Coachmen Wiring Diagrams: Catalina, Clipper, Leprechaun…

With Coachman owned by Forest River, you may have a difficult time tracking down the different wiring diagrams for your coach. That may be because Coachman or Forest River do not want DIY owners to work on the wiring.

We checked the Coachman website and while they do a good job in posting manuals, they do not do a good job in posting wiring diagrams. We checked their 2014 and earlier categories as well as their 2015 and newer category. 

To find more wiring diagrams, if they are available, just continue to read our article. It presents the best information possible so you can get a wiring diagram for the selected models below. Their owner’s manuals do not seem to have them.

Finding Coachmen Wiring Diagrams


Anyone can put the subsection heading into the search box and start their search for a wiring diagram for this brand of RV. However, even though the search results say Coachman wire diagrams, the content may not be for a Coachman RV.

Or at least the model you are looking for. This link says it has a wiring diagram for the Coachman Sportsman model and that may be. We do see a dual battery disconnect diagram for this coach.

However, on the same page, we get a van conversion diagram, a 78 Dodge Rv coach, and a few other non-Coachman RV wire diagrams.

Coachmen Catalina Wiring Diagram

As much as we would like to place a wiring diagram here, it is not always possible due to technical glitches. However, this website has several wiring diagrams for this model.

One of the bad things about the Coachman website for manuals is. Only the newer models seem to be divided up into different model series. The pre-2014 is grouped by Class.

Coachmen Spirit Wiring Diagram

Coachmen Wiring Diagrams Catalina, Clipper, Leprechaun-1

One owner said it was difficult to find wiring diagrams for the Coachman Rvs and he wasn’t kidding. The many websites that do pop up are all like the one we used as an example earlier. They are Coachman in name only and the content is anything but a Coachman RV.

It is possible that the coaches are so old that wiring diagrams do not exist for them anymore. At least not on the internet. The ones in the images may or may not be for the coach they are labeled.

Coachmen Mirada Wiring Diagram

This image is labeled for the Mirada but we cannot confirm this to be true from any official source. If it turns out not to be, we are sorry and will be sorry for any images that do not line up with the actual coach.

But without Coachman’s help in putting wiring diagrams in their manuals, it is a guessing game at best.

Coachmen Wiring Diagrams Catalina, Clipper, Leprechaun-2

Coachmen Cascade Wiring Diagram

Coachmen Wiring Diagrams Catalina, Clipper, Leprechaun-3

This wiring diagram is supposed to be for the cascade model. It is a very detailed diagram and you should be able to enlarge it to see all the details. Since Coachman is owned by Forest River, we tried their website for manuals and diagrams.

However, their links sent us back to the Coachman website. You know the type of results we got. We checked a second time to find an official wiring diagram but to no avail.

The only reason we can think of for this lack of information is that Forest River does not want amateurs working on their electrical systems. They may have their own reasons other than that but that is the most credible one.

Coachmen Freelander Wiring Diagram

This is a color version of what is supposed to be a Freelander wiring diagram. We will not guarantee it is because we cannot get any official confirmation. Use it as a starting point to get you on the right track.

You may have to contact Coachman or Forest River directly to see if they can send you a wiring diagram to you. Some owners have said they have received good results from these two companies when they made other requests. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Coachmen Wiring Diagrams Catalina, Clipper, Leprechaun-4

Coachmen Galleria Wiring Diagram

Coachmen Wiring Diagrams Catalina, Clipper, Leprechaun-5

Unfortunately, we were unable to find a wiring diagram for this specific coach. This is a generic wiring diagram that may be of some use. This is a very frustrating search for everyone as we are not the only ones who have had difficulty finding this information anywhere.

I have not been able to get any useful diagrams or owners manual from Coachmen. Their owners' manuals seem pretty generic across several models. However, most of the appliance manufacturers provide service manuals in PDF format on their websites. I have found that having those has been enough.” (source)

That route may be the route you should take as well. Look at what appliances and other electrical components you have in your Coachman model and look at their wiring diagrams. You may get all the help you need from those.

Coachmen Prism Wiring Diagram


For this model, we were able to stumble across a discussion forum that listed several wiring diagrams for the 215OLE model. There are 10 links provided and you can get to all 10 via this link. Scroll down till you see a long list of links.

They are functioning at this time and they should provide you with all the information you will need. If worse comes to worst, just contact Coachman and ask them for the wiring diagrams for your specific models.

Some Final Words

While the internet is a great resource for information, it is not always up-to-date or it has people who like to play jokes on others. For some reason, Coachman does not place its wiring diagrams online so the best route would be to contact a dealer or their head office.

It is unfortunate that these situations arise but they cannot always be helped. This information should put you on the right track to getting specific information for your coach or other RV.

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