How Much Oil Does a Predator 3500 Generator Take? (Guide)

When it comes to mechanical devices, there are always moving parts. Those moving parts are usually metal on metal. To make these devices work, including generators, you need to add oil. Without it, those devices stop working.

The oil tank is not very large and only holds 20 fluid ounces. The type of oil is 10W30. However, the brand of oil does not matter although some brands are better than others. It pays to buy the more expensive oil if you want your generator to last.

To learn more about how much oil and type you need for your Predator Engine, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can properly maintain your Predator 3500 generator.

Does The Predator 3500 Come With Oil?


The answer is ‘no, it does not.’ There are valid reasons why these generators do not come with oil. But, with that said, you may find that some generators will have a gas odor as well as a little oil in the crankcase.

The gas odor and oil are holdovers from the tests these generators are given before they leave the factory. The company can run tests without fuel or lubrication.

You may find that some Predator 3500 generators may have some oil inside of them but the amount is minimal. We have not checked the regulations so there might be a law about shipping hazardous materials inside these units.

If you see some oil in your generator, do not worry about it. That is normal.

How Much Oil Does a Predator 3500 Generator Take?


As you know, generators are not that big. Their fuel and oil tanks will reflect that size. While the gas tanks may be on the larger side of things, the oil tank does not hold that much oil.

Its capacity is only 20 fluid ounces so you are going to have leftover oil when you finish filling the crankcase. But having leftover oil is a good thing if you have bike or motorcycle chains to lubricate or other tools that need some oil.

There is always some use for leftover oil and since generators need an oil change sooner than later, the leftover oil can sit on a shelf till needed again.

What Oil Does The Predator 3500 Take?


There is probably some debate about this as every generator owner and the manufacturer have their preferences. Some owners like traditional oil and others prefer the more expensive synthetic type.

If you are going with the traditional oil, then 10W30 is the most recommended. But if you are camping in all types of weather, you can go to a 10W40 option or remain with 10W30.

If you are one of those people that like synthetic oil, then 5W30 is your best option. Check the manual to see what the manufacturer says and while you are under warranty it is best to stick to that recommendation.

After the warranty coverage has expired, then you can decide if you want to change oil types.

How To Change The Oil on The Predator 3500 Generator


This is similar to changing the oil in your car except that you do not have as much oil to worry about. The first step is to start up the generator and let the oil warm up. This step should allow the oil to flow freely and not stay behind in the generator.

After warming up the oil, set the generator up on two blocks placed on level ground. You will need space to place your container to hold the draining oil. Also, unhook the spark plug as a matter of precaution.

Next, you pick the socket size you need to remove the drain plug. Make sure the container is in the right place and completely remove the plug and let the oil drain.

Once drained, put the plug back in and refill the oil tank.

Does The Predator 3500 Have an Oil Filter?


Yes, it does. To replace the oil filter, you need to remove it as the oil is draining or has completed draining from the oil tank. This is just like replacing a filter on your car. Pick the right tool to loosen the filter and use the same tool to put the new filter on.

Just watch how you remove the filter so you do not spill any oil when removing it. The owner’s manual should have the filter information inside of it so you can find a replacement very easily.

You can find a filter at most places that sell generators or their accessories.

How To Check The Oil Of a Predator 3500 Inverter Generator


There is a threaded dipstick in the fill spout that will tell you how much oil is inside. Just unscrew that dipstick and look at its tip to see how much is inside the oil tank.

The manual has a nice diagram of this area of the generator and to get to the dipstick you have to unscrew the access plate. That plate is on the non-operation side of the generator.

The manual also states that the generator is shipped without oil and that you will void your warranty if you try to start it without filling the oil tank first. There is also a low oil shutoff safety system built into this device.

Some Additional Words

The manual does state that you should use 10W30 oil when you fill the oil tank. That would be the type to stick with or you can talk to the dealer about using the other types of oil mentioned earlier.

The key is to make sure you do regular oil changes, between 6 months or 100 hours whichever comes first. If you can’t find the oil access panel, it is just below the refill cap for gas. It won’t be that hard to find.

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