices you can buy. One is called the Sidekick and it is a device that hooks into your receiver hitch and has a table for your generator to sit on.

The other is called the Space Dock but you need the Palomino Camper and landing pad bumper to make this option work for you.

How To Secure Generator in a Truck Bed

Two quick ways to secure your truck-mounted generator would be to use eye bolts, ratchet straps, and bungee cords. Drill your truck bed and then install the eye bolts. Once that is done, attach your ratchet straps to the bolts and tighten them up.

Or use those bungee cords with eye bolts to hold your generator in place. Or you can use a chain instead of those items and lock the generator to your truck. Or you can use a steel cable and wrap the cable around the 5th wheel hitch, then lock it in place.

There is a lot of room for practical creativity when doing this task. You have a lot of options to choose from and you can pick one that fits your camping style with ease. Pick the one that is best for you and your truck bed situation.

How do I Connect a Generator To My Truck Bed?


Some owners do not totally secure their generators to their truck beds. They use a long steel cables that lock to attach it to their truck and move it out onto their tailgate when they need to use it. Then they slide it back out of sight so potential thieves cannot see where it is.

Other owners may use chains to hold it in position and they may not pull it out onto their tailgate but leave in the bed and use it there. If you have a tonneau cover, you can just close that to keep the generator out of sight and secure.

If you are using a portable generator, it is important to keep in mind that these devices are not 100% secure at any time. With the right tools, the thief can easily unlock the generator and take it with them.

The best you can do is secure it with good materials to protect yourself when it comes time to file an insurance claim.

How To Get The Generator Out of The Truck Bed

Not to be insulting but the methods you used to get the generator into the truck bed will be the same methods you use to get them out. You can use a winch, planks, or the receiver crane we talked about earlier, or you can get a few friends together and lift it out.

There is a device that makes loading and unloading easy if you are doing that task on a daily basis or even a weekly one. One option would be the Sportsman Series EHOISTUL 440 lbs. Lift Electric Hoist or the Larin hitch lift.

Both would be great devices to use to get that generator back on the ground or your dolly. There should be similar devices on sale near you that you can use to compare prices, quality as well as lifting power.

One owner used a heavy-duty table he put castor wheels on the table and made sure it was the same height as his lowered tailgate. Then he just rolled the table up to the tailgate and slid the generator off the truck and onto the table.

This task does not have to be complicated or expensive.

Generator Mounted Under Truck Bed


This is a real possibility as many owners of trucks do not want to sacrifice cargo space for a generator. There are DIY methods you can use to do this but that takes some careful measuring and a very cautious search.

The generator will have to fit inside the available area without interfering with normal truck operations. Plus, you have to go out and find the generator that has the right shape and dimensions. Directing the exhaust is important in this project.

Or you can save yourself the trouble and buy a pick-up truck that has the under-the-bed generator already factory installed. If you can find them the 2021 Ford F-150 and new F-150 Hybrid already have a factory-installed generator under the bed.

Then there are companies that will customize your pick-up truck and install it for you. You do have some good options when it comes to this task. A good internet search and a few e-mails should get you the price, design and also answers to your questions.

Running Generator in a Truck Bed While Driving

This is possible. One article stated that you can run your built-in generator in your RV without a problem. Their reasoning was that you would need to run a few appliances while driving and this is a very safe option to utilize.

The drawback to doing this with an RV is that you could use up your propane supply or use up a lot of gas. When the generator is attached to the truck, it is also possible as some owners do this already.

Their reasoning is that they want to keep their pets cool in their trailers as they drive. other reasons are they want their trailers to be cool when they stop traveling. They do not like the idea of getting into a hot trailer after a hard day of driving.

There is no reason you cannot do this except that you may run into a low oil situation that triggers the cut-off switch. if you have a 5th wheel, the power cord would have to be set up in a way that it won’t interfere with trailer movement.

Truck Bed Generator Enclosure


The good news about this topic is that there are companies that will customize a generator box for you. You just tell them what you need, the size, opening design, and where it is going to be secured and they should be able to make it for you.

There is also the IGAN Generator Tent Running Cover you can use. It shields the generator from dust and the weather. You can cover all the sides you need to be covered as well as use the generator at the same time. There are different covers for different sizes of generators.

Be careful as these tents do not cover a large number of generator brands or models. Your main concern may be the cost of these items. You will have to do some shopping around to make sure you get one that fits your budget. There are a lot of options to choose from so you should be able to accomplish that goal.

Generator Box For Truck Bed

There are quite a few options in this category. One model opens up in front so you do not have to remove the generator to operate it. Just fold down the front and lift the top and you should be good to go.

Then the big box stores or RV parts and accessory stores should have something you can use. The custom shops mentioned in the previous section will easily make one for you. The same instructions apply as well.

A generator box that will fit on the tongue of the trailer should fit in your truck bed. It should be secured in the same manner as well. All you have to do is shop around to find something near you that comes at an affordable price.

If you go with the custom shops, they should be able to install the box for you unless they say otherwise. You will have to ask them though.

Some Final Words

Putting a generator inside your truck bed is a good idea. It goes with you when you are away from your campsite so you know where it will be at all times. You can use a portable generator or a non-portable one. The one you use will depend on your power needs.

You can always find good securing methods by talking to different owners on the many RV discussion forums. They all have their own methods to use and you may be able to use one theirs. All you have to do is ask them.

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