Finding a Generator Mount For Travel Trailer (5 Ideas)

When it comes to adding a generator to your camping time, you may not have the basement storage large enough to accommodate it. Generator mounts provide that extra storage in spaces left unused by most RV owners

We know of 5 good generator mount ideas. These are commercially made options that should meet most travel regulations. One is for the back bumper but some RV makers say don’t use that idea. It will be up to you if you use the back bumper or not.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make the right decision when you buy your next generator. These ideas may not be the best solution.

How do You Carry a Generator on a Travel Trailer?


The most logical answer to this question is either inside your trailer or inside one of the many lower storage areas. But the problem for the latter is will those lower storage areas be large enough for a 3000 or 4000-watt generator.

That is not all, the trailer doors may not be wide enough to fit the generator either. That means you may be stuck with using the bed of your pickup truck to haul that new generator.

That is unless you will be using one of the upcoming ideas that help you carry a larger generator outside of your trailer. Most recent owners do not have to worry about this problem as they bought a trailer that came with a built-in generator.

If you were not aware, there are about 5 generator ideas that we will get to soon that will help answer this question. When you have no room, there are still options for your generator.

The key will be picking the right option that will not upset the delicate weight capacity balance you have struggled to meet. Weight will always be a factor and you have to factor in the weight of the generator as well as its carrier.

Where Should I Store My Generator in My Travel Trailer?

The keyword is ‘in’ and that little 2 letter word says a lot. During our research for this subsection, we did come across a website that clearly suggested that you put your generator inside the travel trailer.

It is not a bad idea but the rest of the explanation made no sense. When the generator is not running and just needs to be stored, it does not need to be in a well-ventilated area. At least not for the reason that website gave. They said it would overheat.

You would need to leave a window open if you plan on keeping the fuel tank full as you drive. But inside the trailer is a good spot as you will not be using it till you get set up at your next camping site.

You can try to fit the generator inside a storage bin but from the trailers we have seen, it would have to be a fairly small one to fit inside one of those compartments.

We are being serious here as the upcoming ideas for where to mount your generator are all on the outside of the trailer and in some risky locations. Inside is a safe place for that device.

RV Generator Mounting Ideas


There are 5 basic locations you can store or mount a generator if you do not want to put it inside or in a storage compartment. There are good and bad points to all five but most owners seem to ignore the bad points as they want that generator in a specific spot.

1. A-Frame Carrier Generator Mount

Out of all the outside locations you have available, this is probably the safest one. That is because the A-Frame mount goes on the trailer’s tongue. It is located between the trailer and the tow vehicle providing protection in case anything happens.

The other good news is that it can usually hold up to 300 pounds. That is a lot more than most RV-type generators weigh. The shelf goes above the propane tanks utilizing that unused space in that area.

The measurements range depending on what size you will need. The support legs bolt over the frame so no drilling is required to install one of these mounts. They can cost between $250 to $350 on Amazon depending on size, brand, and so on.

The drawback to this mount option is that it will add a lot of weight to your tongue. You need a lot of spare tongue weight to fit one of these mounts in that position.

2. RV Heavy Duty Generator & Cargo Carrier Tray Kit

If you have a strong rear trailer bumper, then this might be a good option for you. This cargo tray bolts to your read bumper and measures roughly 24 by 24 inches each way.

Also, it has a weight capacity of roughly 400 pounds which is far more than you would need. Different bumper mounts will come with different build quality so be choosy when you start shopping for this generator mount idea.

These are not bad but they may still affect your tongue weight so make sure you do proper calculations. There are other drawbacks to this system as well.

One is if you are allowed to put a bumper storage rack on your rear bumper. Winnebago has been said to ban that idea. Liability is another issue you may need to investigate in case an accident does occur.

While these carriers are legitimate, you need to be wary of any legal hassles you may run into if there is an accident involving your rear trailer bumper. Your bumper has to be strong enough to handle the weight.

3. Hitch Carrier Mount

This is another good rear of the trailer idea. It may utilize the bumper in some way but the main support is your trailer’s hitch. This device can come with a 3-position ramp and can hold up to 500 pounds of generator or cargo.

Plus, it comes with built-in reflectors and other security and safety devices that help warn other drivers you have an extra long load at the back. Then most of these options should fit class 3, class 4, and class 5 hitches.

You should make sure which type of hitch they will fit before you buy. When you are not using it to haul your generator, the rack can flip up and be parallel to your trailer’s back end.

This is not a bad option and it does remove any risk that may be presented with using your rear bumper. But again, you may have to worry about tongue weight when you add this device to your trailer.

4. Frame Connected Hitch Platform

This is a combination of the previous two. There is a hitch in the middle and the security bar attaches to your bumper. With that security bar, your bumper should be able to handle the extra weight your generator and mount add to the overall weight of the trailer.

It may add about 350 pounds to your tongue weight so make good calculations before you buy. The biggest drawback to this idea is that the security bar may drag a bit going up steep inclines.

That may not be good and you will have to watch your mountain roads while you drive. This bar can fit trailers that are 72 inches wide or smaller as it is adjustable.

It is made with materials that resist rust, UV rays, chips, and so on. Its versatility allows you to carry more than a generator on it. It also holds bikes, cargo, and more.

5. Mounted storage box

These are usually made from diamond plate aluminum and can mount on your tongue or your rear bumper. They can also be used with some of the other ideas on this list.

The great thing about these storage boxes is you can lock them when the generator is not being used. The all-enclosed design makes sure that the generator does not get damaged by flying rocks and other flying debris.

The measurement for one style is 32 by 19 by 18 inches giving you enough room for a good-sized generator. You can get larger boxes if you need one. The good aspect about these is that there are many outfits that make and sell them so they should be reasonably priced.

The bad news is that these boxes can add to your tongue weight no matter where it is located. So make sure you know the weight of your generator and the box before buying.

Can You Put a Generator on The Tongue Of a Trailer?

Yes, you can and many trailer owners have done exactly that. They found that the A-frame shelf is the best option to go with. It uses unusable space and makes it convenient to access your generator when you want to start it up.

However, there are some drawbacks to using this option as well as a diamond plate Aluminum box. One is the weight of these devices. The cause for concern is that the tongue weight needs to remain within 10 to 15% of the overall weight of your loaded trailer.

If either of these options puts the tongue weight over 15% of that total weight, then you may experience sway or other trailer issues. The weight of the generator and the box or A-Frame would have to be balanced so you do not experience problems with your trailer as you drive.

Here is another problem that may or may not occur. It has happened to other trailer owners and they have posted pictures of the problem. The tongue frame can break in two. By two, we mean that most of the frame stayed with the trailer while the completely exposed tongue remained with the tow vehicle.

This problem usually happened when the drivers hit the wrong bump at the wrong speed at the wrong time. These tongues sheered off even though there was no extra device sitting on the tongue.

Before you buy, you really need to check your tongue for any weak spots that may crack on you if you go this route.

Generator Tongue Mount Options


There are only three real options and we have already discussed two of them. The third option is to go custom. This may cost a little more but you can have the supports custom welded to make sure the tongue is stronger and can support the extra weight.

Plus, you can get a design that you like which makes it more convenient to reach your generator. Accessibility is going to be a key factor and the A-frame shelf is good for this as is the storage box option.

To be honest, there are few exterior options available to attach a generator mount. If you had a pop-up trailer or one of those mini-trailer options, you could put the generator securely on the roof of those trailers.

You would not be at any risk of hitting low bridges, etc., if you did this. Other than that, you are limited to the bumper, the tongue, and the hitch to place your generator mount.

Bumper Mount Generator For Travel Trailer

When it comes to this mounting option, you really have only two options as well. You have plenty of different designs but those designs do not increase the number of options.

You are either using a carrier that bolts to or around the bumper or an aluminum diamond plate box attached to your bumper. Both options run the risk of the bumper not being strong enough to hold the extra weight.

This is important as you have the added weight of the generator as well as the mount to consider. Rear bumpers are not always designed to handle heavy weights. Make sure you know the strength of your rear bumper and its weight capacity before you attach a mount.

Hitch Mounted Generator Box


There is only one style you will get with this mount idea. It is probably one of the better ideas as the bumper does not have to carry any extra weight. These mounts fit right into the trailer’s hitch and usually come with all the security and accessories you need to hold the generator in place safely.

Also, this mount option comes in different sizes and hitch shapes so you can make sure you are getting the best one for your trailer. Amazon has quite a few of these between $200 and $300.

These are the mounts that will hold the box you want to put your generator into. Boxes generally do not come as hitch mounts, they would be placed on the carrier which also has ramps to make loading better for you.

A Frame Generator Mount

Even though the hitch mount is probably the best option, this is a popular mount. The A-Frame generator mount attaches to the A-Frame of the tongue. It is usually bolted into place so you do not have to do any drilling.

The biggest question that seems to accompany this option is the strength of the support legs. Some RV owners question if those legs will hold up in an accident or not.

The biggest asset is that your generator is well protected on this mount idea. The biggest drawback is the added tongue weight of the generator and the A-frame shelf add-on. This can be a concern if your loaded trailer is already pushing the tongue weight to its limits.

Many owners say this is the best way to carry your generator but that remains to be seen.

Enclosed Trailer Generator Mount


The same mounts that we have already discussed will work for an enclosed trailer. Where you put it will depend on your tongue weight and your preference. Many owners prefer the A-Frame shelf for the added protection and convenience.

They also like it because it doesn’t put the rear bumper at risk of damage. Of course, it will depend on what you are hauling as you could easily make room for the generator inside the enclosed trailer.

You would not need a mount if you are not filling that trailer up to the rear doors. Just make space for the device and close the doors. The bumper option may not be the best option as the bumpers on enclosed trailers are not that strong.

Some Final Words

There are limited places you can mount a generator to the exterior of your trailer. The number of mounts is limited as well as the designs remain basically the same for each available spot.

The keys will be the weight of the generator and the weight of the mount. You have to watch that tongue weight or you will have towing issues. The hitch option seems to be the best but the A-Frame offers the most protection, so it is up to what you prefer.

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