Onan Generator Code 32: What Does It Mean And How To Fix It

You may have noticed over recent years more and more devices have been given fault codes. These codes are everywhere now and it would be a good idea to get a list of them so you can understand what is wrong and what you need to do to solve the problem.

Onan fault code 32 is a low cranking speed. What that means is that the RPM level while starting was under 180 for at least 2 seconds. You may be surprised at the sources for this fault code as one is you need to change the oil.

To learn more about this fault code and what to do about it, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need so that you can easily fix the problem when you see this code on your generator.

What Does Code 32 Mean on an Onan Generator?


We talked about making a list of fault codes for your different electronic devices. Thi sis a good idea for then you always have the problem definition on hand and can refer to it quickly.

When it comes to Onan generators we have done that work for you. Our article at this link gives you the list of this brand of generators and it tells you exactly what is wrong and where to look for the solution

It is a handy list to have and it gives you a place to start. What our list tells you is that this code means Low Cranking Speed and it is below 180 rpms for 2 seconds.

You may not see the fault code right away. Onan has designed the control panel to flash the code for 5 minutes and then it shuts off the indicator panel. But, the company has also made it possible for you to flash the code when you are wondering why your generator is not working.

Eventually, you will find out what is wrong with the device and then start your repair process. We will talk about the possible repair options in the next section.

Code 32 Onan Generator


When you see this code flashing on your generator’s screen it is telling you that there is something wrong that is affecting the crank speed. The problem may not lie with the crank or its mechanisms but from indirect sources.

One of those sources will be the type of oil you have in the oil case. The oil viscosity is very important and it must not be substituted with another type. The correct oil viscosity should be 15W 40 but check your manual to be sure.

Then the second place to check would be your wiring. It is possible that the battery terminals and connections are rusty or loose. Make sure that is not happening on your generator. Double check the battery power a swell.

This is just the beginning of the possible sources that could trigger this code. If those two items are okay, your next stop is your spark plug. Confirm that it is in top shape and firing.

While you are at it, check your ground wire as that may be missing or loose. Then do not forget to check your fuses. Those will stop power from going to your device and prevent it from operating.

After this, move on to your filters. Both the air and the fuel filters can get clogged and stop the device from working There is one possibility that many owners forget about it completely.

Not many people consider this to be a problem but many electronic devices like generators cannot operate at different altitudes without changing the settings.

Your Onan generator should have an altitude setting on it. If you are up high and it is set for sea level, then you probably will not have a functioning generator. This goes in the reverse as well.

The owner’s manual should tell you exactly where that setting is and how to operate it. These are not the only sources that could trigger this code. Here is a list of other possibilities that will keep your generator from functioning normally:

Bad starter

Bad starter solenoid

Bad fuel pump

Bad control board

Bad brushes

Bad oil sensor

The unfortunate part in all of this is that you have to go through each part until you find the correct one that is causing all your problems.

How To Read The Error Code


Here are the steps you need to take to see and read the different error codes on an Onan generator:

1. Push the Stop/Prime button 3 times. You have to do this in succession in under 5 seconds.

2. After pushing the button, the indicator will flash the first numeral in the code. If it blinks three times and pauses for a brief few seconds, then you know the code will be 3. This is an indicator that the error code is a double-digit number starting with 3.

3. Press the Stop/Prime button again and hold it for 1 second. This will trigger the double-digit code that has been set. The code will go three blinks for 3, pause, two blinks for two or whatever the number will be, and then a long pause.

That tells you that the error code is 32. But be careful, there is an error code three, if you check our list of Onan generator fault codes you will see it, so do not get confused about the fault code.

Some Final Words

Fault codes are supposed to make everything easier. In this case, while it makes knowing why the code was triggered, it does not make the repair any easier. There is a long list of parts that may have gone bad and triggered this particular code.

Take your time and go through the possibilities one at a time till you find the right part that is causing the problem. Make sure you watch the oil viscosity as it can break down if the generator has been sitting for a long time.

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