Finding 1994-2007 Holiday Rambler Wiring Diagram Schematics

One thing about older RVs, finding information about them can be very difficult. Most people are interested n the most recent models so keeping information around for older models becomes a lesser priority. The 1994 owner’s manual does not have diagrams for the wiring.

Cable routes usually are not included in wiring diagrams or schematics. They would have their own diagrams separate from the wiring diagram. What makes things worse is that many websites say they have them, but don’t.

To find and use a wiring diagram for this model of RV, just continue to read our article. It is filled with the information you want to know about so you have a wiring diagram on hand and easy to access.

1994 Holiday Rambler Wiring Diagram

This diagram may be hard to get. The word is that Monaco bought Holiday Rambler in 1996 and at that time there may have been very few diagrams available for the Monaco techs to use to repair those older RVs.

The following diagram is labeled as 1994 but from our experience, it could be anything:


To find one, do not go to the owner’s manual as those booklets had very few diagrams on their pages and none were for the wiring. If you are missing an owner’s manual, you can get one from this link.

The manual selection goes back to 1983 but there are quite a few gaps in the early years of this company. Some of the diagrams that come up in an internet search may be wiring diagrams but if you look underneath the images, they are often labeled as something else.

2001 Holiday Rambler Wiring Schematic

The source for this image says it is for a 2001 Holiday Rambler and it may be. It may also not be easy to read but there is little information on this topic on the internet.

We keep getting sent to one website even though the link says it is going to a different one. When we get to the one website, all the images and information are the same.


2007 Holiday Rambler Endeavor Wiring Schematics

The story will be the same here. This is labeled as a wiring schematic for the Holiday Rambler Endeavor. And it may be, we just cannot verify it.


You should be able to enlarge it a little to see all the details.

Holiday Rambler Ambassador Wiring Diagram

This image comes from a website that is charging $129 for Ambassador wiring diagrams.


So far this is the best we can do as the upcoming story on Holiday Rambler may explain why their wiring diagrams are so hard to find. If you want wiring diagrams for the 2008 model, we suggest contacting the poster at this link.

He is sending them out to those owners who are in need of these diagrams. You would have to sign up at that discussion forum to gain access to the information.

The post was made in 2020 so the member may still be there. The thread is still active so there is a chance you can have it emailed to you. Or if that member is not there anymore, those that have received the PDF files may send a copy to you.

The History of Holiday Rambler

This company was started in what could be called the most humble of ways. The founder of the company, Richard Klingler in Wakarusa, Indiana, started building his new RVs in his chicken coop. This was back in 1953. The company was not called Holiday Rambler at the time but Klingler Corporation.

This was a company that used many innovations at the time that have later become standard features on most modern RVs. It was the first to use aluminum framing as well as built-in fridges, aerodynamic radiused corners, and holding tanks.

The problem with owners’ manuals and wiring diagrams may have started when the company was sold to Harley Davidson in 1986. That company held onto Holiday Rambler for 10 years before selling it to Monaco Coach Corporation.

But Monaco did not last that long as it was sold to Allied Specialty Vehicles in 2013 who in turn sold it to the REV group sometime between then and 2020. These multiple changes of ownership could be the reason for lost paperwork and diagrams.

Another Way To Get a Wiring Diagram

Since Holiday Rambler still exists contacting the company directly may be the best option to use if you need a wiring diagram for one of their older models. The company only makes Class A RVs these days but they should have some records that may be of some help to you.

You can get to their company through this link and they have a handy contact web page you can use. You will see it under the About Us heading at the top of the page.

They do have a link to download owner’s manuals on that contact page however, we checked different booklets and none of them had a wiring diagram in them.

This information is provided because what is available on the internet is not very good. Even the diagrams we came across are not labeled very well and could be misleading. That is one reason we did not add more diagrams to this article.

You can check Facebook or Yahoo for owner’s groups and see if any of those groups have a wiring diagram available for your specific RV model and year.

Some Additional Words

When you need information for older RVs, it may be a tough search. Materials get lost, destroyed, or misplaced and it is difficult to find them again. It does not help when there are crank websites out there gumming up the searches for this important information.

Your best bet will be to contact the company directly and see how much help they will be. Other sources are not going to work out as well as that one. It is just the way it is with older RVs.

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