Download Onan Marquis 7000 Service Manual and Wiring Diagram

For some products, finding a good manual is a difficult task. They may be too old or their company has gone out of business and other legitimate reasons. But you shouldn’t have to worry about Onan, it has been a popular generator brand for over 50 years.

To find an Onan wiring diagram or manual, just put the name of your generator in the search box of your browser and you should get a multitude of results. This was a popular generator brand so there are many websites with manuals ready for download.

To learn more about this topic and where to get the manuals, just continue to read our article. It provides you with as much information as possible on where to get manuals and an electrical diagram. Keep reading to get this information especially if you have lost your manuals, etc.

Where Are Cummins Onan Generators Built?


You may be familiar with the generator but not its history or where it is manufactured. According to one source, the Onan generators are supposed to be built in the United States.

Cummins has 8 manufacturing plants in 3 countries. Those in the United States are found in Darlington, South Carolina, Jamestown, New York, and Elkhart, Indiana.

This company has manufacturing plants in Brazil, India, Colombia, Mexico, China, and a few other nations. With the new truth in labeling requirements, you may be able to find out exactly where your generator is made.

This means you should be able to find an Onan generator manual with relative ease. Whether it is in good English or not is another story for another day. The Onan generator is said to be made in the Minnesota plant but we have received no confirmation on that information as of yet.

After the Cummins takeover in 1992, the Onan engine department was phased out so you won’t find an Onan engine inside an Onan generator anymore. Then to quell any rumors, Westinghouse did not and does not make any Onan generators. For some reason, that rumor has been going around.

Onan Marquis 7000 Service Manual Pdf


One of the good things about Onan generators is that their manuals should be easy to find. Not only has the brand name continued since Cummins took them over, but it was a very popular brand since about the 1920s.

What that means is that you should be able to find any type of manual very easily. It took only a few seconds for us to have a long list of websites that offer this manual for download or viewing.

They may charge for downloading so have a few back up websites to avoid any charges you do not want to pay. The first website to check out will be this one. However, you will have to do some scrolling as it is just a generic list of service manuals, not a link to a specific one.

Of course, you can go to Cummins directly and this link takes you to their support page for manuals. You will have to type in the Engine serial number or ESN to get to the specific manual you are looking for.

We will provide just the two links for you as there are numerous results for this type of manual after a general search engine search.

Onan Marquis 7000 Parts Manual Pdf


As usual, the best place to get any manual will be from the manufacturing company. In this case, it is Cummins you need to contact, and here is a link to their RV generator manuals.

A better link would be this one as it includes a variety of manuals including the parts option. One more link would be to this website. To be able to download this manual from this website, you have to set up a free account.

One final source for a repair manual would be at this link. The manual is listed as available but you may have to pay for the download. One thing that we noticed about the manuals for this particular Onan generator is that you cannot view them first.

This means you may have to pay for the download before you can determine if it is the right one and covers what you need first. If you are lucky, you should find the wiring diagrams inside these manuals.

But just in case, continue to the next section, we will post a couple of diagrams for you to use.

Onan Marquis 7000 Wiring Diagram


According to one source, the actual wiring diagram is found in the manual on page 130. But just in case you lost your hard copy or do not want to pay for a download, we will post a couple of the diagrams here.

These diagrams come from this website. This link also contains several diagrams so you may not have to download the whole manual to get the information you want.

Diagram 1:


Diagram #2:


Both diagrams have been labeled to be for the Onan 7000 Marquis. But we suggest and recommend that you get a manual and double-check to make sure. Here is a link to a variety of wire diagrams that are also supposed to be for the Onan 7000 Marquis.

If you scroll down far enough, you will get diagrams for the Onan 4500 model as well.

Some Final Words

One of the things you should not have difficulty with is finding a manual for the 7000 Marquis generator. In fact, you should not have any trouble finding a manual or even a wiring diagram for any Onan generator.

This has been a popular generator brand for about 100 years now and its popularity continued even after Cummins took it over. Once you get the right manual, then you should be able to get the right parts as well as the proper instructions to repair your generator.

Having the right information is as good as having the right tools for the job.

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