Can You Parallel 3 Generators? (How To Parallel 3 Generators)

Getting more power. That is what it is all about as many newer RVs and trailers have more features that require more power. Sometimes 1 or 2 generators just won’t pick up the load and start to surge. Adding one more may be the solution to your power issues.

It has been done and it seems it has been done successfully. One owner is very satisfied with his results and he has his power need covered by 3 generators. He used 2 Honda 2200s and one Honda 1000 to achieve his goal.

To learn more about how o do this and other important information related to this objective, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have the right data to do the same thing if you need more power.

Can You Run 3 Generators in Parallel?


It is a possibility and just because one owner was successful does not mean that your attempt will be as successful. There are good reasons for saying this.

1. You have to have 3 generators already designed to handle parallel formats. If one isn’t then it should not work.

2. Honda does not make a parallel kit for 3 generators but they have said they know of some companies that do and that many owners do the wiring themselves.

3. That may be too much power for your RV even if you are running the microwave, air conditioner, and smaller appliances at the same time.

Most likely, you would have to do your own wiring and there is a way to do it. The first step is to do the wiring before you start the generators. Then use a double male cord and bypass the interconnect terminals or use a junction box.

We would suggest that you have a working knowledge of electrical devices and do not attempt to do this if you are a novice or do not have electrical knowledge to guide you.

How Many Generators Can You Parallel?


Almost everywhere we read stated that 2 is the limit for RVs and personal use. Over two is risky in those situations. There are companies that run more than 3 at a time to get better results.

However, it was stated that you should not try that at home or with your RV or trailer. The process is very technical. One owner stated that you cannot parallel more than 2 Hondas although it seems some people have done 3.

Again, we must state that all the generators you want to use should be parallel-ready. You do not have to parallel 2 identical generators but that is the best way to do this.

It is a little tougher adding in a smaller unit due to sine wave and other technical factors that need to be met. Also, you should not mix brands for the same reasons.

If it works for you, you should stay at 2 generators to keep your RV or trailer, as well as yourself, safe.

How do You Run 3 Generators in Parallel?


In most cases, you can use a kit designed to parallel 2 generators. When you want to add a third, you need to use your own wiring system as finding a kit for three may be difficult.

We will quote the words of the one owner we know that explained how he or she did their paralleling: “Just 3 extension cords with hots and neutrals connected at 30A socket.”

That is the only explanation we have found so far. When you use the same brand of generator, they should self-sync when you start the first one and then start the second one.

When you go with a third generator but smaller, it may not really add any power to the system. Often, the lower-powered generator burns out before the other 2 get up to maximum power.

Also, all 3 generators need to be made by the same company as different brands use different wave lengths, etc. And you can cause damage to both or all three generators if you do this.

We searched and every instruction about paralleling that came up only discussed generators

Triple Parallel Kit


The information about Honda not making a triple parallel kit came from 2013. It seems that over the past few years, the company has tackled that option and they now have one on sale

Their kit connects any model in the EU1000i, EU2000i, & EU3000i series. And you get up to 6000 watts of power or equal to 50 amps. Any combination is okay. You just may not like the approx. $300 price tag for this kit.

There are other companies that make a triple parallel kit. You are supposed to be able to find them on Amazon. A quick search of that marketplace found possibilities.

These kits are available at different outlets that sell generators and RV equipment.

Why Not Buy 1 Big Generator

There are several good reasons why you should parallel two smaller generators over buying one big one:

1. You may not have the storage space to house the generator. They can get quite big.

2. If the big one fails, you have no power. But if one smaller one in a parallel fails, you have the other one to provide power.

3. The bigger generator uses more fuel and oil than smaller generators.

4. The bigger generator may be more expensive than two smaller units.

Some Final Words

While it can be done safely now, the big question is can you afford to have 3 generators working at the same time? They all will cost money to buy and then you have the fuel and oil expenses, not to mention any maintenance that needs to be done.

Having more power is good when you need it, you just do not need it all the time. The new triple parallel kits will make this objective easier to do.

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