How to Fix Honda EU2000i ECO Throttle Issues (When to Use)

As the technology becomes more advanced, the more money you could possibly save. For example, the ECO throttle on the Honda generator automatically adjusts the fuel draw depending on the appliance you are using. By doing that, you use less fuel and save more money.

One of the more common issues you will find that help your ECO throttle malfunction is using the wrong fuel. When this happens, you simply remove every drop of the old fuel before adding the correct gas to the gas tank.

To learn more about how to fix ECO throttle issues just continue to read our article. it goes through the different problems and provides you with solutions. Not all issues are reparable though and you may have to replace the part eventually.

When to use ECO Throttle on a Honda Generator


The owner manual says not to use the ECO throttle when you are powering high-energy using appliances. Of course, the phrase ‘high energy using’ could apply to simple appliances like toasters.

Also, according to the manual you are not to use the ECO throttle when you are starting the generator. If you do, the generator takes longer to warm up. The best time to turn the ECO throttle on is when the generator has been on and warmed up, which is usually after 2 or 3 minutes.

Then the next best time to turn the ECO throttle on is after you have started your appliances. The throttle may not produce enough power to cover the electricity needed to start an appliance.

Honda EU2000i ECO Throttle Issues and Problems


Fuel is always going to be a common problem and this runs through every generator, not just this model. You do have to watch out for the type of fuel you put in the fuel tank. The wrong fuel will make your throttle malfunction and it will take some cleaning to get it back to normal.

Another common problem would be if you have all your appliances connected to the generator when you start it up. The sudden load can damage both the generator and the appliances. To avoid this issue, keep the appliances unplugged from the generator until it has started.

A final issue or problem is the pump. If it is faulty, the lack of fuel to the throttle could cause problems. replacement is your only repair option.

EU2000i ECO Mode Not Working


One of the sources in this situation could be the inverter module. It may have gone bad for you as you used the ECO mode at the wrong time. Unfortunately, the inverter is not one of those repairable parts on this generator.

You would have to buy a new one and those can cost around $600 give or take a few dollars. What is also bad news, is that the owner’s manual doesn't address the ECO mode when it fails. It just has generic categories and doesn't list any real solutions for when your ECO mode refuses to do its job.

Check your spark plug to see if it got flooded earlier when you shut the generator off. This is a problem that happens a lot and all you need to do is dry it off and put it back in the engine.

EU2000i ECO Throttle Switch Replacement


This problem has more to do with the ECO motor than the switch. If the ECO mode doesn’t switch on like it is supposed to, the problem may be somewhere inside the motor. The number of surges that take place could wear out the plastic gear teeth.

When that happens the motor and the throttle cannot perform as they should. The bad news is that you will have to replace the motor. The good news is that the motor costs a lot less than the inverter module.

That means you should check the motor first to see if that is the problem. That way you will save some money if it is what is causing the ECO throttle to malfunction.

Honda EU2000i Runs But No Power


The first source could be that the generator is faulty. It is hard to tell until you go through all the other possible sources first. If your generator is still under warranty, getting it fixed is not going to be an issue.

When you have no power to the DC receptacle the DC circuit protector may be turned off or the generator is bad. If there is no power to the AC receptacles then the source may be one of the following:

  • faulty generator
  • faulty power tool or appliance
  • ​AC circuit protector tripped
  • Output indicator ir OFF and the overload indicator is ON.

Finally, the fuel may be bad, the air and gas filter is clogged, valves could be stuck, the carb and ignition are malfunctioning.

Honda EU3000is ECO Throttle not Working

The first place to look is the control panel. If the ECO throttle switch is turned off, then it won’t function. It may be a simple situation but you may be surprised at how many people do not think to check the switch.

Also, you can check the fuel that you are using. If it is not clean, then the excess dirt will clog up the system and prevent the throttle from engaging. For some reason, Honda did not put a fuel filter before the carb in this generator model.

Some Final Words

When something goes wrong, always look to the simple sources first. if those are the problem, they are easy to fix and will not cost a lot of money. Replacing the ECO throttle’s motor may be the most common fix as the gear teeth are made from plastic.

Once you solve the problem, you should be back to saving money when you use this fuel-saving option.

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