Generator Box For RV: Where Should I Carry My Generator?

You will find that there are a lot of ideas concerning this topic. Some of those ideas are good and others are not so good. In the end, you have to filter out all those ideas that will not work for your RV set up or are not practical. When you do that, you should find one or two worth doing.

There are different locations you can utilize. One of the main factors will be the size of the generator. Smaller ones may fit in storage compartments underneath your trailer while larger ones may need to be placed on your hitch or rear bumper.

To learn more about this topic and get some good ideas on where to place your generator, just continue reading our article. It has the information you want to know about, even the bad suggestions, so you can find the right spot for your generator.

How do You Carry a Generator on a Travel Trailer?


If the generator is too large for one of the larger pass-through storage areas, you should have a generator box attached to your trailer. These generator boxes are similar to a battery box but they are more permanent and hold the generator while it is running.

Where you locate that box is up to you. Some people have suggested placing the generator on the roof of your RV or trailer and using the cover to protect it from the elements. This may not be the best location as you have to haul it up there and then bring it back down when you want to use it.

If you do not have a generator box, you can use the bed of your pick up truck, if you have one. That is a safe location for it when you are traveling. But the ultimate location is up to you and what available space you have.

The generator box is a good idea as it will also protect the generator from harm and the elements.

Where Should I Carry My Generator in My RV?

This is another good topic and question. Not everyone is the same nor do they have the same storage facilities as everyone else. If the pass-through storage area is large enough, placing your generator on a pull out shelf would make it handy and convenient.

When you need it, you just pull out the tray and plug it in. And when you do not need it, you just unplug it and slide it out of harm’s way. Other owners have used a cargo carrier and placed it on their rear bumper or added an anti-sway hitch to hold the carrier steady.

The drawback to this location is the rear bumper. It may not be secure enough to hold an additional 100 pounds+. The weight of the generator, the box, and the cargo carrier may be too much for it.

Plus, you cannot see it in the rear view mirror and will not know what is happening back there. Some people have said they have had success at this location but make sure your bumper can handle the excess weight and motion.

Finally, the hitch is a good spot, if you have room up there. There might not be enough room with the battery box and the propane holder already taking up space but it is a good location when there is space.

RV Generator Box Prices


The cheapest place to find any generator box seems to be Amazon. Their options were priced between $200 and $400 but their selection was limited. other outlets were asking between $700 and $800.

Other outlets wanted you to contact them first before they would give you a price. The options they had were quite nice and innovative as one company is capable of stacking several boxes on top of each other in case you own more than one generator.

Plus, there is one company that offers you the chance to be creative and they will make a custom generator box to fit your situation. Other prices will range between the Amazon price and that top price listed above.

Where you shop will determine your final cost and do not forget to add in taxes on top of those prices if they are not included in your purchase price. Also, your final cost will depend on the size of the box you need.

Make sure to measure your generator to get an idea of the size of the box that is required. It is okay to have a little extra room inside for cables, etc.

Finding an RV Generator Box For Sale

Surprisingly, Amazon did not have a large selection of these boxes. We saw only one or two. But that marketplace is overwhelmed by the many different generators or cargo carriers it has for sale. That is a good place to go look for the latter accessory.

We are also surprised that e-trailer does not carry any of these boxes either. Their stock seems to be limited to carriers and other smaller items. But that does not mean you do not have a lot of places to look for these boxes. A good internet search will produce a long list of outlets that will serve your need.

KSH fuel products, Work trucks USA, and RVGenerator are other outlets. If those online options do not have what you want at the price you want to pay, you can check eBay, Craigslist, and other online classified ads to find a good used one.

The local newspaper may help or you might find a local store that sells these boxes. Asking RV Parts Nation or Camping World is a good place to start your search. Or you can build your own and save a lot of money.

RV Generator Boxes


These are handy to have. It gives you a place to store your generator when not in use. The boxes protect your device from the elements even when in use. Plus, they are made from very strong materials so, in case of an accident, your generator should not be damaged.

One thing to be aware of is if you are going to use the generator while in the box, make sure to line it with some sound suppressing material. The neighbors will highly appreciate the effort.

There are some nice designs that make these boxes stackable. You can place one over the propane tanks by using a cargo carrier or just stack two or three on top of each other when the generators are small.

If you cannot afford a generator box, then a generator cover may be just the right option. These covers do protect from the elements and they do not add a lot of weight to your rear bumper or front hitch.

Also, the price of these covers are very affordable and under $200 for some models. It is worth considering.

RV Generator Box Hitch

The type of hitch you would be looking to buy would be one that is made for a cargo carrier. You probably need to add the cargo carrier to your set up to hold the generator box. There are a variety of rear hitches available that you can use.

One style to consider would be the anti-wobble hitch. This will help steady the cargo carrier and not have your generator get bounced around as much. You can find a wide assortment of these devices for under $50. They are made from top-quality materials and should last a long time.

There may be other accessories you can use to help support the rear bumper when it is tasked with holding the cargo carrier and the generator plus box. Different outlets have cargo carrier hitches and it will be up to you to decide which is the best one for your camping needs.

Or you can go to an A-Frame design that holds the cargo carrier up over the propane tanks. This places the weight on the solid hitch instead of the rear bumper. And you can keep your eye on it as you drive.

RV Generator Bumper Box


There are only a few of these options available. One is made of heavy-duty plastic which can hold up to 80 pounds. That weight limit makes it hard to put a large generator inside the box. But it may be good for smaller models.

The cost may have you looking for other options as it is almost $1500. Anything to do with the rear bumper usually is designed for cargo carriers. The companies we linked to above may have some options for you but in general retail outlets, you are looking at using a cargo carrier and a rear hitch.

There are some Mount & Go supports that you can attach your generator box to and they seem to be fairly inexpensive as well as light weight. They fit most bumpers and are able to hold up to 125 pounds of weight. You can check them out at this link.

Portable Generator Box For RV

The companies we linked to above can assist you better with this option. Generally, when you have smaller generators, they can fit in all sorts of locations on your RV or trailer. A portable box would be a good idea to add another level of protection when stored in the pass-through storage or other storage areas.

You should have an easier time finding smaller generator boxes and their cost should be relatively inexpensive. Some options are just basic generator covers that are sturdy, look good, and have extra pockets for other items associated with your generator.

These covers provide good airflow to keep your device from overheating. Their cost is under $200 making them a very good alternative when you can’t find the right-sized portable box at a good price.

Talk to the companies that we linked to earlier. They will have more ideas and solutions for you.

How do I Build a Quiet Box For My Generator?


There are laws in some states that require you to keep your generator noise at or below 65 decibels during the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. at night. Those same laws restrict your generator noise to at or below 50 decibels between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

These laws, including noise restrictions at campgrounds, and RV parks, make it necessary to have your generator box absorb as much noise as possible. The materials you will need will be MDF wood, foam mats, mass loading vinyl or MLV, and some sound-absorbing glue for the edges.

Then you just build your box like normal and add these materials in the right places. You will need to have holes for ventilation but those holes shouldn’t release a lot of noise.

The general rule of thumb is the more layers you have the better the sound reduction.

DIY RV Generator Box

There are a lot of designs for this project on the internet. The key is to select the right one that will fit your generator size as well as the location you plan on putting it when you are done.

This link will take you to 9 different designs that should help you create your own box. The materials used are the same as the ones listed in the previous section.

Some Final Words

Generators are noisy at times and many campgrounds have rules about excess noise at night. Getting or building your own generator box is the way to comply with the rules and not disturb your neighbors.

The boxes can be quite expensive, especially the custom made options but they are worth it if you want to protect your expensive generator. The key is finding the right location for these boxes as not every spot on your RV or trailer is practical or safe. Use a little common sense before making the location permanent.

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